Oh la la – unfortunately I have no concept of time or space. So this is a bit long winded, and a day late.

No sex, sorry to disappoint. But there is few sweet moments between my favourite fictional man and the baby!


"Jasper, what's wrong honey?" She whispered into his ear. "You don't have to do anything you don't want to… Really…"

"I want to. I want to. I want to." He muttered, the sobs racking his chest.

"Okay honey, it's okay." She said quietly against his soft golden curls that draped over his forehead. "I understand."


"Do I have to?" She moaned like a young child, pulling on a thick human hiking jacket. It was brand new, bought yesterday. The same sandy colour as Jasper's hair, making her seem even paler than she already was.

"Yes." He laughed. "Otherwise, you won't look human."

"But it's way too warm!" Bella groaned.

"Think about it – when you go outside, what are the humans wearing at this time of year?" He smiled; knowing that he'd already near enough won the war against her.

"Jumpers." She admitted.

"And… Outdoors?" Jasper prompted.

"Jackets." She huffed and then began mumbling under her breath. "stupid humans, stupid weather, stupid coats…"

"Honey, I love you." Jasper said chuckling and pulling her into a tight hug. "You take the baby out first, and then if you can do it, I'll try too."

"Oliver." Bella smiled at him.

"What?" Jasper asked confused.

"His name is Oliver." Bella said slowly to him, before giving him a quick peck on the cheek and going to find Esme and Oliver.


They'd been gone for 2 hours, 2 whole hours of peace.

Jasper had taken the time to start sorting through the wardrobe in his "former" room – well, it was a very small portion of wardrobe, but nonetheless it still had most of his clothes in it. Living out of shop-bought daily clothes was taking its toll on him, he just couldn't bare leaving Bella for an hour to go buy more clothes.

Everything smelt like Alice. Her sickly-sweet scent clung to all the fabrics, he used to love it. He would breathe it in at every opportunity. But now, it was just a reminder. The past was over and he was glad.

"As sure as night is dark and day is light, I keep you on my mind both day and night, And happiness I've known proves that it's right, Because you're mine, I walk the line" He sang to himself softly.

The pile of clothes to keep was a lot smaller than those he didn't want to keep. He wanted the clothes he had picked out. The tights jeans, the simple button-up shirts, the smart brown shoes. He wanted these, because he liked these.

"Mumma?" A gentle call reached his ears. The only word Oliver could say, Jasper snorted to himself. It was no use here; no-one had mothers here, not really. Especially Oliver.

He carried on pulling random clothes from the increasingly bare looking shelves at his end of the wardrobe.

"Mummmmmmaaaaa?" Oliver called out again.

"God sake." Jasper muttered under his breath. "Poor kid…. Brown suede shirt, hmm, never liked it!"

Then, the scent of blood hit his nose.


"Bella!" Jasper shouted desperately trying not to breathe.

No answer.

"Esme! Carlisle!" He shouted again.

No answer.

His throat burned angrily at him. He'd hunted every single day since Oliver had arrived, even if he didn't want him, he couldn't kill him. His hands were clamped to his sides, gripping the carpet as if planting him firmly in place.

"Mummmmmaaaaaa!!" A sorry cry rang out again from somewhere in the living room downstairs. It wasn't too much blood, Jasper could tell. But it smelt good and young and fresh…


His feet struggled to move towards the blood – out the wardrobe into the bedroom, out the bedroom into the landing, down the stairs… He'd avoided temptation for too long now.

Thirst over protection?

Want over control?

Need over love?


"Mumma?" Oliver called questioningly as he saw Jasper begin to descend down the stairs. His feet unnaturally clumsy as they moved robotically down each step.

"I'm not mumma." Jasper breathed carefully, watching Oliver as closely as he could. He could feel the pain drifting off of the small child – he was at the age of walking and almost at the age of talking. They'd had Oliver there for nearly 3 months now – Esme and Rosalie had taken to him, Carlisle and Emmett had accepted him and Bella had learned to love him. It was just Jasper still learning what to do.

He watched Oliver's small blue eyes look Jasper up and down before holding out his small hand in Jasper's direction.

There was a small cut and blood gently beading and trickling down his small fingers, Oliver had tried to mop it up on his t-shirt but it still bled enough to cause discomfort to him.

"Fie Bloff Mit Ega Jasper?" Oliver garbled, his hand pointing at him.

"What? Say it again…" Jasper requested, still trying desperately to hold his breath and keep his eyes trained off the blood. The burn in his throat was stupidly sore to him. How was he keeping his cool?

"Fie… Bloff… Mit…" Oliver began slowly and calmly. Then he looked to Jasper and paused.

"Uh-huh, I understand." Jasper said "Carry on…"

"Ega Jasper!" Oliver shouted excitedly, pointing his finger at Jasper who had descended the last few stairs unconsciously. Oliver staggered towards him with outstretched arms – the last few droplets of blood forcing their way out of the rapidly scabbing cut.


"Jasper?" Jasper laughed, reaching down and picking Oliver up carefully. He seemed so much like glass in Jasper's eyes – one small move, one tiny grip too tight, one tap and he could die. Very very breakable.

"Jasper!" Oliver repeated excitedly, giggling and bouncing in his arms.

"Oliver?" Jasper asked. "Who's Oliver?"

"Oliver!" He screamed happily, pointing at himself and grinning widely. He was barely inches from Jasper's face. The baby smell flooding his nose and brain – baby powder, melon, Bella.

Jasper smiled truly, his eyes lighting up with delight. What a clever human baby! If any baby deserved to be in this household – it was a clever one!


"Oliver… lorv… Jasper." Oliver yawned slowly as he sat on Jasper's knee. His small head rested against Jasper's chest – a little smile sitting on his lips and an even bigger one on Jasper's face.

"I like you too." Jasper murmured. He could not bring himself to say love – because he didn't love him. He loved Alice. He loves Bella. But this child? It was a like, possibly could be a strong like.

"lorv?" Oliver asked, pulling on Jasper's hand that had wrapped itself around his back to hold him safely on his knee.

He couldn't answer the child on his lap.