Epilogue: The future's open wide; beyond believing, to know why hope dies.

Chapter Title - Shattered – Trading Yesterday. Ahh, I'm going to cry, it's over. I had way too much fun with this story and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thanks to everyone who read the entire thing and continued to leave their opinions and kind comments. You guys are the best; enjoy the final chapter of Captive.

Nick squeezed my hand tightly in encouragement as we walked towards the house, his parent's house. It had been a month since we'd escaped and Nick's family was having a kind of celebration get together barbecue. I walked through the front door hand in hand with Nick smiling.

"Hey!" A crowd of smiling faces greeted me. Joe nearly tackled me in a hug. "Naomi!" He smiled giving me a bear hug. "Good to see you again," he whispered in my ear. I pulled away and beamed at him. In the month since we'd been home, Joe and Kevin had become like brothers to me and I loved being around them. The Jonas' had become the family I never had. Mrs. Jonas walked up next and gave me a gentle hug. "You look lovely dear," she smiled.

Kevin gave me a hug and I saw Joe walk over and do some form of a brotherly handshake with Nick, which made me laugh. Soon they were laughing and hugging. Kevin smiled at me. "Always a pleasure, Naomi."

"Great to see you all again," I smiled handing Mrs. Jonas the salad I'd brought for the Barbecue. She took it into the kitchen and we walked out towards the backyard where the rest of the guests were.

"So how are things?" Joe asked smiling.

"Great," Nick answered, slipping an arm around my waste and pulling me into his side as we walked. "I've never been happier," he glanced at me and my face lit up.

"Likewise," I said quietly.

"Awwwwwwww," Joe said. We all laughed.

We stepped outside and I stopped Joe and Kevin before they dispersed.

"Hang on boys, I actually, well we need to tell you something," I said grabbing Nick's hand.

"We just found out but we wanted you guys, and your parents, wherever they went to be the first to know.

They stood close and looked at us expectantly. "I'm pregnant," I said in a rush. We still had no way of knowing whether it was Nick's or Drew's or Matt's but Nick had told me it did not matter to him. The child was his and it would always be his no matter what, we would raise it together and it's DNA made no difference to him. Nick was unbelievable. "We're pregnant," he corrected giving me a gentle loving kiss on the forehead.

"Well, congratulations," Kevin said clearly shocked. We hadn't told him about everything that happened while we were held hostage. I glanced at Joe. I had become considerably closer to him, we'd spent a lot of time hanging out, while Kevin was with Danielle, and I had finally had the strength to share the details of my ordeals with him. His expression was pained.

"Thanks Kevin," I said, stepping forward to give him a hug. He smiled and wondered off in search of his fiancé. Joe then walked forward and took my hands.

"Are you okay with it?" He asked gently.

"Yes, I've accepted it, we can do this. With Nick by my side I know I can do it," I said glancing at Nick smiling. Joe smiled too.

"Do you know whose it is?" He asked hesitantly.

"No," I said looking away.

"It doesn't matter," said Nick. "It's mine," he said rubbing his hand up and down my arm for comfort. "I'm going to make sure both you and our child are taken care of," he kissed me gently and we all smiled.

"Good, and I'll be here to help in any way you need," I smiled.

"Thanks Joe. We actually wanted to ask you to be the Godfather if that's alright…" I trailed off, not sure how much responsibility he was willing to accept.

"Are you kidding me? Yes! I'd be honored. I'm going to be the coolest Godfather ever," he beamed, his eyes misting over. Nick and I both gave him another hug. I soon caught sight of someone standing by the punch bowl looking quite alone. I smiled.

"Will you excuse me for a moment please," I said to both Joe and Nick, who I left chatting cheerfully.

I walked up to the man and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to face me and his face lit up.

"Naomi," he said engulfing me in a full out hug. I smiled until my cheeks hurt.

"Ian," I said hugging him back. He pulled away.

"You look wonderful," he said glancing at me. I was wearing a sundress and had my hair curled, I knew I looked cute, but I also knew it was a huge change from the last time he'd seen me.

"Amazing what a little soap and water will do," I said joking lightly. I'd contacted Ian a few days after we were freed, thanks to him. He'd escaped and the others had fled the country. The police were on their trail and were sure they were close to capturing them and putting them in custody. Nick and I had completely left Ian out of our police statements and insisted we'd escaped while no one was guarding us. To the rest of the world it seemed Ian had never been involved. We'd had a chat and he said he would never get mixed up in anything like that again, he had learned his lesson. Ian and Nick had teamed up and had a fundraiser for his sister. They had a lot of support from the public with Nick's popularity and Ian was able to get her the cancer treatment he needed.

"How's your sister doing?" I asked.

"Great actually, she's taking the treatments well and the doctor says it is hopeful that she should be in remission soon."

"Oh Ian that's wonderful, I'm so happy," I smiled.

"Me too, thanks again, I couldn't of done it without you and Nick."

"Least we could do," I said.

"Hey I wanted to tell you something by the way…" I trailed off.

Ian waited. "I'm pregnant."

Ian looked at me emotionless for a moment, almost shocked. His face turned sad. "I'm so sorry, Naomi…" he said.

"No, really it's okay. Nick and I will raise it, and I know he'll be a great father. It doesn't even matter if it was because of…" I trailed off shaking my head. "Anyways, Nick doesn't care, I don't care and we're going to have this baby, and we'll be fine," I said trying to cheer him up.

"That's great then, Nick is a hell of a guy. You two are great together and I wish you the best of luck," he smiled then.

"Hey Ian, we want you in our lives. You're a great person and a great friend and you'll make a good 'uncle' for the kid if you want to be in its life too. You have my number, don't be afraid to call or I'll call you and you know it Ian. Dinner next week with Nick and I, we'll set it up. We should totally hook you up with someone! Double date," I teased enthusiastically.

"He chuckled. Alright, I won't be a stranger…and I'll think about the date thing," he smiled. Ian's life was going to be good from here on out and I couldn't be happier for him. I'd made a life long friend in him that I never wanted to lose.


I panted; Nick leaned forward to wipe my hair from my sweaty face.

"It's a girl," the nurse said wiping our new beautiful child off.

I smiled, exhausted yet happier than I'd ever been in my life. In no condition to do much but sleep the nurse walked towards Nick with out child wrapped in a pink blanket tightly crying and wailing.

"Would you like to hold her?" She asked looking at the both of us. I looked at Nick's eager eyes, the love in his face when he looked at our child.

"Nick can go first," I smiled. He took the child from the nurse and held it close, like the most precious thing he'd ever laid eyes on. His tenderness was contagious and I beamed at him. He sat down on the edge of the bed with our child, just staring at her like she was the most wonderful thing he'd ever seen and me. I glanced from our beautiful baby to Nick and her gorgeous brown eyes stood out next to Nick's. They were identical to his. She had a few brown curls and his angelic bone structure. There was no doubt in my mind she was his child. I saw a tear leak from Nick's eye as he gazed at our little girl and life had never been more perfect. Nick and I could do this; we would do it together forever. I glanced down at my engagement ring. The wedding would be next spring, the beginning of our perfect life, a romance that sparked in the most unexpected of situations.

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