Don't Do It

Mitchie had let him in and he turned to face Mitchie and she smiled at him. "What are you doing here?" Mitchie asked.

"Have you sent the divorce papers off?" he questioned.

"No I haven't and I'm not going to" Mitchie said.

Shane smiled and kisses Mitchie on the lips and she starts walking backward, hitting the wall and she wrapped her arms around Shane neck and Shane put his arms around Mitchie waist and she pushed him away and walked towards the stairs and Shane followed her and started kissing her neck.

Mitchie walks up the stairs and Shane follows and Mitchie opens her bedroom door and Shane walks in closing it behind him and Mitchie takes her shoes off and climbs into the bed. Shane takes his shoes off and locks the bedroom door and climbs on top of Mitchie and she smiles.

"I thought you would never come back" Mitchie whispered.

"I find it hard to let go of something I love too much" Shane muttered starting to kiss Mitchie neck and she let out a little moan as Shane move his hands up and down her thighs.

Mitchie pushes Shane off her and she climbs on top of Shane undoing his shirt and he sits up and Mitchie takes it off and throws it onto the floor and Shane lays back down and Mitchie starts kissing Shane lips. Shane then takes Mitchie top off and she takes it off Shane and throws it on top of Shane tops and he laughs kissing Mitchie lips.

Mitchie then gets off Shane and undid his jeans and he takes them off and Mitchie takes her mini skirt off and she climbs back on top of Shane he rolls Mitchie over so he on top and kisses her neck but while Shane kissing Mitchie neck, she takes her underwear off and Shane smiles and starts kissing Mitchie tummy and she laughs and takes her bra off and Shane makes his way up Mitchie tummy, kissing it with so much passion and then his kisses Mitchie breast and then he kisses her neck and then meets with Mitchie lips and she smiles and he returns it.

Mitchie spread her legs and Shane looks at Mitchie and she kisses Shane lips and he enters with pleasure. Then Mitchie starts moaning and grips onto Shane back digging her nails in as Shane pushes into her and then Mitchie screams with pleasure and Shane keeps pushing into Mitchie and she gripping onto Shane back as tight as she can and then after an hour.....Shane stops to give himself and Mitchie a break and he climbs off her and Mitchie kisses his lip.

"Thankyou" Mitchie whispered.

"My pleasure" Shane replied quietly.

Mitchie lies in Shane arms and she let out a sigh and so does Shane and he hugs her.

"But Shane I have something to tell you...." Mitchie said.

Shane looks at Mitchie and she sits up to look at him. "What is it Mitch?"

"I'm.....I'm pregnant with your child" Mitchie revealed.

Shane was shocked and then realised he should be happy about it and smiles at Mitchie and kisses her lips. "I'm glad you are" Shane said kissing Mitchie passionately.

Jason and Karen had entered the hotel room and Jason smiled at Karen and noticed she wanted him for love. Karen and Jason got closer and closer and Jason starts kissing Karen neck and she doing her job but starting to undo Jason shirt and Karen had taken it off and dropped it onto the floor.

Karen starts kissing Jason neck as he undoes Karen top and she helps him and Jason and Karen let it drop onto the floor and Karen kicks her shoes off and so does Jason and he looks at Karen and smiles and kisses her lips. Jason then undoes Karen bra and she takes it off and drops it onto the floor and starts kissing Jason passionately.

Karen starts walking backwards toward the bed and falls onto it with Jason on top and they both laugh slightly and Karen meets with Jason lips again.

"I've missed it this" Karen whispered kissing Jason.

Jason smiled. "Me too Karen"

Karen smiles and feels Jason going to undo her skirt and Karen takes it off when Jason had undone it and then Karen helps Jason with his pants and he takes them off and Jason kisses Karen lips.

Jason gets Karen in positions and she smiles and she spread her legs and Jason looks into Karen and she smiles.

"What's wrong?" Karen asked kissing Jason.

"Nothing, that pink suit you" Jason answered.

Karen smiles and Jason noticed she blush a little and he smiled and Jason starts kissing Karen passionately and then he pushes into her and she moans in pleasure. Karen grips onto the sheets as Jason pushes into her harder and heavier and Karen let out a moan and Jason kisses her shoulder and Karen wraps her arms around Jason and grips onto him as Jason keep pushing with pleasure. As Jason pushes in.....he whispered into Karen ear. "I love you"

Karen let out a moan and whispered back. "I love you too"

Jason kisses Karen lips and continued to push into her. Then after an hour.....Jason gets off Karen and Karen rest her body against Jason and he sits up and put his arms around Karen and she rest in his arms.

"Thankyou" Karen said kissing Jason lips.

"Don't you dare say thankyou" Jason whispered. "You don't need to"

Karen smiled and continues to kiss Jason passionately and she rest in Jason arms.

Nate had text Joe and Hannah to tell them to meet him and Caitlyn in the restaurant and they both came together and Caitlyn smiled as she holds Natasha in her arms.

"Why are we here exactly?" Hannah asked.

"We are going to have a family meal" Caitlyn answered.

"Oh right...." Joe said looking at Hannah and she smiled at him.

Nate came out and spoke. "We ready?"

Hannah, Joe, Caitlyn and Nate went inside and they sat at the table but Caitlyn had to get Natasha settled in the highchair and then she took her seat next to Nate and kisses him passionately on the lips.

"Wow.....this is posh" Hannah replied. "Why are we here? When I could be partying my way through the crowd of ravers"

"Hannah" Nate said. "Light up, I have something to announce"

Caitlyn looked at Nate with surprised. "Oh I thought this was just a family meal well got that wrong" Caitlyn responded.

Hannah and Joe looked at each other and Joe spoke. "Well can we get on with it just I have to meet Justin and Paul in an hour"

Nate rolled his eyes and stood up and got down on one knee in front of Caitlyn and Hannah and Joe were shocked at what Nate was just about to ask Caitlyn. Nate got a little box out and opens it and Caitlyn was shocked but happy.

"Caitlyn Gellar, will you marry me?" Nate asked.

Caitlyn looked at everyone and Hannah and Joe and they smiled and Caitlyn looked at Nate and kisses him on the lips. "Yes of course I will"

Nate hugs Caitlyn and then kisses her passionately on the lips. "I love you" Nate whispered.

"I love you too" Caitlyn whispered back as Nate put the ring on her finger and Hannah, Joe and everyone else claps for Caitlyn and Nate and they smile and kiss each other.

After the dinner.....Hannah had offered to take Natasha off their hands for the night and Caitlyn agreed. Joe had gone off to meet Justin and Paul. Nate turned to face Caitlyn.

"Just us now" Nate said kissing Caitlyn.

"I want to go on the beach" Caitlyn replied kissing Nate.

"Well it your night" Nate whispered kissing Caitlyn on the cheek and she smiles.

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