Once upon a time, in one of America's most diverse states (New York), neither on its busy Wall Street or in its pretentious Upper East Side, but rather on a relatively quiet cul-de-sac in a generic town, lived a boy, his older twin brother (by only two minutes thankyouverymuch), second cousin thrice removed with their family. The Family Williams lived at the end of the cul-de-sac in a tan, Spanish styled home with a Ford SUV and Cadillac in the driveway and piles of useless garbage and priceless artifacts in the garage.

Mr. Williams was an up and coming lawyer, while Mrs. Williams preferred the stay-at-home lifestyle. Their sons enjoyed their life of sports and school (though their youngest tended to focus more on sports, much to Mr. Williams' glee and Mrs. Williams' dismay) and their great-nephew (thrice removed) was more of a homebody. The lad had spent most of his 13 years with his family, the Kirklands, in Bristol and had come to live with his American-Canadian counterparts after an accident involving a drunk driver, fire hydrant and an exceptionally A.D.D. squirrel. The Williams treated the scraggly haired boy as their own son and set the child up with orthodontic procedures and eyebrow waxing within weeks of his arrival. All together, the Williams family was a charming family living on a charming plot of land in a charming slice of upstate New York.

The Williams boys (plus the socially awkward second cousin thrice removed) got along with the other neighborhood boys and girls, which made for good living for pretty much everyone around as there was only the occasional tiff that most parents summed up to boys being boys. No one thought it peculiar that in this slice of suburbia lived, what seemed anyway, a single family (or two) from most European countries, sans a Russian/Slavic family (the Asian countries seemed to be represented as equally on the next block over). For some reason or another, the blocks became known as Hetalia Boulevard. No one was sure where the name came from or its purpose, other than it was short and catchy so it stuck.

Our story—I guess I should break into it soon, or else this will begin reading like an episode of The Andy Griffith Show and while that had an audience fifty years ago, is mindless drivel in today's fast-paced shoot-em-up brouhaha. Unless, of course, you're interested in the finer details of Hetalia Boulevard.

Oh, you are? Well, in that case…

The Weillschmidts, in the center of the street, owned a Mercedes. Their demon of a child, Gilbert, was constantly getting into tiffs with their neighbors' children, Elizaveta Héderváry and Roderich Edelstein. The Italian family was loud and boisterous and had a pasta collection that would put Chef Emril to shame. The old creaky house on the end of the block that had been on sale for years had finally been bought by a bloke crazy enough to risk his fortune, reputation and general welfare. The house was haunted. This was fact and Gospel as declared by the youngest Williams boy, the only one on the block brave enough to touch the doorknob before running away screaming bloody murder like a boy half his age.

Oh well…all right. That's the rather boring parts of the story, then isn't it? I suppose our story really begins on the Williams' sons twelfth birthday. That of course, was the week a Red family moved in, the British second cousin (thrice removed) went missing and summer romances popped out of nowhere like groundhog hills.

Musubi7's Fried Rice Corner! (conveniently at the end of the passage of ease of reading)

So, what have you stumbled upon, poor reader from afar? Why, Suburban Youth! The charming little humorous AU which sets countries as pre-teenage boys. The premise is light and I'm not quite sure where the story is going, but I do know that I have a terrible habit of not finishing things I start, so this bastard's going to be finished, whether it likes it or not. XD Though generally light hearted, I have some ideas for darker scenes which provide for character development and blah, blah, blah. But most of all, in the end, I hope to create an enjoyable story for you, the fic readers. I also hope that you enjoy this new style of mine. After listening to Yahtzee on Zero Punctuation, I fear his voice has taken over as my muses' and I'm compelled to write the way he speaks now. So, I'm hoping the style remains appropriate for the scenes I have played out (which so far it does, but that's not saying anything since I'm only like...1/2 through the first chapter).

So, let me know what you think and if you have any ideas for scenes you'd like to see played, give me a shout. I can't guaruntee that I'll use it, but feedback's always good. :)

Cheers! ~Musubi7