I used to love another,

That's all I ever cared about.

But then this strongand corages man,

Came along.

I soon forget all about the other,

Who I was so in love with.

The man I was so in love it,

I soon gave up on.

After years of trying,

And not succeeding.

Him and his mate are happy,

and free.

But I do often wounder,

If he ever thinks of me.

But now I am in love,

More then I was before.

With my old loves older brother,

For his name is Sesshoumaru.

His name meens killing perfection,

and I have seen him do so.

Some ask me if it scares me,

I reply to them no.

When you love someone this much,

No one can change your mind.

He loves,and protects me,

With his heart and soul.

He made me his mate,

Forever and ever.

I love the feeling,

of him beside me.

We are now expecting our first child,

Or as he calls it pup.

I am so excited,

to have a child of our own.

He used to be called the ice king,

But not no more.

For I have melted,

His heart of ice.

For he was loving and kind,

Under that heart of ice.

Now the ice is gone,

And his true self is out.

He may be a demon,

And I a human Miko.

Two people not to be expected to get together,

But we proved people wrong.

We may be different,

But we are also alike.

With our bull headiness,

And our kindness.

No one will ever be able to break us apart,

For we are unbreakable.

I love him so much,

As does he love me.

We will always be together,

Never will we break.

For we are soul mates,

Forever and for always.

OK was edited by my beta reader xXxInvisible-FreakxXx also this is the sequel to my first poem My I hope I can get some reviews for this you can see this is a Sesshoumaru/Kages one.

Now you need to watch because in a week I will be publishing the sequel to this will be called My please check it out when I publish it.