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"Wilson! Where's House?" Cuddy opened the door of Wilsons' office and looked at the man in question.

"Here… isn't he?" Cuddy shook her head, standing aside to let Wilson go past.

"Okay, er… I'll check the hospital then our apartment, you could try the park?" She nodded, and went to get her coat.

The park was quite misty for November, making Cuddy wrap her coat around her even more. But in the distance, sitting at one of the park tables, was House. She sighed, and made her way over.

"Mind telling me why you're here and not at work?" Cuddy said to him, sitting down beside him. House simply stared at the table and twiddled his thumbs.

"House? Come on, Wilson's worried about you, he's gone to check your apartment-" House reached into his coat pocket and gently put something on the table.

"Look inside it." He mumbled. Cuddy opened the small box and gasped.

"He proposed?" House shook his head.

"I bought it last week. Never knew when to do it. I want it to be perfect." Cuddy closed the box and placed it in Houses hands, Slowly, he turned his head to face her.

"It will be perfect, Greg. He loves you."

"I know, but-"

"House! Shut up! He's not gonna say no." House looked at the small box in his hands, and eventually nodded.

"Okay. I'll phone Wilson and tell him you're here. And for gods' sake, don't worry!" Cuddy shouted as she walked back to the hospital, leaving House at the table.

As soon as Wilson got off of the phone to Cuddy, he headed straight there. Thankfully he was still in the hospital and not as the apartment. As he approached House from behind, he could sense that something was wrong with his lover. Taking a chance, he sat next to him.

"Greg, what's up?" House swallowed, then looked at him.

"Me? Nothing wrong with me - I'm fine!"

"If you were fine, you'd be at work instead of sitting by the lake." House sighed, and slowly stood up. Wilson made to do the same, but was stopped by a hand on his shoulder.

"No, stay there… please." Wilson nodded. Then, slowly, House dropped to one knee.

"Greg!" He could see the un-asked question in Wilsons eyes and smiled.

"You're worth the pain, Jimmy." House rested his arm on the table seat for support and swallowed again.

"James, you've made me so happy these past few years, happier than I'd ever thought I could be. You put up with me day and night, and I'll always be grateful. I love you, so damn much, and I never want to lose you. So," House reached into his pocket and pulled out the box. "Will you marry me?" He finished, pushing back the urge to cry as Wilson took the box from him and opened it. He pulled out the gold wedding band and looked back at House.

"Well? What do you reckon?" House whispered, fighting the lump in his throat. Wilson just continued to stare at the ring is total disbelief.

"James!" House gasped, clutching his ruined thigh. Wilson jumped down and got on the grass, catching his lover as he lost his balance and fell into his arms.

"Greg…" Wilson reached up for the ring, making sure that House could see what he was doing. Keeping his hands in his lovers eye line, he slipped the ring on his finger, smiling the whole time. Greg smiled, letting the tears run down his cheeks and buried his face in the crook of Wilsons neck.

"I love you so much too, and you're not gonna lose me, ever. Of course I'll marry you." Wilson whispered. "Reckon we should move?" When he felt a nod, Wilson slowly managed to get them both on their feet. House quickly wiped his face when Wilson turned away to get the ring box.

"They're gonna ask questions, you know." House mumbled, and then took his fiancés' hand. "But I don't care." Wilson smiled, and softly kissed him. Yes, people would ask questions, but right now all he was concerned about was how to get House to wear a tie.