He could have been standing there for hours. Actually, this wouldn't surprise him at all. The wind was chilly, the sky was dark and not even the stars would shine for him. It was okay. In his mind he had pictured them not to. As if they followed his every move, and did whatever he told them to. And tonight he needed it to be dark. Tonight he had to have the whole world covered in darkness.

The soft light came from the house and he frowned as it touched his eyes like a blast, something extremely painful out to get him. He knew it wasn't. Maybe this was what he had to get used to. The light didn't exactly follow him around where he usually took his strolls. Places where the darkness didn't have to fight the sun, even during daytime. He took a deep breath and let his eyes wander. The window was small but it was like he could still see everything going on inside.

It had been going on for too long. So many years had he walked in his shadow, trying not to be seen but still his whole body ached, longing for the attention he could give, burning with need and want, and he needed those long fingers stroking every part of his body, like that was what they were meant to do.

Not fight and no killing, just softly letting him disappear into a drunken state of mind, where existence didn't need to be what it was now. Hurtful. Painful. Awful.


Oh the gods, was he lonely.

It wasn't like he didn't try to move on and let go of the dreams about them ever getting together. Boy, did he try. He couldn't even count all the sleepless nights where he sat on the floor, hiding his face in his hands, trying to force all the thoughts out of his head. But no matter what he did, and no matter what he tried to not think about, it still ended up with him.

Everything was about him.

He tried to get closer to the window, and get an even better look inside but he stopped as he spotted a figure getting closer to the window, looking out into the night.

Oh fuck.

As quickly as he could he hid behind one of the big trees. His heart sank as he knew it would be too late. He had already been seen, he could feel someone getting closer, the door opening up. The light footsteps of someone going outside.

"You know you shouldn't be here."

"A lot of places I shouldn't be. Still here I am."

"Again. You know…"

"I know a lot of things. Don't try and make me learn another."

He was quiet.

"You know I didn't mean it like that."

He wished that his voice didn't affect him the way it did. He could feel his blood boiling.

"How did you know I was out here?"

To his surprise he took a step closer to him. The whole world seemed to get blurry.

"I always know where you are, Nico"

He wished he didn't use his name like that. He tried to shake off the want to go even closer to him. Instead he looked into his green eyes and swallowed. His own eyes burned. The pain going through his body was unbelievable. He looked down on his feet.

"It was a bad idea. I should leave."

Before Nico could react, he was close to him. Nico felt like he could die as those long soft fingers touched his cheek.

"Maybe you should. But do you have to?"

Nico looked into his eyes, feeling how his whole body was shaking because of this unexpected closeness.

"You said it yourself Percy. That I shouldn't be here."

"You know, I say a lot of things."

Nico could almost feel how Percy's eyes wandered all over his face. He swallowed again, trying to ignore the feeling of his legs turning into jelly. It was wrong. But he wanted it. Oh how much he wanted it. He let go of every bit of sanity he had left in his body.

"Percy, I…"

He was silenced by a soft kiss. He could feel the world disappearing as the taste of the lips he had wanted for so long got more intense.

The world was bright.