Kelsi let out a content sigh as she walked down the East High hallway. Excited, free students were everywhere, telling each other what they had planned for the holidays. Summer. It was FINALLY here. She had all the time in the world to write music without school work getting in the way… and, fingers crossed, she might even grow and extra inch. It was time she stopped being mistaken for a sophomore. Absent mindedly she fished out a composition she's started that afternoon. It was in the very early stages, just a simple chord progression, but already a million ideas for a melody and harmony were running round her brain. She felt a sudden rush of excitement as she realised she'd be able to work on this song whenever she wanted and NOT between (or during) classes or in the feeble fifteen minutes she had for break. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted as she spotted Martha and Taylor in front of her. She felt herself grin. Little Kelsi actually had friends this summer. Friends she could make plans with and have fun with.

"Hey Martha, hey Taylor." She said brightly. Again she smiled to herself. All she had done was simply say hello to her classmates. But this time last year she would have had her hat pulled over face and got out the school building as soon as possible. A year ago Kelsi wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere near her classmates while they all talked enthusiastically about what they would all do together in the summer. She didn't need reminded that she would most likely be doing nothing up until the Evans family got back from Lava Springs. Apparently Sharpay had to keep her voice in check over the summer. But no… this year she would be hanging out with her close knit group of friends. Martha Cox was probably the greatest of them. Both girls had been so quiet and shy in their junior year and were now beginning to come of their shells. However, Kelsi counted herself lucky to have such good friends in Taylor McKessie and Gabriella Montez. Taylor was someone that always looked out for her friends and Gabriella was more or less the reason Kelsi even had friends this summer! As for the guys… well they had more or less adopted her as her little sister. She was glad of this, because she knew she could never look at Troy, Chad, Zeke or Jason as anything else but an older brother.

The three girls carried on chatting idley until they turned into the next hallway. The three girls gasped at the sight before them. Troy Bolton was placing a necklace round Gabriella Montez's neck and from the way they were looking at each other, it seemed like a big deal.

"T as in Troy?" Gabriella asked her boyfriend. The girls all started to smile and giggle together. Everyone was sure Troy was going to do something like this for a while now but that didn't make anyone any less pleased to see Gabriella's reaction. Pure bliss was evident on every feature of her face. Kelsi probably smiled more than anyone. If she was honest with herself, Troy and Gabriella were the reason she had an amazing group of friends this year. After years of having Sharpay butchering her songs and Ryan going along with it like the puppy dog he was, she had finally found two people that sang her songs with the conviction she heard in her head. Kelsi's mind suddenly wandered back to her latest project.

"It would be perfect for them." she said to herself and then headed to her locker.

"This composition marathon is only going to work if I get a new keyboard…" She thought.

"The keys keep sticking on the one I have right now. And it would be good to have one a bit larger…"

"And golly Troy! I have first aid training! Aha! Aha! Aha!" said a shrill voice to her right. She tried to block out Sharpay's annoying Gabriella impression but it was impossible. Her voice was just TOO high. Kelsi rolled her eyes. She had to admit Sharpay could be a damn good actress, but she'd never be able to act like she wasn't jealous of Gabriella. Not in a million years. It was only then she noticed Sharpay's fraternal twin. Her partner in crime Ryan. She could only see him out the corner of her eye but he was leaning against the locker next to her and looked like he was about to say something. That was weird. Ryan never really spoke to her in rehearsals. Just watched on as Sharpay churned out various instructions for her. She'd never really had anything against Ryan. Sure, he had never stood up for her, but he at least said Hi to her in the corridors, which was more than Sharpay bothered to do. And it was safe to say they formed a silent kinship after rehearsing with Sharpay so much. There were often lots of sideway glances, and eye-rolling on each side. Suddenly the shrill voice to her right called her over and she turned round sharply.


He was on the verge of speaking when…

"Come here Kelsi!"

Kelsi's head snapped away from her locker and towards Sharpay. Ryan groaned internally. He had spotted Kelsi in front of him in the corridor and called her name but she seemed to be too engrossed in a sheet of paper in front of her. Another composition no doubt. It was as if she knew he was going to speak to Kelsi. But then again, she did know him better than anyone. Ryan didn't exactly see what her problem was though. Kelsi was sweet, talented, modest… Actually, he could see EXACTLY what Sharpay's problem with her is. Jealousy and the fact that she probably saw Kelsi as to plain for him. Ryan frowned. For him? Where did that come from?

"I have a summer job for you." Sharpay said enthusiastically. He saw Kelsi's glum face suddenly become a bit more attentive and Ryan scowled. He had wanted to give Kelsi the news. He'd told himself it was because he's probably say it in a nicer way than his sister would… but he couldn't push away the thought that she would think she had done a sweet thing for her. It had been his idea after all.

"Our rehearsal pianist at lava springs is moving." Sharpay continued. He saw the small girl raise her eyebrows.

"Or hiding." she muttered. Ryan stifled a laugh. Kelsi was quick when she wanted to be.

"Pardon?" Sharpay asked, oblivious. That made him want to laugh even more so he bit his lip down.

"Nothing, sounds great." Kelsi said quickly and turned back to her locker. As she walked past Ryan he gave her a small grin to show he'd heard her witty comment and she smiled and blushed back. It was just then that he noticed their hats were almost coordinated. He smiled to himself again then quickly stopped as he saw Sharpay looking at him. He quickly went to comfort her about summer. He knew all 'What's Ryan looking so happy about' thoughts would drift out of her head as soon as he mentioned the talent show at lava springs.


Kelsi looked into my locker again in disbelief. She didn't really register how messy it was last time she looked in because she'd been day-dreaming.

"What on earth was I thinking about that made me miss all this?!" she thought whilst rummaging through the mess.There was so much random paper in it that it was all about to fall on top of her. Pages and pages of songs half written, odd lyrics and various chord progressions had been stuffed in there all year.

"I was thinking about summer, and my keyboard, and how it'd be good to get a job and then Ryan came over and looked like he was actually going to talk to me." Kelsi's eyebrows knitted together as she realised she was actually quite disappointed that she hadn't spoken to Ryan. Shaking off the thought and started to stuff it all in her bag. When she'd finally got everything jam packed into the small bag she looked up to see Ryan and Sharpay were still loitering beside Sharpay's locker.

"It's summer Ry. Everything changes." Sharpay smirked and strutted away. The petite girl's gaze followed Sharpay down the corridor. She didn't like the was Sharpay had said that. Like she was up to something. But then again, she nearly always was. Kelsi saw the familiar look of frustration on Ryan's face. Then he collected himself and walked away looking as happy as can be. She let out a small laugh thinking you'd need an exercise like that to deal with having Sharpay as your twin. It was just as she saw him walking away that she noticed their hats were more or less coordinated. What were the chances…