Chapter 1: It's all a flash, but who would know how this story would unfold.

Chapter title- Don't charge me for the crime – JB, duh. This is a new story about a hostage situation I've kind of been thinking up for a while. It will be very drama filled like almost everything else I write. I love the drama lol. I know the main girl character doesn't have a name yet, it's undecided and it didn't come up, so deal.  anyways, enjoy.

Also, do not report this, they have a tv show, movies and books. seriously don't you're being a fool.

Warning: Language, sex in later chapters…may be some form of rape by one of the guards later, undecided. Read at your own risk.

I stir the coffee in my hand and glanced around the lounge in boredom. Just another day at the record label. I was working as a secretary's assistance and trying to save for college. What a life.

I heard the door open behind me and turned to see who had walked in on my dull thoughts. I looked up to see a familiar face that I recognized to be Nick Jonas walk in the room in all his god like sexy glory, and nearly dropped my coffee. I'd worked here three months and never seen anyone famous; I sat behind a desk and filed papers, end of story. Nick looked at me and smiled. Smiled, at me? So I was a bit of a fan…had all their music and thought the Jonas Brothers were totally hot, no big deal.

"Heard there was some decent coffee in here," he said. I was gawking like a fool and timidly smiled back as to not look too mentally retarded.

I was about to say hello, when the fire bell rang and I turned to Nick in surprise. He looked back at me with the same shock and we both headed towards the door. Before we could reach it, four men barged into the room with guns pointed in our direction. Everything happened so fast I barley had time to process the situation.

"Fuck," one of them cursed, "he was supposed to be alone, who the hell is she and why didn't anyone say she was in here," he said harshly.

"What the hell do we do with her?" Asked another,

They looked at each other and contemplated briefly what to do.

Another man answered, "I have no idea, we didn't know she was in here, they said he was alone, and the rest of the building was supposed to be evacuated by the fire bell, it was part of the plan."

"Shit, she knows too much now, take her too," answered the first who was clearly the 'leader' of the group. He sounded ticked off that he now had extra baggage. Two of the men grabbed Nick and one grabbed me roughly. Apparently Nick was the bigger threat, they were right though, these men were huge, I couldn't fight them off. The heavily built man who had grabbed me put a hand over my mouth before I could even react to what was happening and pushed me towards the door. I allowed myself to be led out of the building, frozen in absolute fear. I could hear footsteps behind me and assumed the same was happening to Nick. The man jerked me down an abandoned hallway roughly and it hurt my arm. I jerk my arm and looked up at him in anger and warning. He glanced back at me with a smirk on his face. I heard a chuckle from behind me. I half turned to see who was laughing at the clearly not funny situation.

"Got yourself a fighter there Drew," one of the other men chuckled.

"I'll keep her in line," he replied grabbing my arm tighter until I winced in pain.

We exited the closest set of double doors and I was thrown into the back of a black van with tinted windows. A moment later Nick was thrown in after me and half landed on me. We straightened ourselves up as two of them men climbed in the back with us and slammed the door. I tried to get myself sitting upright and was struggling when the man who was kind of 'my guard' grabbed my arm and helped me sit up. I glared at him; I would have rather lain on my side than have him help me. He chuckled.

"You can sit on my lap if it would be more comfortable for you sweetheart," he smirked. I shot him an icy cold look of hatred and he let go of my arm.

I looked over at Nick who had managed to sit up and looked just as confused and freaked about the whole situation as I was. We just stared at each other for a moment, communicating with our eyes. He looked worried. I'm sure I looked like a total mess, I was scared shitless and I think I might have been shaking.

The ride was mostly quiet, the guards chatted a bit and Nick and I stayed quiet in fear for our lives. Once and a while we would meet each other's eyes. I studied out kidnapers; they all wore dark sunglasses and caps to hide their faces. My guard, so to speak, was blonde and had a very chiseled face; if he wasn't such an ass I might even consider him handsome. The group leader was driving and another man who hadn't participated much thus far sat in the passenger's seat patiently. Nicks guard had dark hair and wasn't extremely good looking but he wasn't ugly. I couldn't get a very good look at the two sitting in the front because I wasn't facing them. My guard kept staring at me and I didn't know why but he was creeping me out.

Finally the van stopped and I looked at Nick. The fear in his eyes mirrored mine. I wondered what would happen to us. Would they kill us? Hold us somewhere? What did they want? The back door opened and daylight poured in.

"Let's do this," the leader said. I gulped.

So that's chapter one, hope you guys liked. If anyone finds this story interesting let me know and I'll keep writing it. If there's no interest I probably won't continue.