I'm back with another fic! This one takes place in New Moon. It's following some of the main events (not in the same order) but the ending is different. This is a Bella, Jacob fic. It might or might not stay Bella, Jacob. Gotta read to find out! Also I'm not fully following the book. Just some things are the same. Ok so, Jacob and Bella are friends. She knows he's a wearwolf, and Victoria is still stalking Bella. I know this probably sounds confusing, but once you start reading you will understand. For those of you that read my other fic you know how much I love reading reviews! Happy reading!!


My Girl

I rolled my sleeves up higher as I sat, once again in Jacobs garage. It was a unnaturally warm May afternoon. I glanced over at Jacob. He was bent over my bike detaching my footbrake. "You know you really don't have to do that." I said taking a sip of my soda.

"Bella, have you looked in the mirror? Frankenstein." Jacob laughed deeply.

I leaned forward pushing the back of his head, "You're funny, Jake."

"Can we go for a walk?" I asked wiping the sweat from my forehead, careful not to touch my stitches. "I need to get out of this sauna.

Jacob threw the tool down, and jumped to his feet, "The beach?" He asked wiping the grease off his hands with a old rag.

I shrugged, "Sure." I got to my feet pulling my hair off my neck.

We walked down to the beach hand in hand. With Jacob this felt good, natural. Almost as natural as… I shook my head free of the thought, but it wasn't quick enough. The hole in my chest burned, and I wrapped my free hand tightly around myself.

"You ok?" Jacob asked lifting our intertwined hands, and ran his finger down my jaw line.

I stood upright, "I'm fine." I breathed. Hearing Jacobs voice always seemed to temporarily heal my gaping hole. Jacob stepped in front of me forcing me to stop walking. I had to strain my neck to look up at him.

"Are you sure? You always do that." He gestured towards my arm that was holding me together.

"Oh, sorry." I mumbled dropping my arm to my side.

When we reached the beach I stepped out of my sneakers, and rolled my jeans up to my knees. Jacob let go of my hand and took off running towards the ocean. I laughed watching him splash into the water. When he was further in, I started walking down to put my feet in the water. I walked along the edge just as the waves broke, and came up hitting my feet every so often. "You coming in?" Jacob asked swimming towards me.

"No, I don't have a change of clothes." I bent down grabbing a rock, and threw it into the water. I heard Jacob running behind me splashing water. I turned at the exact moment he splashed past me. "Jacob!" I yelled. I was now dripping wet. I quickly pulled my white shirt, that was now see through away from my stomach. I let it go, when it suctioned itself against me again, I wrapped my arms across my chest. "You're an idiot, you know that!"

"Oh, don't be such a baby. It's just me." Jacob laughed sitting at my feet, and patting the wet sand next to him. I sat down hugging my knees, Jacob took in my posture and laughed again. "Do you even own a bathing suit?"

"Yes! I did live in Phoenix you know." I said rolling my eyes. The waves broke in front of us, and water rushed up soaking us.

"Ok, let me rephrase. Do you own a bathing suit that's not from the 17th century?"

I punched his arm playfully. "Why do you want to know?"

Jacob shrugged, "Just curious I guess."

"Ok… well then, I own a purple flower bikini." I looked out of the corner of my eye at Jacob, just as a smile crept across his face. "Well, we better head back." I said looking up at the now gray sky. The wind picked up, and I felt a raindrop on my nose.

"Sure, sure." Jacob jumped to his feet, and held out his hand to help me up.

I shook my head, "No, I got it." I held both of my arms tightly across my chest. My shirt still wasn't dry.

As soon as we turned to walk up the driveway I noticed Charlie's cruiser parked behind my truck. I shivered from the gust of wind, and Jacob wrapped his huge, warm arm around my shoulders. I tried to shrug him off, but that just made him pull me tighter into his side. "Hey… kids." Charlie's smile faded when he noticed my wet shirt, and his eyes darted from me to Jacob. "Bells you want to go change?" His voice deep, as he shifted uncomfortably on the couch.

"Yes, but I don't-"

Jacob cut me off. "I'll get you something." He towed me towards his room. I heard footsteps behind me, and I glanced over my shoulder.

"Dad! What are you doing?"

"It takes 2 of you to find dry clothes?" He crossed his arms raising an eyebrow.

"Stand here." Jacob pressed me against the wall in his narrow hallway. I few seconds later Jacob handed me a t-shirt and sweatpants.

I looked from him to my dad, "Do you mind?" I held the bundle of clothes against me as I gestured for them to go away.

"Jake." Charlie stood aside for Jacob to walk in front of him. I rolled my eyes as I stepped into the bathroom. I dressed quickly. Jacobs clothes were huge on me. I had to roll the waist of the sweatpants 5 times, and the shirt hung down just over my knees. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail, and hung my wet clothes over the shower curtain.

"Better?" I asked Charlie when I walked back into the living room.

"Much." Charlie seemed satisfied, and I sat on the couch next to him. Billy was in his wheelchair in the corner. They were both glued to the game on TV. Jacob walked out of the kitchen with leftover pizza from lunch. He handed me a slice, and sat as my feet.

"Your hair's still soaking wet." I pointed out running my fingers through his long hair. I caught Charlie watching me out of the corner of his eye, he was fighting back a smile.

"Is it?" He asked moving his hand to the back of his neck fanning his hair onto my legs. I pushed it off not wanting Charlie to make me change again because of wet clothes.

When the game was over Charlie stood stretching. "Ready Bells?" He nudged my foot. I was curled in the fetal position, my head resting on the arm of the couch. Jacob was snoring, his head resting inches from mine. My arm draped over his shoulder. I sat up not realizing I had fallen asleep. My sudden movement woke Jacob up, and he jumped to his feet.

"Relax guys, jeez." Charlie laughed.

"Bye Billy, see you tomorrow." I waved to Billy on my way out the door.

"I'll be right back dad." Jacob said following me out.

"Drive safe!" I heard Billy call behind us as Jacob shut the door.

"Bella." Charlie said before he got in his car.

"What's wrong with him?" Jacob asked leaning against my door after I got in my truck. I just shrugged. "What time you coming tomorrow?"

"Whenever you want."

"Well come as soon as you wake up. I'll be out running for a while, but Sam will be taking over early."

"Jake, I don't like you running alone."

Jacob leaned his head in my open window, and reached out to place his hand on my cheek. My skin burning from the heat of his touch. "Stop being such a worrywart." Charlie revved his engine behind us.

"See you tomorrow. Oh, and bring that bathing suit of yours! We'll all go down to the beach tomorrow."

"Who?" I asked not taking my eyes off my rearview mirror. Charlie was straining his neck to see inside my truck.

"The normal, You, me, Quil, Embry, Sam, Emily, and Paul. It's supposed to be warm again tomorrow." Charlie beeped his horn.

"Ok, sounds fun."