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*~* Chapter One *~*

Videl's Mission

Gohan could feel her eyes piercing his back. He nervously nibbled on this third sandwich, quickly loosing his appetite in the process. Gosh . . . she just doesn't stop, does she?

Without looking, he could easily tell that Videl was staring at him again. Everyday, especially during their free time like lunch or PE, she would lock her gaze onto him, so he expected it regularly-- and today was no different. As Gohan, Erasa and Sharpner ate lunch on the bleachers, Videl's gaze was concentrated on the young Saiyan.

Gohan sighed and wrapped up the remainder of his sandwich. As he put it back into his lunchbox he turned to Videl. "Is . . . uh, is something wrong Videl?"

Her gaze grew even more intense as she said nothing.

A sweat drop rolled down the back of Gohan's head. "Is that a yes or . . . no?"

"Where did you go yesterday during math, Gohan? A friend of mine told me you took off in the middle of class after I left," she barked suddenly, startling Gohan and the others.

He jumped slightly, nervously staring back at her. "I . . . don't know what you mean, Videl."

"Don't play dumb. I know that you-"

"Down, Videl!" giggled Erasa. "Leave poor Gohan alone. He just went to the bathroom."

"Y-yeah. That's where I went!"

Videl continued stare at Gohan for a few more minutes, then broke her gaze, focusing her attention on something else.  However, it was clear to her friends that her mind was still on Gohan's latest mysterious disappearance.  During school hours, it was rarely on anything else.

Sharpner snorted, eying Gohan suspiciously. "So, do you mind telling us what you were doing in the bathroom for over an hour?"

"Well . . . Good question, Sharpner. I was . . ." BRIINNNG!! Gohan was saved by the bell. He let out a huge sigh and dashed off to class, abandoning the others.

Sharpner turned to Videl as she began to collect her things. "You're right. Something's up with him. He's obviously hiding something."

Erasa rolled her eyes. "Come off it, you two. Sharpner, you're just jealous that all the girls think that Gohan's cuter than you."

"Sure, Erasa. Sure."

Videl ignored the chatter of her friends. For some odd reason, she was obsessed with finding out Gohan's secret, and she knew that he had one.  Mysteriously disappearing whenever she did, somehow making it into the city for school and back home every day without a car or copter . . .

She snorted, remembering how for a while, she'd thought that Gohan was the Great Saiyaman.  That could've been the secret, if only she hadn't seen him take a punch to the face a couple of days ago.

I'll discover your little secret, Son Gohan, if it's the last thing I do . . .


"She's scary, Bulma. I really think she wants to beat me up," Gohan was saying as he stood in the living room of Bulma's home, the huge Capsule Corp building. Once school had ended, he'd immediately flown to Bulma's place in search of guidance on his problem with Videl. Of course, he felt bad, talking to Bulma about his problems and not his own mother, but when it came to Chichi and girls . . . well . . . that was a topic that Gohan was afraid to bring up with her.  Bulma was more level headed about the subject of girls, so she was a much better choice anyway.

"And . . ." Bulma muttered.  "What do you want me to do?"

"Well, you're a woman. You were a teenaged girl. What do you think I should do?" he asked.

Trunks, who was standing next to his mother, rolled his eyes. He can be SO lame sometimes. "You should challenge her and beat the snot out of the girl! That'll get her of your back for sure!" he exclaimed, clenching his fists and grinning.

Bulma sent her son a shocked look. "Trunks! Watch your mouth. No doubt you got that from your father . . ." She returned her attention to the distressed teen. "Why don't you ask Chichi? She's your mother, after all."

Gohan shook his head furiously. "She'll get weird ideas about me marrying her since she's the daughter of Hercule and probably has a lot of money and-"

"WOAH! Did you say the DAUGHTER OF HERCULE?!!!!!" exclaimed Bulma.

Trunks raised an eyebrow. He remembered his mother telling him about the time that Gohan had defeated a monster named Cell and how this jerk named Hercule had taken all the glory. "Now you REALLY should beat her up! Her Dad's an idiot!"

Bulma forgot to reprimand her son, her eyes shinning. "Wow. This is getting intense, like a soap opera . . ."

"Bulma!" moaned Gohan. "I'm in real trouble here!"

The older woman blinked several times and came out of her daze. "Oh, yes, of course . . . Well, ignore the girl. It's not like she can really DO anything to you. Just be careful with the Saiyaman stuff and everything will be fine."

Gohan let out a huge sigh. "If you say so. Man, this is really driving me crazy."

A snort came from behind them. They turned around to see Vegeta leaning in the doorway. "So, Kakkarot's brat is having female problems? I've got a solution. Why don't you whip her ass in a fight and leave it at that?"

Trunks smiled triumphantly. "See? See?!! I was right! Dad said it too!!!!"


Satan Videl warily eyed her father as he stuck a pose in her nearby mirror. That one is worse than Saiyaman's . . . "Dad, I'm TRYING to talk to you," she muttered, flopping onto her bed with a sigh. She roughly placed her chin on her folded arms and glared at her father.

"Huh? Oh, right, right. So . . . what were you saying?" He managed to tare his eyes away from the mirror. I'm one buff son of a . . .

"I've got a problem. I thought you might now how to help. It's like a . . . a . . . puzzle, really. You see, th-there's this b-b-boy at school who's-"

The only word that Hercule heard was boy. "WHAT DID YOU SAY?!!! A BOY?!"

Videl winced. "Y-yeah. A boy. But it's not like I want to DATE him or something," she added quickly.

"Good. That's good. You know you can't date unless the boy meets my approval. I won't have you with a puny little twerp! Guys like that only have one ambition, and that's to get inside your pants and-"

Videl flushed wildly and jumped up in horror. "DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No!!! It's NOT like that!!"

Hercule grinned. "That's what I thought. Now, no more nonsense about boys and such. Besides I though you and that Sharpner guy were together."

Videl shook her head and fell back onto the bed. "No."

"Well, HIM, I wouldn't mind. He's got a lot of muscles and stuff. Oh, yeah, he'd be good. Not to mention the fact that his dad's a big businessman. Maybe I should get in contact with his father and set up a date for you two . . ."

As her father began to go on and on and on about the perfect guy for his little girl, Videl tuned out.

Why did I even try to talk to him? Every one of our conversations ends up about fighting, or guys or his fame. She rolled over onto her back. I wish my mother were here. She might understand . . .

"Videl! Videl!! VIDEL!!!!"

She sat up and snapped back to reality. "Huh? Yes Dad?"

"I want to tell you about this contest I'm sponsoring. Came up with the idea myself." Hercule winked at his daughter. "And that contest guy ate it up. You should have seen his face when I told him my idea. Hahahahaha! Bet you didn't know your old man was so smart, di-"

"DAD, the IDEA? Before I get old?"

"Right. Well, there's gonna be a raffle held at all the Satan city schools. And the prize is a free month of training from my very own school."  Hercule looked very pleased with himself, and grinned broadly as he continued.  "The winner also gets to stay at our house that month and observe my fighting techniques. Great, huh?"

Videl was on her feet once again.  "A whole month? Are you crazy?"

"Heck no! It'll be great publicity. And two runner-ups will get the new line of Hercule dolls before they come out in stores. Which reminds me, I gotta work on my poses for those darn things. With all the money we'll rake in, I'll be able to buy that new mansion I had my eye on. See you later, sweat pea."

Videl frowned. She didn't like the idea of a stranger staying at her hose for a whole month, but there was little she could do about it. Once her father got a money-making idea in his head, nothing could stop him . . .


"I'm home, Mom!" called Gohan as he pushed the red button on the side of his watch, returning to his regular clothes, and stepped into the Son home.

Goten bounced happily into the room. "YAY!! Big brother's home! Can we train? Huh? Huh?"

Gohan laughed and patted his little brother's head. "Down boy, down!"

Chichi walked into the living room and eyed her son. "He most certainly will not train with you. He's got schoolwork. And just where have you been?"

"I stopped at Bulma's for a while. I . . . um, had trouble with the Saiyaman costume."

"Oh." Chichi's gaze pierced Gohan.

Gee, she reminds me of Videl, noted Gohan as he shifted his body nervously.

"Don't you have something to tell me?" barked his mother.

Gohan blinked. "What? I  . . . do?"

"Ohhhhhhhh, Gohan's in TROUBLE!!!!!!!!! Hehehehehe!" giggled Goten, who immediately shut his mouth when his mother turned to glare at him.

Chichi walked up to her older son and crossed her arms over her chest. "I just received a call from your school. It seems that your teachers are complaining that you ask to go to the restroom a lot and never return."

"Oh. That. Hehe . . . well . . . you see . . ."

"What's going on, Gohan?"

He let out a defeated sigh. "I go and help Videl fight crime. She gets these calls in the middle of class and I follow her as Saiyaman. She'll get hurt if I don't help."

Chichi's eyebrows rose. "She? A girl?" she questioned, swooping down on her eldest son like a hawk.

Oh, no . . . "A girl? Did I say that? Whoops. I meant HE. Yes, HE fights crime. HE gets calls and HE might get hurt if I don't help HIM."

Goten frowned. "Uh-uh. Trunks called me earlier and told ME that YOU told HIS mom that YOU go and fight crime as Saiyaman with a GIRL named Videl. Not a BOY."

"GOTEN!!!" hissed the older boy.

The little Saiyan shrugged his shoulders. "What? I'm telling the truth."

"A girl? Really? Well, I see. She MIGHT hurt herself . . . Is she pretty? Is she rich?"

Gohan rolled his eyes. "I don't know if she's pretty and yes, she's rich." He headed off to his room. His mother followed him.

"What do you mean, you don't know if she's pretty?!" exclaimed Chichi. "You go to school with her every day!"

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean that I think of her in THAT WAY, Mom." Gohan walked into his room and stood in the entrance. "Please, Mom, give me some the with the girl thing. I know I'll find the right one for me. After all, Dad did when he found you."

Chichi's eyes misted over as she sighed. "Yes, he did. Oh, I'm so sorry, Gohan. I just want you to be happy . . ."

Gohan smiled and kissed his mother's forehead. "I know. And I AM happy. Now, I've got a ton of homework to do, Mom . . ."

"Oh, of course. Go on. Dinner will be ready in an hour or so."

Gohan released a huge sigh. How did I get out of that one?


Videl ran a brush through her thick black hair as she sat at her vanity, humming a soft tune to herself. She then pulled it back into a messy ponytail and tied it with a scrunchy. She stared at her image in the mirror and shook her head. If mother were here . . . I can imagine what she would say . . . Videl's hair was too thick to bother with, so she'd never done anything with it.  Besides that, any style would quickly fall apart if she did any fighting. Videl never wore any makeup. She didn't know how to put it on, so she never bothered with that either.

"I don't know why Dad's always huffing about boys," she muttered. "No one's going to want me. I look like a guy with long hair."

Besides, she wasn't interested in any boys at school. They were all immature and weak. She could probably bench press more weight than any of the boys at Orange Star High, not to mention the fact that all of the boys were obsessed with the fact that her father was Great Hercule, Savior of the World.  Why should she spend time with a guy who was probably more interested in her father than her?

The only male she was interested in was Saiyaman and his real identity.  What really stumped her was that she couldn't figure out the source of his power. How could he fly? How could he bend a gun? How could he stop a missile in mid air and catch a falling bus? And how was he so FAST?

Videl grinned to herself. She'd never been one to back away from a challenge and there was no way she was going to start now.


Gohan patted his belly happily as he trudged into his room. He let out a huge yawn and crawled into his bed. Nothing like a pre-bedtime snack to help me fall asleep . . .

He snuggled into his blankets and closed his eyes. If there was one thing that Saiyans liked more than eating, it was sleeping.

Gohan put away all of his worries- Videl, Saiyaman and his social life in general- and drifted off into dreamland.


"Hi-yaaaaaaaa!!!" Videl jumped up into the air and landed a kick on the man's head. He fell to the ground with a thump. "That'll teach you for robbing a bank!"

She looked up from the unconscious villain and a strange smile appeared on her face. She kicked the bad guy aside with her foot roughly and stepped past him. "Oh, SAAAAIYAAAAMAN!!!!! YOO-HOO!"

Saiyaman, who was busy tying up another unconscious robber, turned to her. "Yes miss?"

Gohan watched nervously as Videl approached him. "Are . . . you okay? You're walking a bit funny today," he said in his fake deep voice as he kept his eyes on Videl's hips as they swayed back and forth in a . . . very disturbing way.

She stopped right in front of him and placed her hands on his chest. She began to bat her lashes in a way that reminded him of Bulma. "Oh, Great Saiyaman, you came and helped me again," she said, her voice airy and silky. "What can I ever do to repay you?" Videl batted her lashes a few more times.

Gohan flushed under his helmet. "Uh, that's alright, Miss. No need to repay me. After all, it's a superhero's job to prote- HEY!!!! S-stop that!!"

Videl slid her hands up the green shirt of his Saiyaman costume. "Ummm, all these big muscles. I like that." She leaned forward.

Gohan tried to shrink away, but couldn't. He found himself rooted to the spot. What was he supposed to do? He'd never been this close to an attractive young woman before.

Videl closed her eyes and leaned forward. One hand slid from underneath Saiyaman's shirt and up to the helmet. She slowly took it off and placed a kiss on Gohan's lips . . .




Gohan toppled out of his bed and hit the floor- hard. He winced and sat up, shaking his head. Where am I? Looking around, he realized that he was in the safety of his home- not in a bank with Videl feeling all over him and trying to kiss him. Gohan flushed, remembering the dream. "What the heck brought that on?"

Just then his mother threw his door open. She curiously eyed her son, who was sitting on the floor wrapped in his sheets with a dazed look on his face. "Well. What happened to you?"

"I . . . just had a strange dream. That's all."

"Right. Well, you should be getting ready for school . . ."

"Okay Mom."

When Chichi left, Gohan kicked away the blankets and stood up. "I've gotta get this problem with Videl cleared up- and fast."