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Prologue: Grieving the Lost

No, no this couldn't be happening, it wasn't fair. How could she have lost both of her little girls in such a bizarre occurrence and accident, why was life always so cruel to her? Rogue sat with her back up against the headboard of her bed as continuous tears cascaded down face. Less than 7 hours ago both of her girls had been there laying in her arms sleeping soundly, now both of their bodies were in a morgue in downtown Bayville covered in bloodied sheets that she wasn't permitted to see because of the potential mental strain that could break her barriers against all of the psyches.

The accident had been so sudden that it didn't seem real, one moment Rogues friend Carla (A n older woman she had met a few years prior who she had quickly come to trust.) had shown up at the institute looking to take the girls shopping, for a mothers day gift no doubt, seeing as Carla kept insisting that Rogue needed a break. Rogue had agreed reluctantly, after some pushing and prodding from Kitty about being a bit too much of a mother hen. Then next she got the phone call claiming that both of her girls had been killed in an obscene explosion at the mall along with her friend Carla, and that she needed to go to the morgue to claim her girls as if they were lost baggage. It didn't fully hit Rogue until she hung up the phone then as she had silently collapsed to her knees repeating the word no over and over again.

She wouldn't have moved from the spot had it not been for Kitty's voice calling her name and trying to drag up off of the floor before sprinting off to get the professor. When the professor found out he felt her devastation and had told Kitty and Piotr to get her to her room and away from the lingering group that had formed around her in the kitchen. Xavier had sent Beast along with Bobby to claim the bodies while he tried to contact the X-men to get Gambit back as soon as possible. She could still feel the cold hand of kitty's trying to get her up but had Piotr ended up picking her up and carrying her to her room. Kitty's face would have been covered in tears had she not been trying to hold it together for Rogue. Kitty partially blamed herself, had she not pestered Rogue about letting the girls go this wouldn't have happened and the sweet twins would still be running around pestering everyone in there path. Kitty chocked back a sob as she held Rogue who only stared of into space her eyes holding no emotion except emptiness and tears ran like rivers down her face.

Piotr after having Sat Rogue down had quickly retreated from the room, he could even feel the pang in his heart as he thought about the two twins who had managed to weasel their way into the hearts of everyone at the mansion. He closed his eyes and prayed softly as he walked down the halls. The whole mansion had fallen silent after finding out that two is its youngest members were no longer among them. Jubilee and Amara had crept from the Kitchen with tear stained faces after hearing the news, while Jamie and Tabitha had held their heads low in respect for the children lost. The other X-men were somewhere halfway across the world trying to complete a mission and unknowing of the sorrowful occurrence that had taken place in their absence. While the other youngest members had no idea why everyone was crying.

Suddenly Rogue pushed Kitty off of her, she didn't know what she was going to do, or how she was going to cope but at that moment she didn't need Kitty on top of her. A thought hit her though that left her breathless how was she going to tell Remy?

Her heart seemed to stop, Remy had no idea what was going on he had left that morning to divert some mutant rebellion from blowing up a government building along with the other X-men. She could still see the look on his face as he had kissed each girl goodbye that morning. It left her hurting more (if that was even possible) as she realized that was the last time he would ever see their girls, she blamed herself if she hadn't of let them go, or had she just gone with them this could have all be avoided. Rogue sobbed as she thought about the events of the night before and wished with all of her heart she had listened to her little Eclaire.

Isabella, the eldest twin, had snuck in late in the night, frightened, due to the massive thunder storm and had shaken Rogue awake.

"Momma," the green eyed girl whispered frantically "Momma!" a low squeal escaped the girls lips as thunder shook the mansion, this got Rogues attention.

"Bella? What are ya doin?" Rogue rubbed her eyes, then stopped as she saw tears streaking down her daughters face, "Bella whats wrong?" Rogue extended her arms and pulled the young girl into her arms.

"The thunder scared me..." she sniffed, emerald eyes staring into Rogues own. Another bolt struck and the girl eeked loudly before burying her face into her mothers should. Rogue chuckled slightly as she ran her hand through her daughters dark auburn tresses. The girls frame shook silently as her tears soaked her mothers shirt.

"It's alright Bella, its not gonna hurt ya," Rogue whispered reassuringly, as they sat they for a few minutes a thought crossed her mind.

"Bella, Wheres Aire?" Rogue asked gently, running her fingers through her daughters hair.

Isabella looked up tears still running down her face "Shes still sleeping." Rogue rolled her eyes and shot a glare at the man snoring loudly beside her, "She takes after your father on that one. They could sleep through a nuclear explosion and not even twitch." Bella giggled at that and re-buried her face into her mother's shirt. Within the moment the young girl had fallen asleep, Rogue smiled, kissing her forehead lightly, she picked up Bella and carried her to her room. It wasn't far, actually to be blunt it was strait across from her and Remy's room, and had more than once proven its convenience. Sliding open the door she walked carefully over to Isabella's bed and gently lowered her daughter onto the bed before covering her up. Straitening Rogue took in the sight of Eclaire's empty bed and felt a jolt run through her body. Frantically she scanned the room, only to find the young girl perched on the window seal her foot dangling over the edge.

"Aire, what are ya doing?" Rogues voice gushed relief evident in her voice. No response came from the girl, so Rogue gently went up to her and reached for her hand. "Eclaire, are ya alright?"

The girl seemed to ignore Rogue and continued to stare out the window, the lightning lighting up her face and white streaked hair. Rogue felt a strange chill run up her spine, repressing the feeling she continued to speak to the girl softly. "Did the thunder frighten ya as well?"

"No." came the soft reply the girl turned her gaze towards her mother, her red on black eyes shimmering with tears, "It wasn't the thunder. I saw someone." Rogue wrapped her arms around Eclaire.

" It was just a dream, and dreams ain't real honey, their just things your mind comes up with to scare ya." Rogue assured her. Eclaire shook her head and slipped from Rogues arms.

"It was real," she looked at her mother "The man told me so, he said we," Eclaire motioned to herself and Isabella "are gonna die." Rogues heart jumped into her throat. With nimble grace Rogue caught Eclaire in her arms and hugged her close.

"I 'm never gonna let anything hurt ya," Rogue said reassuringly. She could feel the fear coming off of her 4 year old daughter, something she had never felt with Eclaire. Eclaire was fearless, and had proved it on more than one occasion. Remy had to go rescue her from her strange adventures constantly, from crawling on the roof, to messing with the danger room, fear was something that was non existent with Eclaire and it scared Rogue to death to see her daughter so afraid of a dream.

"Who is this man?" Rogue asked holding her daughter tightly to her chest. Eclaire shuddered "I don't know Momma, but he was real he stood right there." The girl pointed towards the corner of the room.

"You can't stop it." Eclaire continued said tears evident in her voice, "Momma I'm not afraid about me, but I don't want them to take Bella." Rogue couldn't take it anymore seeing her daughter like this, She stood, Eclaire still in her arms, and walked over to Isabella's sleeping form, she sat down and laid Aire next to Bella, and began to stroke her hair.

For some reason though Rogue couldn't find words of comfort for her daughter yet she had to find something, so Rogue settled for humming. Still Eclaire's wide eyed stare never changed, Rogue quit humming and stroked her daughters face.

"Aire no one is gonna take ya or hurt ya, I promise, I won't let it happen." Aire looked at her mother "and if that man does something your daddy and I will be right there to stop it."

"You promise?" the girl whispered. Rogue nodded her head and began running her fingers through her hair.

"I promise, no ones gonna hurt ya." Eclaire sighed in relief and fell asleep almost immediately, but it still didn't comfort Rogue, something wasn't settling right. Shaking her head she pushed it to the back of her mind, its just a stage, Rogue reassured herself before getting up and leaving her two girls to sleep. She considered waking up Remy but knowing him he'd either laugh at her or lose his temper at the thought of so strange man in his daughters room. Rogue pushed the thoughts back again it was a dream she told herself just a dream.....

Rogue sat there now with nothing to say, nothing to do, only her aching heart and broken friend to keep her company. Rogue felt something pull at her mind as she realized the familiar feeling she was going to pass out. She wished it would come sooner so it could take her from this hell and leave her in a pit of darkness she never wanted to wake up from. Throwing her legs over the bed she staggered clumsily towards the door and barely heard as Kitty raced behind her. She raced towards her daughters room and through open the door, laying on Isabella's bed she screamed at the top of her lungs before letting the comforting darkness over come her.

The sounds of pens clicking and crying civilians filled the mall after the store had blown up, it had only taken the lives of two young girls and an older female accompanying them. Though through all the chaos no one took notice of the maintenance man wheeling two trash cans away from the scene with a bright smile tugging at his lips as his eyes flashed yellow.

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