A/N: Written for 30 nights over at LJ for the prompt "like an art piece". Title chosen for it's double meaning - alone/all one.

Warnings: Mild shounen-ai.

Disclaimer: Square Enix owns the characters, the fandom and quite a lot of other things. This fic was made for non-profit purposes as a harmless entertainment for avid fans of the franchise.


It feels wrong. It feels like sin, if they would know the meaning of the name, but there is no one there to tell them. It just makes them feel complete – being together like this. It makes their world complete. It turns them into one whole, it temporarily fills the void in their existence; the one that was supposed to be reserved for Mother, but isn't, because she isn't. Not yet.

Loz is already asleep half a mattress away from the two still-awake brothers. Being exhausted from their little play, he is always the first one to hit the pillow while Kadaj and Yazoo still linger behind. Sated and pleasantly warm, the two brothers rest in one another's embrace and the night is silent around them. The sound of Loz's even breathing and the faint ticking of the clock down the corridor are the only audible sounds. Every now and then they can hear a moth beating against the glass, wanting to get outside where a lantern illuminates the midnight hours. Its light shines in through the window and falls in thick lines over the bedding on the floor.

Kadaj is playing with a strand of Yazoo's hair, his eyes glinting in the lamplight. Sleep does not wish to come quickly tonight and he thinks it is okay. He wants to feel complete for a little while longer. Perhaps Yazoo has read his mind because he leans in and traces a line of kisses down Kadaj's neck and over the bruise on his shoulder that Loz gave him just a moment ago. Kadaj hums in appreciation and laces his fingers in Yazoo's hair, keeping him close, keeping him controlled. Yazoo chuckles low in his throat. He knows that soon his brother's grip will break.

They kiss and they touch, and they stifle moans because Loz is still sleeping and no one else needs to know. The darkness peters out to greyness and the lamplight fades as the horizon starts lighting up. They are barely awake now, and the feeling of completion starts to disappear. But somewhere, there will always be that memory of being one.