All's Fair in Love and Pranks

On the road-operation: revenge on Rose

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"Beeellllaaa! Time to get up and go! Now!"

"Coming!" I screamed back at the gorgeous blond downstairs. Rosalie, my sister was never a patient person, but I loved her all the same.


"I'll get there when I get there!"

"You better get up now or I will go up there and get you up myself!" This time I was scared. There was no doubt in my mind that she meant what she said. I jumped out of bed. Being the biggest klutz on the face of the earth that was a bad idea. As soon as I touched the ground I fell flat on my face. I could barely contain myself from shouting out the very long list of swears that I was thinking of from tumbling out of my mouth knowing Rose would just lecture me about it later. That was who she was. The queen bee of every school she went to who did not allow people around her swear and neither did she, unless she was really pissed. Yeah, I know. I don't get it either. But when it came to tempers she had nothing on me. We were both incredibly toned (me slightly more) and smart individuals. Other than that we were completely different. She was popular and gorgeous and I was plain but I had the most curious mind of everyone I knew. I could come up with the most hilarious plans ever in the blink of an eye but my curiosity was sometimes so much that I just blurt out a question before I knew what I was doing. Yeah real great, I know. Sarcasm intended.

Bang!!! I was suddenly pulled out of my thoughts to the sound of Rose breaking the door down and before I knew it she was standing there with a smirk on her face and my door lay on the floor at her feet.

"Come on or we will be late! I have never been to boarding school and I do not intend on being late for the campus check in. Now move!"

…I almost forgot. Time to start boarding school in the middle of no ware. Another reason to just stay in bed…. Hmmm. Never mind. I would never be able to get away with it.

"Sorry Rose. I'm just really …tired. And I am so not paying for another door!!!!" I said struggling with what to say to get out of it. It really sucked that I was being forced to a boarding school just because Rose was expelled for kicking the crap out of the whole cheer leading team.

She just held out a really, really huge hot steaming cup of Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee. She smirked, I glared.

"Sorry sweetheart, but you are not getting out of this one,"

Sigh. Damn! She knew me so well. "I know. Let's get going before I get the energy to run away."Boy, is she going to pay. But what to do?...

"Isabella Marie Swan What are you planning? You have that look in your eyes. You know, the same one you had when you planned your revenge on that counsalor at camp. You better not do anything or I swear I will…"

"I do not know what you are talking about!" I lied, but the truth was I knew exactly what she was talking about. She was talking about the time I kind of got the whole camp to team up against the counsalor in question in a series of pranks after they sent me to a solitary cabin for a day after putting fish oil in a girl named Lauren Mallorey's shampoo after she embarrassed me in front of the whole camp in the small time frame of seven hours. Her face was priceless but the best part was that I never got caught. That is when Rose gave a name to my talent. She called it my gift in company and my curse upon mankind when we were alone. It is true. It is a curse to everyone who messes with me.

"Earth to Bella! You in there Bells?"

"Yeah, just thinkin'."

"I hope you're not thinkin' what I think your thinkin' 'bout. You are aren't you?"

"Maybe… maybe not." WTF?! How can she read me so well? Oh well. She'll never know what hit her… hopefully. Before she could answer I jumped up, surprisingly staying vertical and grabbed one of my green argyle sweaters, a white cami, and a pair of dark wash flare jeans and ran for the bathroom. After my shower, drying and brushing my chocolate brown hair so it waved slightly, and a little makeup to emphasize my deep, chocolate brown eyes and full lips I was ready to go. Rose just shook her head knowing that she had no time to play Bella Barbie and we ran out of the house. Before we knew it we were on the road in my silver Austin Martin V12 Vanquish and on what was going to be one hell of a road trip. It would soon be time to put phase one of operation: revenge on Rose into action. This is going to be interesting. =)

I was going to stop here but oh well. :D

It was twelve am. I think that we must have stopped at dunkin' doughnuts ten times in the past hour and things were starting to get blurry and hazy from the sleep in my eyes. Then I heard Rose shout.


Then I noticed that I had started to doze off so I pulled over.

"Sorry Rose. I'm just so *yawn* tired," I could not hold it back any longer. *yawn yawn yawn*

"Maybe I should drive. We are going to stop at the hotel down the street and you are going right to bed. Got it little missy?"

"Yeah. Okay Rose. Just do not hurt my baby! I love this car!"

"Yeah whatev' Bells. I don't go half as fast as you and you know that. Just go to sleep."

" 'Kay. Wake me up when we get there."

Before she could respond I was out. Too bad I was only sleeping so I could have more energy to put operation: revenge on Rose into action. I kind of feel bad though. She really did seem concerned. Wait…….I'm over it. This is going to be awesome!!!

I woke up to find myself in a large very comfortable king size bed in a hotel with Rose on another one a few feet away, asleep … perfect. Before I put my plan into action I looked around. She never does things halfway does she? Plasma screen T.V., hot tub, king size beds, and worst of all… a miny salon complete with makeup and a curling iron most definitely going to be used on me. Perfect (heavy sarcasm). Oh well. Time to get to work. Operation: revenge on Rose is now in action. :O

"…..Bell? …Please don't put ice cream in my hair. …My beautiful hair."

Rose was talking in her sleep again. It was another of the few things we have in common. Wait. Oh, crap! I really hope that she didn't hear my plan while I was asleep. That would majorly suck.

"Don't worry Rosie. I would never!" I whispered back trying to reassure her in her sleep. I knew if I lied while she was awake she would have been able to see right through me. I am an awful liar.

"O……kay….. Just don' touch my new… D&G… Pumps…" And with that she fell asleep.

After I finished with my little "project" I stood there admiring my work. The pranks would start off being nice with only one or two on this road trip, but then it would really pick up when we got to the boarding school. All's fair in love and pranks.

I woke with a start.


Oh so faze two had begun of my little prank. Then Rosalie came running into our room laughing.

"Seriously Bells. Where are my clothes?"She was trying to stop laughing but it was becoming near impossible.

"What you don't like your new clothes and all their manliness?"

She was holding all her "new" clothes in her hands and wearing the worst outfit I had ever seen. They were all made of awful plaid colors stitched together by yours truly. Her face was scrunched up in disgust but then she burst out in laughter. That was just too much. Soon we were both on the floor laughing.

"Your face….too…funny!"I tried to say in-between fits of laughter but it just came out as something really weird and that just renewed our giggles.

After we were under control I gave Rose back the clothes I stole out of her suitcase last night and she went to go take a shower. Little did she know what was waiting for her inside.

As soon as she was gone I couldn't contain myself any longer. I was doubled over in laughter and it just got worse when I heard a scream from the bathroom. I had hooked up the shower so when Rose turned it on pink paint came out instead of water. Before I knew it there she was in all of her pink fury with a pink paint covered towel around her right in front of me. That did it and I was now on the floor barely breathing 'cause I was laughing so hard. Soon she joined me laughing at herself and at our silliness.

"What's so funny Bells? Maybe you need a… HUG!" Then she jumped on me covering me in paint.

"Stop it!" I said trying to be serious but it didn't really work.

Then Rose finally gave up. "Fine but you have to promise no more pranks on me this year!"

"How about a month." I countered.

"Fine but I'm not cleaning this up!"

After we cleaned everything up and checked out, off we went. On the road to my own personal hell.

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