Chii-kun- "….."

Miranda- "Hmm?"

Chii-kun- "another one-shot…..hehe…"

Miranda- "….o….k…. Chii-kun does not own D. gray man."

Stolen Heart

He could not believe what he heard from his beloved sister's lips…. He could not believe what he saw cuddling in his precious sister's arms. This "little monster" had stolen her heart.

"I love him, Nii-san," she said simply. Lenalee chuckled as he gleefully licked her face. Komui's face reddened with anger and envy at the scene.

His expression changed as he cried. "But….but… Lenalee! It's not good for you!"

"How is he not good for me?" she inquired bluntly.

"Because your loving brother always knows best!" Komui replied, as a matter of fact.

Lenalee sighed. "Nii-san, I can make my own decisions."

That "monster" that Komui called it, snuggled against her chest. Oh, how much he would love to call for his Komurin and chase him out! But, Lenalee destroyed it and his lovely robot is under construction.

"Lenalee, it would cause trouble for the Order if he stays and would cause trouble to you," Komui said bluntly. He slightly leaned over his desk and placed his fingers near his chin. "What if…."

"Nii-san, don't worry so much," Lenalee assured. "It won't be that bad and besides I'll watch his actions."

Komui doubted it, at least deep within his mind. "But…but…Lenalee….." he whined.

"Nii-san, you're not thinking of kicking him out by using one of your robots, were you?" she questioned sternly.

Oh the pleasures of having a sister that knows you so well….

"He just arrived and you should know that he doesn't have a home," she remarked. "It's best that he stays here, his new home."

That monster nodded. Komui glared into that creature big dark orbs that girls would die to have him. His soft hairs brushed against his sister's chest.

Komui let out a mental sigh. There was no point into reasoning with his sister to drop the little troublemaker. She loves him, he loves her.

"Lenalee……." He cried after her as she headed towards the exit of his office.

She glanced back at her teary older brother.

"Say "bye-bye" to Uncle Komui, China," she smiled.

He barked happily. As Lenalee turned her back to her brother, China looked over her shoulder and stuck his tongue childishly at the growling Komui.

"I hate you…"

Komui pouted and clenched his fist. First Allen stole his precious Lenalee's heart, and now that stickin puppy that Allen gave her!!

It was all his fault! Allen Walker's fault that Lenalee's heart was fully taken away from him.

He declared that one day, he'll have his revenge.


Chii-kun- "somewhat……. and I couldn't resist."

Miranda- "Aww… puppy!"

Chii-kun- "I was thinking of those Chow Chow dogs…. Or at least one of those cute Chinese dogs; or maybe a husky…. I don't know."

Miranda- "Ah… Read and Review."