Title: 100 Compliments

Author: Emo Barbie

Rating: T

Pairing: JDox

Fandom: Scrubs

Summary: J.D knew that it was gonna be his lucky day, he just never guessed that it would be THIS lucky. J.D wins a bet with Dr Cox and now the other doctor has to given him 100 COMPLIMENTS!

Part: 1/100

Extra: I have NEVER been able to accomplish one series that I have ever done in a story, I've left it after like three chapters, or if your lucky, like seven, but NEVER have I EVER been able to accomplish a story, that wasn't a one-shot. So to test and see if for ONCE in my life I could accomplish one, I decided to create this, a 100 compliment story. One where Perry has to give JD a hundred compliments, now I'm not sure if I'm really gonna actually do one compliment each chapter, and I highly doubt I will, but the whole goal of it is too try. But, since I HIGHLY doubt that ANYONE wants to read a hundred chapter story I'll probably add two to three Compliments each chapter...if I actually have the patients to finish this story as well.

Well you can always root me on, you know, reviews really keep me going and wanting to write more and more and actually to finish a story for once. They help me especially to come up with new ideas, dont hesitate in throwing out any requests for something you might want to see in a chapter or compliment ;)

100 Compliments:

Compliment 100

There was no denying it, J.D had known from the moment he had found that shiny new quarter (luckily it wasn't a penny, J.D feared them more then the monsters under his bed) on the foot of his doorstep that today would be a good day for him. And no sooner had he gotten to the light blue scooter that he called Sasha did he find a lonely 5 dollar bill on the ground (luckily it wasn't a windy day). Of course J.D had to thank his Karma gods for his good fortune, because he knew that this lucky wasn't just a coincidence, he was sure that somewhere along the lines he had done something good to deserve all this luck. The young doctor even managed to arrive at work early with twenty minutes left to spare before his shift, and he was able to play a little two on two with Todd, Turk and the delivery guy.

And who would have guessed it, that with each shot, no matter how lazy, odd angled, or even badly thrown it was, it made it in.

"OH YEAH!" J.D grinned as he threw his hands up, pronouncing yet another basket, which the other three rolled their eyes at. "Who's the man? Huh? I said who's the man?"

"You are..." Turk muttered with a slight roll of his eyes before glancing back down at his watch, he had to get out of there. It had just ruined his game spirit, with J.D being as he was, so to get out of it Turk used the most well known excuse in the book. "Uh, J.D, I gotta go." Turk nodded towards the hospital. J.D nodded his head, knowing full well that Turk only wanted to have some time to spend with Carla before his actual shift started...though even if it were a little true, Turk truly just couldn't hang around his friend any more at that moment.

"K! See ya C-Bear!" He grinned, the smile plastering his face with an innocence that didn't hide any of the smugness he was still carrying. Turk however never returned the smile, or the wave that the other had given him.

"Yeah, me too." The delivery guy suddenly muttered, bringing J.D's attention back around. "I got, packages to deliver, ya know." With that he was quickly hurrying off, which puzzled J.D, he rarely ever had packages to deliver, or rather, he hardly ever tried to deliver them, usually was always finding a way to procrastinate and put it off. Eh, maybe they were finally threatening to fire him.

J.D turned gleaming eyes onto Todd, a wide smile on his lips once again. "Guess it's just you and me then." He never missed the look of panic that flashed across Todd's eyes as he glanced around, like he was looking for an escape root.

"Actually...Dude...The Todd's gotta go and do...the Todd stuff." HE muttered, pointing behind him with both his thumbs towards the hospital, his feet already retreating him backwards as he tried to keep the smile on his lips as he stared at J.D. The doctor's lips fell, this time he knew that he was being avoided, maybe there was a down side to his luck after all.

"Oh, well...okay..." He gave a shrug of his shoulders. "If you say so."

Todd disappeared into the hospital, leaving a pouting J.D to shoot hoops from the three point line.

|Compliment 100|

"AND THE CROWD GOES WILD!" J.D threw his hands up as the ball swished into the hoop for the twentieth time, though it wasn't like he was really counting. He looked around grinning at the imaginary crowd that were clapping and roaring for him in his head. "Thank you, thank you!" He bowed, basking in the flory of his own imagination before picking the ball back up. "And now the amazing Jadester will-"

There was a sharp whistle, followed by "Hey, Cynthia!" J.D pausing mid-step, basket ball cradled between two hands, preparing for an all star slam dunk (which though he could never do, he felt rather accomplished today and decided to attempt). He turned, finding Dr Cox strolling towards him, a scowl painted across his face. "What do you think you're doing?" He asked, dramatically swining his arm up to glare at the gold watch that clung tightly to his broad wrist. "Your breaks not for another hour."

He shook his head as he straightened up, knowing full well that the other doctor most likely just needed someone to rant or pick on, and who better than his own Newbie. "I decided to take it early." He shrugged. "My patients were all stable and there was no need of me on the floor, and Turk's performing surgery...oh and Elliot's busy and since Carla has the day off work, and with-"

"Stop with the ands, Shirley." Dr Cox knitted his brows together in annoyance, crossing his arms over his chest. J.D was sure that he wasn't helping the others anger problems at the moment, though he did one more arch of his head in an almost nod, which he had been doing to emphasize each "and". He didn't miss the way Dr Cox's eyes narrowed all the more at the action and the way the corners of his mouth twitched up into a snarl.

J.D stopped all together and glanced down towards the pavement, dribbling the ball from one hand to the other as he shuffled his feet. Unnerved, trying his hardest not to look up and meet the angry eyes of Dr Cox, knowing it would only end badly.

The older doctor eyed him for a minute, before his gaze snapped down towards the ball. He wasn't sure why, but the fact that the kid was paying more attention to the damn ball then to him got on his nerves and he snapped. "Will you stop that!" He snatched the ball, mid bounce, from his proteges hands, J.D looking up at him with wide eyes, both flashing with fear and wonder.

"Wow, Dr Cox, can you play b-ball too?"

He hated the kid not paying attention to him, but the look of admiration and wonder that crossed the boys eyes annoyed him far more and he found a growl slipping past his lips. "It's called basket ball, Newbie, and don't ask stupid questions."

"No! I mean really, wanna play me?"

Dr Cox's eyes narrowed on him, looking him over, gauging the other for a moment. "And what the hell gave you the idea that I would possibly want to play with you?" He growled out, he really had no intention of playing such a worthless game, now hockey? That was a different story. But this, this was just a waste of his precious time, and believe you me, Perry time was very precious and valuable.

J.D shrugged his shoulders. "Well, it was just a question, I mean it you're to chicken-"

"Chicken?" Dr Cox quickly cut him off, a glint flashing through his eyes. He wasn't chicken. He also wasn't one to step down from a challenge, not when someone was doubting him, his competitive spirit wouldn't allow it. "Does it look like I'm chicken, Catherine? I mean really! I just don't think my talents should be wasted on a girl like you." Despite his insult at the others manhood J.D was still grinning at him, quickly reaching out and stealing the ball from the others grasp as he drove towards the basket. Dr Cox quickly moved in pursuit of him, but even with Dr Cox's attempt at defense J.D was able to make a basket.

"BOOYA!" J.D grinned and threw his hands up into the air as Dr Cox caught the ball, an assorted glare adorning his face that he was all to happy to direct at the male.

"I was distracted." Annoyance showed clear on his face at the fact that the kid had gotten one past him. "It won't happen again." He stated as he quickly threw the ball at J.D, the other catching it as it rammed into his stomach forcefully, letting out a cough as the air was knocked from his lungs before he grin broke across his pale face.

"Oh really? Wanna bet that?" J.D watched as the other raised his eye brows, his voice still more of a hiss as he tried to regain his breathe, regardless the smug tone was there.

"What are you talking about?"

"You know..." He smirked. "Like a little wager, if I win, you have to do this, if you win I have to do that."

Dr Cox eyed him for a moment before finally grunting: "Fine" a small shrug of his shoulders as J.D's face lit up.

"Okay! Then if I win you gotta.." He paused, biting his lip as he contemplated over all the things he could possibly force him mentor to do. Finally give him that hug he'd always wanted. Announce that J.D was truly the best doctor he knew. Get the other to take him out on a father son outing like he'd day dreamed so many times, a baseball game, or hockey would be fine if that's all he could get out of him. No, no...none of those were good enough. This was a one in a life time chance, he needed to make it big. "Give me 10 compliments." Sorta big. He didn't want the other to fully back out on him because of an outrageous request.

"5 compliments."

Oh no, he had been being nice before. "20 compliments"

"3 compliments."

"50 compliments." J.D continued, refusing to allow the other to actually cheat him of his once in a life time chance.

"5 compliments." He snarled out through gritted teeth.

"75 compliments"

A sigh. "Fine. 10 compliments."

He should have been happy with that, after all it had been what he had first asked for, but he wasn't going to give in now. He stood his ground, literally, planting his feet rather dramatically. Even going as far as emphasizing each word.

"100 compliments."

Dr Cox took a moment to think the thing over. The kid obviously wasn't going to back down and it was a pointless game to begin with. He tried to decide if there was someway that he could lose, though against this wimpy girl, there was no doubt in his mind, he would win. He had seen J.D play, and it was in all use of the word "painful" to watch. He could pulverize the kid anytime. However on the off chance that he did lose, he would have to give the kid a hundred compliments, something that in his option was quite hard to do, for anyone. It was impossible to give that many compliments to such an incompetent idiot. Regardless a smirk crossed his lips. "Fine. If I win, then you have to stop following me at my heels. I don't want to see you, hear you, or smell you unless I say so."

"But that's not even-" J.D began but was cut off.

"Then I guess we have no deal." Dr Cox shrugged his shoulders, turning to leave.

"Wait-" The man stopped in his tracks, J.D biting at his bottom lip once more as he weighed the wager. With all the luck he was having there was really no chance of him losing. "Fine." He finally nodded his head as he came to a conclusion. "If I can make three shots past you, I win, if you can block them, you win."

Dr. Cox smirked. It sounded easy enough. "Ok." He sneered.

J.D returned the others smirk, beginning to dribble to ball back and fourth, glancing from Dr Cox towards the hoop. His eyes narrowed as the older doctor's own left J.D to glance down at the ball, just enough time to allow him to dodge to the left as the other took a moment to contemplate snatching the ball. By the time the doctor moved it was already to late, with one simple arch J.D had already made a basket. "BOOYAH!" J.D cried out once again, pumping his fists into the air. "Who's the man?!"

"Not you, Petunia." Dr Cox huffed as he caught the ball as it bounced on the pavement before tossing it back towards J.D, who, this time, readily caught it with ease. "Beginners luck, that's all that was." He ground out, readying himself once more to defend.

"Beginners luck has nothing to do with it, Per-bear." Luck had something to do with it, but there was definitely nothing "beginner" about it.

"Just shut up and shoot, Newbie."

After the first basket, J.D was able to make two more with little problem, once again taking the opportunity of the older male trying to swipe the ball to make his move. The third basket Dr Cox had been a little more determined to not let him pass, but J.D had taken to dramatically walking like a penguin, only instead of a waddle his feet were as far spread out as possible and he swayed side to side. Something that forced the perplexed and disturbed doctor to retreat from. Okay, so maybe it had been a little dirty, using his "weirdness" against the other, when he knew full well how it effected the male. But in the end everything was worth it in his eyes as he made the third basket

"Hm, I think you owe me 100 compliments, Perry." J.D stated, letting the name roll of his tongue, the glare that was already there hardening on the younger doctor. J.D threw him the ball but instead of catching it Dr Cox just side stepped allowing the ball to go bouncing off, something he would have been upset by were he not currently carrying a triumphant grin as he basked in the glory that was "John Michael Dorian". "Maybe you should start by giving me one now." Cheeky bastard.

"You shoot like a 12 year old." Dr Cox quickly bit out a retort, turning to flick the side of his nose with his thumb before crossing his arms.

J.D paused a moment, turning to look up at the sky, contemplating on whether or not the compliment was fit enough to work. After a moment he finally settled on the fact that coming from the other man, it was good enough. After all one measly little back handed compliment was nothing when he had to give him 99 more. "That will work." He smirked.

He then turned on his heels, too happy and giddy to stand still and not willing to let Dr Cox's rage soaked stare bring him down. He skipped up the ramp towards the hospital before suddenly stopping, a grin crossing his face as he suddenly looked back. "Oh, and Perry, I still expect those 99 others to be as sweet as chocolate pudding!"

Dr Cox's glare turned into full on malevolence as J.D winked at him. The man looked like he was ready to snap the neck of the next unfortunate bystander to step past him. J.D wasn't stupid enough to stick around, quickly disappearing into the hospital to leave the fuming Dr Cox.

Of course, now he wanted chocolate pudding.

"Oh, pudding." J.D happily snatched up the item off of a wheeled by cart full of lunches for the ailing patients, being taken towards the elevators from the popped it open, happily dipping in a finger before bringing it up and popping the digit into his mouth, humming in satisfaction as he mused to himself.

This was going to be a good day.

So here it is, hopefully I can get through it. 1 Compliment per chapter! So yeah, some chapters are gonna be kinda really short, then some are gonna be short, then some medium, and then MAYBE here and there a long one. But you know. Probably not unless I can really get an idea going surrounding just one compliment.