A Furry Problem

I don't own Charlie Bone

Later Charlie and friends were going back to the dorm when Manfred came up to them.

"Bone come with me." said Manfred Charlie went with Manfred telling his friends to go ahead.

'Wonder what Manfred wants.' thought Charlie as they went into Manfred's office. Manfred Locked the door 'What is he doing?' wondered Charlie. Out of nowhere Manfred pulled out a

Knife and jumped on Charlie shouting " READY TO DIE YOU FREAK!". Charlie looked at him

As Manfred raised his knife "any last word weirdo." said Manfred. " A couple. Number one, you

use to be able to hypnotize people and now you burn things and you call me the freak. Number


And number three GET OFF OF ME!" yelled Charlie. Suddenly they heard a howl and Asa

busted the door down in his beast form. And before Manfred died he only had these words to say

"oh shit." then Asa shredded him. Asa turned back to human "What the hell. Manfred's nuts and

Dead. And shouldn't you have been only able to change when to night and its not night." Asa helped

Charlie stand " we protect what is ours." he said. "What ?" said Charlie looking confused "my beast and me." answered Asa. "oh But you like Emma you want to go out with

Emma. Oh I see you wanted to get on Emma's good side so you saved me." Charlie said looking at Asa. "NO! I only looked out for Emma because she is a shape shifter. She is part of my pack, family, pride. Whatever you want to call it because even I don't know what I am. Look I protected you because you my mate." Charlie looked at Asa "okay but you'll have to convents me." he said.' better just go along with it he could kill me crazy sociopath.' thought Charlie And so Charlie's friends welcomed Asa for saving Charlie's life because they were all scared shitless from Charlie's story. Asa finally convents Charlie they were mates and they lived happy ever after. Wait there is still more Asa and Charlie were walking throw the park. When Asa tugged of Charlie's ears "DON"T DO THAT!" yelled Charlie as he scratched Asa's hand. "OW MY HAND!" yelled Asa Charlie looked at Asa "oh quite being a baby." he said "bitch." Asa said with no emotion. " OW! WHY THE HELL DID YOU HIT ME!" screamed Asa. "YOU CALLED ME A BITCH!" yelled Charlie. And Charlie summoned a axe with his wand and chased Asa around. Don't worry it's a rubber axe just looks real. And Asa ran into the sunset getting hit on the head with a rubber axe and Charlie was yelling all the way as he hit him upside the head with the rubber axe. Wow who know that Charlie is violent feel sorry for Asa people he will survive no problem just has to remember not to piss Charlie off again or get hit upside the head with something rubber. "GET BACK HERE ASA!" yelled Charlie as Asa ran across the screen screaming. Ladies and gentlemen the violent side of Charlie no one know of just hope he dose not come after you with a rubber chicken. But he might chase and hit over the head Asa with a rubber chicken or any thing else that's rubber.

"Thank you for reviewing" yelled Asa as his head was hit with a rubber axe. Annoyed he yelled "Will you stop that." his answer was a hit in the head that made him tripe.