It took Nick almost 2 hours out of the 3 they had before it was time to leave for work to fix Sara's fan. Well, actually it took him the two hours to completely install the new one, the old one was definitely unfixable.

Luckily, Sara had two showers and they could both get ready at the same time. Nick showered, fixed his hair, and got re-dressed for work in a completely different out. His polo and jeans from before were covered in caulk and dust. For the second time that night he changed in Sara's bathroom, this time putting on a black and deep blue button up and a pair of dark wash jeans.

He had been finished getting ready for 20 minutes when he started to worry about them getting to work on time. After 30, he asked her how much longer she would be. And by the time he had been ready for 45 minutes, he was knocking on her bedroom door, trying to get her to come out.

"SARA! Can we place just go? Really, we only have 30 minutes to get to work and be in the break room for assignments. And you'll look amazing in whatever you're wearing."

"Whatever. I'm ready." She walked out in a pair of black dress pants and a cute navy blue blouse that coincidentally almost perfectly matched Nick's button up. It was more Catherine's style then her own, but then again, Catherine had helped her pick it out, and she was going to wear it if it killed her. Plus, it was kind of cute.

Once they had pulled into the crime lab parking lot, Sara agreed to take Catherine if Nick would take Warrick. Everybody else they would tackle together. They made it as far as the locker room before they were bombarded.

"Oh My Gosh! Tell me everything!" Sara managed to shove the rest of her stuff in her locker and grab her gun and badge before Catherine dragged her away towards the break room. She looked over her shoulder and dropped her voice to a whisper. "You two came together? "

Sara shrugged, determined not to make it a big deal. Even though she was really excited about their next date after shift. "Yeah."

"So, what happened?" Catherine pried.

"Well, we had dinner, then we went back to my place and watched a movie. "

"Oh is that what they're calling it these days?" She asked raising an eyebrow.

Instead of being embarrassed, Sara rolled her eyes. "Since when is watching a movie an innuendo for having hot sex? Really now?"

"Sara, all I have to say is that it must have been some movie for you to look that happy."

"Actually, it was quite the movie. You'll have to ask Nicky what we were watching though." Knowing that Catherine would take that the wrong way, she opened the door to the break room and moved towards the coffee machine. A few moments later Catherine walked in and sat down at the table. Nick and Warrick walked in and moved towards the coffee machine. Sara, who had been leaning against the counter moved to sit down at the table next to Catherine, who decided now was a good time to bring up the movie that her two colleagues had watched the night before.

"So I hear you and Sara watched a movie last night." Catherine said with a wiggle of her eyebrows.

Nick looked over at Sara who had a mischievous smirk on her face. "Oh, we did."

"You know, Sara said I would have to ask you what movie you two were watching."

Warrick turned around and looked from Nick to Sara. "You two were doing what last night?"

Nick looked over at his friend. "You know, we went out to dinner and then we watched over at Sara's place." He said, putting unnecessary emphasis on the 'watched a movie'.

"And how much of the movie did you actually see?" Warrick asked smirking.

"Well, I think that we saw at least 20 minutes of it. Wouldn't you say Sara?"

She looked thoughtful for a second and nodded. "I'd say that's about right. We were pretty busy in the bedroom after that."

Catherine's mouth fell open and she turned to Sara. "On the first date?"

Warrick waited until Catherine and Sara weren't looking and gave Nick a thumbs up and a wink. Unfortunately Sara happened to look over and see it, and got up to hit him. She smacked his shoulder before moving to sit next to her newly acquired boyfriend.

"Oh, definitely on the first date Cath. It couldn't have waited until the second at all." Sara added, playing into Catherine's dirty mind.

Nick looked over and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I'm just glad we did. I mean, the bedroom was pretty hot."

"I know. The shower was great afterwards too."

Catherine looked over from Nick to Sara in complete shock. Her mouth was hanging open, and disbelief clouded her features. Seeing her response to their conversation, both Nick and Sara burst into hysterical laughter. Nick's eyes were watering by the time they finally stopped and Sara's face was bright red.

After another glance from Nick to Sara and then to Warrick, she seemed to realize that she was missing something. "What aren't you telling me?"

"What are you talking about Cath? I just told you all about our night.." Sara responded.

Warrick looked at Nick. "Then what are you leaving out?"

"Well, I told you that we spent 20 minutes watching a movie. Then we moved into Sara's bedroom and I fixed her fan, then we took showers and got ready for work." Nick explained with a smirk on his face.

"Fixed her fan? What's that supposed to mean Nick ?"

"That I installed a new fan in her bedroom." He added, looking at Warrick as if he was stupid.

Catherine seemed to register the conversation and turned to Sara. "So, you didn't have sex?"

This time, Sara's mouth fell open in shock. She pretended to be offended. "Not on the first date Catherine. Jeez."

Grissom walked in with the assignment slips, and without looking up her announced each case. "Nick, Sara you two have a hit and run. Warrick, you have a B&E in Henderson. Cath, you're with me, we've got a homicide in Summerlin."

With that, Nick and Sara got up and walked out of the room, quietly laughing again at their two confused colleagues still sitting in the break room.

Thank you for reading, this was only supposed to be a two chapter story, and it does already say it's complete - but people keep adding it to their story alerts, so I guess you want more.

I'll see what I can do about adding another chapter or two.

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