A/N: Kotoba: words, language, speech (Jap.). Written for 30 nights over on LJ with the prompt "Telling you the truth".

Warnings: None. Worksafe.

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How it had come to this, Yazoo didn't know. The only thing he knew for sure was that nothing he said was true. He kept reassuring Kadaj that everything would work out fine. That they would find Mother, that they would meet Brother and he would tell them where she was, that soon they would all be together with Mother and then no more nightmares would turn Kadaj's nights into torment. At one point he realised that everything coming from his mouth were only things Kadaj had previously said, but now seemed to not remember.

Maybe he did remember, Yazoo thought, watching his younger brother's restless sleep. The night was pitch-black, with no stars and no moon to peek through the thick clouds running high above. Sometimes it seemed to Yazoo that his brother desperately clung to every word Yazoo said – seemingly unaware that they were not Yazoo's words; that they were never Yazoo's own words. All he could was to only repeat what Kadaj himself had said to reassure them and to make them believe they were getting closer to Mother with each passing day.

Now, watching Kadaj toss and turn in his sleep, incoherent mumbling sometimes slipping from his slightly parted lips, Yazoo was not so sure. He doubted that Kadaj knew how to get them to Mother, not the weak, glass-like being he looked like at night. He seemed ethereal and fragile; not at all suited to saving the three of them, though saving from who – that was beyond Yazoo's comprehension.

Night came with doubts. Night came with darkness and isolation, and loneliness even if Loz was silently snoring next to him and Kadaj was lying on his other side. Usually Kadaj would be sleeping in the middle, but since Loz had recently started kicking in his sleep, Yazoo had switched their sleeping arrangements so that Kadaj's already frail sleep would not be disturbed any more.

A sound very much like a choked sob was ripped from Kadaj's throat and his eyes seemed to move very quickly under his closed eyelids. There was a nervous twitch in one his arm, as though he was about to draw Souba. Concerned, Yazoo leaned in to whisper sweet nothings in his brother's ear in hopes of calming him down. It seemed to work, if only for a moment. Kadaj stirred, yet his eyes remained closed. However, the change in his breathing told Yazoo that he was awake. He stilled, barely daring to breathe, and waited.

"Do you," Kadaj began hoarsely, "really mean that?"

"Yes." Yazoo breathed it out more than he said it, but it was heard nevertheless. Heard and appreciated.

"Good," Kadaj murmured before turning on his side and falling into a dreamless sleep.

Relieved, Yazoo caressed his brother's back with one long, almost gentle look and settled down to sleep as well. If sky was willing, he would not have to repeat those words ever again.