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Jacob and I fell into a schedule quickly with the twins. As the months passed they were growing into their own little person. They were both sitting up on their own now, Alexander is on his way to crawling. Asherah is still content laying on her stomach and grunting whenever she wanted a toy that is out of her reach. She knows one of us will come running to give her whatever she wanted. They both have beautiful brown eyes, and their hair seems to get darker by the minute. Both of them look exactly like Jacob when he was a baby. Although Asherah's features are turning more girly, and Charlie swears she could be my twin. I don't see it.

"I thought they were twins." Jacob groaned when he handed me Asherah and took Alexander out of my arms to change him.

"They are," I said slowly, confused.

"Well why are they doing everything the opposite? When one is sleeping the other is awake, when one needs a diaper change the other needs to be fed, when one is crying the other is… well then the other cries too. That's about the only thing they do together." Jacob mumbled as he changed Alexander's diaper.

"They are two totally different people, Jacob, they aren't going to do the same exact things." I informed him.

"I know, but it's just funny."

"Mom, I'm going out with Edward. I'll be back before eleven." Christina said, and leaned down to kiss my cheek.

"Ten," Jacob called after her.

"What?" Christina spun around and groaned.

"I said, ten." Jacob repeated.


"I said so,"

"It's just an hour!"

Jacob tucked Alexander into the playpen for his nap. "Your brother is sleeping. I said be back at ten. That's five hours from now. If you cant be back at ten than you don't need to go at all."

"Fine," Christina growled and swung open the front door.

"Chris, don't slam the--"

She slammed the door behind her scaring both Alexander and Asherah. As always they both started crying at the exact same moment.

"Door," Jacob finished his sentence and bent back down to pick up Alexander.

"Knock, knock!" Rachel sang as she walked through the front door with a smiling baby on her hip.

"Hey, Brody!" Jacob moved Alexander to one hip and took Brody on the other. He sat them both on the floor and Brody crawled over to the toys and started tearing them apart.

"Has Alex crawled yet?" Rachel asked as she sat down next to me on the couch. She kissed the top of Asherah's head.

"Not yet, any day now though. He's up on all fours and rocks back and forth." I answered.

"It's so weird having them older than Brody and Ethan, but yet Ethan and Brody are a few weeks ahead of them."

I shrugged. "That's preemies for ya."

Rachel nodded and Emily walked through the door with Ethan in her arms. She put him down and he crawled across the floor to where Alexander and Brody were playing.

When Asherah was done eating I sat her on the floor with them. She sucked happily on her pacifier as she watched Ethan banging his blocks together. She sneezed and spit out her pacifier. We all laughed when she started crying and Ethan looked at her, picked up her pacifier, and put it back in her mouth. Even though he pushed a little too hard and knocked her over. It was still cute.

As the months passed the twins both took their first steps three days apart. Alexander was the first. I was sitting on the floor holding Asherah up so she was standing, and Alexander had crawled over to the couch and pulled himself up. I watched him walked along the couch and Jacob hovered over him as he took the three steps from the couch to me. His hands clung to my shirt so he wouldn't fall over. Jacob, Christina, and Edward applauded him. I still had Asherah in my arms, so I cheered for him instead.

When it was Asherah's turn, Ethan had a toy that she wanted and she used her brother to stand up, and let go of him, walked the few steps over to Ethan and took the toy from him. I couldn't scold her for taking it because I was too proud of her walking. Ethan didn't seem to mind either. Once we all clapped for her, he chimed in too.

First steps were followed by first words. They both said "Daddy," then "Mommy," and "Kissy," came shortly after that. Alexander has become the tough boy. He loves to be dirty, and rough. Asherah is so much like me it's almost scary. She started out looking like Jacob, but everything about her is me. I don't think I've ever met a more clumsy child before. But she's also a tough one. She rarely cries when she falls, and she's able to hold her own with all the boys. Although her and Brody don't tend to get along much, but when Brody starts, Ethan and Alexander come to her rescue.

We had celebrated all four of their birthdays together the past five years. This year Asherah was having a hard time. She insisted on having a princess party, but we had to have it themed for both boys and girls.

"Mommy, pwease? I never have one before!" She begged me.

"Not this year, honey, maybe next year."

She stomped her foot and stormed towards her room. But once the party started and the cake was made, she forgot all about it. Jacob had bought her a birthday princess crown to wear, so she was perfectly content with that.

"Brian!" I heard Asherah. Scream. We had a few kids from the neighborhood over for their birthday party.

I searched the yard for her, and saw Brian, one of the older kids at the party, take her crown off her head. Her bottom lip quivered, but she held back her tears. I took a step towards then, but Jacob stopped me.

"Look," He nodded towards Alex and Ethan, who also heard Asherah cry out.

"Hey!" Alexander yelled. "That's my sister's!"

"It's girly!" Brian bent it in his hands as if he was going to snap it in half.

"Give it to her!" Ethan ran over to them and snatched the crown out of his hands.

"Here, Ashy." He said and put it back on her head.

"Baby," Brian said and stuck his tongue out at her. His hands reached out in front of him as if he was going to push her. Jacob was across the yard, and scooped her up in his arms.

"I think you need to keep your hands to yourself, kid." He warned.

I caught Asherah looked over Jacob's shoulder and stick her tongue out at Brian as Jacob walked away from him.

I thought Christina was able to get away with murder with Jacob, but I was wrong. Asherah has him tightly wrapped around every single one of her fingers, and she knows it. All's she has to do is call out for him and she's in his arms shielded from anything.

He's tough with Alexander, but he prefers to hang around me. We call him my protector. He's very cautious of whoever is talking to me or his sister. If I'm talking to someone he doesn't know he has to make sure I'm holding him, or he stands in front of me, holding my hand. With Asherah, she has to hold his hand when they walk in the store, and if she's upset about something he's always there making sure she was ok.

Christina loves to make Asherah all done up, and then she'd turn around and wrestle with her brother outside. She's absolutely loving every part of being an older sister.

I couldn't believe how fast the years were flying by. It seemed like yesterday I wasn't even sure where my life was going. Then I got pregnant with Christina, Jacob and I started our lives together, and now have a complete family. Both of my daughters were beautiful in every way. Christina, our next alpha, Jacob's pride. Asherah, my miracle baby through and through. She's always going to be a daddy's girl, but the spitting image of me. Alexander, as tough as any little boy could be, but a complete Momma's boy. Every part of him screams Jacob, which makes him that much cuter.

I stood there looking at the three of them, then at Jacob. Together we made this perfect life. A life where I wouldn't change anything about it. I had a husband that cared about me more than anything else in the world. And three beautiful kids that amazed me everyday. My life was complete.