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*~* Chapter Thirty-Eight *~*

How it Came to Be, Part One

Videl sighed heavily, pulling a thick, smelly old blanket tighter around her shoulders.  She began to shiver uncontrollably, but not only from the cold, but from the view of what was outside.  Another one of her fears coming to life.  She concentrated on her breathing, watching her breath turn into white smoke as it left her mouth.  Where was Gohan? He'd been gone for a long time . . .

She stiffened as she heard the door slide open, unsure of who would be coming through.  To her relief, it was just Gohan.  Gohan, with several more blankets under one arm and some steaming boxes balancing in the other hand.  He gently set the blankets down on the floor and went over to the seat by the window on which Videl sat.  He gave her a supportive smile and placed one of the boxes on her lap.

"What this?" Videl asked curiously, enticed by the wonderful smell floating from the box.

"Food.  Nice and hot, to warm you up," Gohan said.  "Don't worry, I think it's safe.  I taste-tested it all myself."

Videl laughed softly.  "Oh, I'm sure you did.  So . . . how is it going out there?"

Gohan sighed warily and sat next to his girlfriend.  "Well, I'm still trying to fix the heat, and I'm almost done checking the place out.  No trouble so far."

"That's good, I suppose.  Are you going back out now?"

"I'd better.  The sooner I get done making sure its safe, the sooner I can figure out how to get us out of this mess," Gohan replied, a little reluctantly.

"Alright.  I'll . . . be fine by myself." She was lying through her teeth.

"Okay.  Just . . . relax, and I'll be back to check up on you." Gohan took in her worried expression, and took her chin in his hand.  She looked up him with wide, expressive eyes in a way that told Gohan that she was quite scared.  He gave her a gentle kiss on her lips and smiled.  "It'll be fine.  I promise."

"I trust you Gohan," Videl said simply and watched as Gohan left.  She sighed and cracked open the box in her lap.  There was something green, and some meat, but . . . no fork.  "Figures," she muttered and began to eat with her fingers.  

To keep her mind off of her fear, she began to think back to how she and Gohan had managed to get themselves into THIS mess.  It had all began when they'd returned from the Hyperbolic Time Chamber . . .


A jet copter carrying Bulma, Chichi, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, Chibi Trunks, Mirai Trunks and Goten landed on Dende's Lookout early the next morning, just before the twenty four-hour mark was up. The two boys were anxious to see which father had gone to level three (so that one could gloat over the other, of course), and, to tell the truth, so was everyone else.

They didn't have long to wait before their curiosity was satisfied. Right on schedule, the door to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber swung open and the five who'd gone in came out. The group immediately surrounded them, all asking at once who'd achieved the next level.

Goku, being the proud father that he was, grabbed Gohan and pulled him close, throwing an arm around his eldest son's neck. "Gohan here did it! He went to level three!"

Chichi enveloped Gohan in a tight hug as the others congratulated him. Bulma grinned, caught his eye, and nodded. She cleared her throat and shouted over the cheering, "I think a celebration is in order! A dinner tonight, at Capsule Corp. Formal wear only!"

No one protested against Bulma's stuffy choice of attire for the party. After all, something like what to wear seemed a bit trivial, especially since the group had a ray of hope.


"Oh, dear, what on earth am I going to wear?!!" shrieked Chichi a little later that morning as she dove into her closet, tossing gown after sparkling gown out onto the floor.

The group had gone their separate ways, to rest up before the big party that would be held later that night. It was still quite early in the morning, so most of them had gone straight to bed. The Son household, however, was very much alive.

Videl raised an eyebrow, picking up a beautiful sea blue dress. "What about this one?"

Chichi whirled around, then made a face. "No, no, no! That won't do!" She turned back to her closet. "Tonight will be very, very special indeed and that old thing will not do!"

"Ummm, if you're sure . . ."

"Oh, I'm very sure. Well! It looks like I'll have to go shopping. Let's see . . . a new pair of shoes, a dress, a handbag, some perfume . . ." Chichi grabbed her purse and quickly exited the house, flying off in the jet car newly purchased Son family jet car.

Videl shook her head and went into the kitchen where Goku, Goten and Gohan were building a sandwich mountain. She walked by, snatched one off the top and threw the fridge open. The guys watched as she removed the milk carton from the fridge and drank straight from it.

Goten giggled. "Good thing Ma just left. She'd get real mad if she saw you do that."

Videl shrugged her shoulder. "There's barely anything left anyway."

Goku pouted, eyeing the carton. "Aww, I wanted some!"

"Don't worry Dad," Gohan said firmly, glancing up at Videl who was nibbling on the crust of her sandwich. "Videl and I will pick some up when we go shopping in a little while."

Videl choked momentarily, glaring at Gohan. "Excuse me? Who said we were going shopping?  And since when do you start making decisions concerning me before asking me? Huh?"

"I just thought you'd like to get something nice for tonight," he replied calmly, taking six sandwiches from the mountain and placing them on a plate.

"I can just wear the dress I wore to the dance, you know. There's nothing wrong with it."

"I know, but . . ."

Videl's eyes narrowed. "In fact, if I remember correctly, you couldn't keep your eyes off of me that night."

Goku laughed, causing his eldest son to blush. "Well, okay, so . . . I never said it was ugly or anything," Gohan said sheepishly.

"Then why should I go buy another one?"

"What's the problem with buying another one?"

By now, Goten and Goku were watching the two as if they were engrossed in a soap opera.

Videl gave him a look. "I hate shopping! You know that!"

"C'mon. Maybe you could invite Erasa and make a date of it or something."

"No, she'll ask what it's for, and then I'll have to tell her, and she'll want to come, which will lead to a whole lot of explaining and-"

Gohan grinned. "I was planning on asking Sharpner and Erasa to come anyway."

Videl gapped, sitting in the only seat left. "WHAT?!" Then . . . "You know what this means?!"

"Yes," Gohan replied reasonably, stuffing a sandwich into his mouth. "And that's okay. They're our friends, and they should know. After all, tomorrow's outcome will most definitely concern them."

" . . . what's going on, Gohan? You're up to something. You can't hide things from me!"


"Chichi and Bulma carrying on about some secret, the package that came, Chichi's insane desire to buy a whole new wardrobe just for tonight . . . I'm not stupid!"

Gohan laughed nervously. "Of course you're not! I . . . er . . . well . . ."

Goku butted in. "That package, actually, was for me, wasn't it Gohan? I ordered a nice piece of jewelry as a surprise for Chichi, but I guess she couldn't resist!"

Gohan nodded furiously in agreement.

Videl, suspicious as usual, gave Goku a heated look, waiting for him to crack. But when he didn't, she decided to let it drop. Maybe the two women had been going crazy over Goku's supposed gift. Still didn't explain Chichi's rampage though . . .

Well, Videl mused to herself, Gohan and his folks aren't exactly the most normal people around, so . . .

"Fine, Gohan. If you insist . . ."


"Can you believe it? Erasa's already at Sharpner's," muttered Videl as she jerked her jetcopter sharply to the left, slamming Gohan into the passenger-side door. "That's so weird . . ."

After making a quick stop at Videl's place to pick up her copter and, despite Gohan's hesitation, to invite Hercule to the night's festivities, the two were on their way to meet up with their friends. Videl had just called Erasa's home, only to find that her best friend was not there, but at Sharpner's mansion, of all places.

Gohan couldn't help notice the way Videl stepped on the gas, her eyes narrowing out of suspicion. "Videl, how's that weird? They're friends, and friends go over to each other's houses all the time."

"Not Erasa. Sharpner gets on her nerves a lot more than she lets on . . ."

" . . . ooookay . . ."

"Hmm . . ." Videl thought about what it could mean.  I wonder . . . could they be? Naw . . . wait . . . maybe . . .

The copter gained more and more speed. Gohan could now see below the white puffy clouds. A string of fancy mansions, all with Olympic sized pools in their lush backyards, sat in the horizon. Videl parked the copter in the middle of the front lawn of the first house they came to and got out, and then marched up to the house. Gohan looked around, then winced as he noticed that his girlfriend had parked directly on top of a bunch of pretty flowers.

"Er . . . Videl . . . maybe you should move your-" he began.

"Just come on, Gohan!" Videl was already at the front door.

" . . . right, coming!"

By the time Gohan made it to the porch, Videl was already speaking with the butler who'd answered the door. "Oh, don't worry. I know the way to Sharpner's room," she assured the man with a strange, tight smile, grabbed Gohan by the arm and hauled him into the house and up many, many winding stairs.

"Jeez, Videl . . . what's your problem?" he whined, letting her drag him around. "And why do you know the way to Sharpner's room?" That seemed to be nagging him the most, not the fact that he was being shoved around.

She didn't answer, but suddenly stopped outside of a large, red door. Kicking on it, Videl bellowed in a deep voice, "Open up now, Sharpner! I know you're in there with Erasa!"

A loud "Oh, shit!" followed by the sounds of bedsprings creaking caused Gohan to blush. "That was kinda rude, Videl . . ."

She just laughed, and continued laughing when Sharpner opened the door. His face was flaming red and his clothes were in disarray. He scowled.

"Damn it, Videl, you scared the hell outta me!!" he exclaimed.

Videl invited herself into his room and grinned. "Who'd you think I was, your old man?"


Erasa, who was still sitting on the bed, glared at her friend. "That was so not funny! Thanks for killing the mood!" She began smoothing out the ruffled bed sheets around her, her face as red as her new boyfriend's.

Videl raised an eyebrow, sensing real anger in Erasa. "Sorry. I was just kidding!" She gave them a little time to collect themselves before saying, "Soooooo . . . you two are a couple now? Congratulations!"

Erasa's face turned even redder, then, to the surprise of everyone, she jumped up off the bed and got in Videl's face. "Yeah, well, what the hell do you care, huh? Too busy with Gohan to pick up a phone? If you had, then you would have known!"

Videl took a step back. "Woah! Sorry, jeez, but I can explain, really!"

"I don't want to hear it! Ever since Gohan came along, you've forgotten about ME, your best friend!" she cried, stamping her foot angrily.

Gohan winced, wishing he were invisible.

"What happened to what we used to say, huh? We always said that we wouldn't let a guy come between us, or get in the way of our friendship, Videl! But look at you! You don't care about me anymore!"

Now Videl was getting a little ticked off. "I said I was sorry! If YOU knew what I have been doing, and how Gohan and I have been tirelessly working to save your asses, and the asses of everyone on this planet, then I THINK you'd feel a little differently!!"

Gohan stepped forward nervously. "Calm down Videl . . ."

Sharpner made a face. "What the hell are you talking about?"

"That's what Videl and I came to explain," Gohan said calmly before Videl could let out a stream of curses. "Please, Erasa, just hear us out. I think you'll understand why Videl didn't have time to do very much socializing . . ."

And so Gohan and Videl sat down and began to explain everything. Erasa's and Sharpner's faces showed various emotions, from shock, to disbelief, to confusion, to anger and sadness, and, when everything was over, humor.

The two erupted with laughter, falling over each other as they gasped for breath.

Sharpner wiped the tears from his eyes, gripping his aching stomach. "Ohh, ohhhhhhhhh, good one guys!! Gohan, Saiyaman? Aliens? Plots to blow up the earth?! Hahahahahaha! I don't know about Erasa, but you two are totally forgiven! I've never . . . hahahaha . . . laughed this hard in my life!!!!!!!!!"

Erasa giggled. "I wonder, what were you two . . . hahaha . . . really up to that was . . . haha . . . so bad that you'd have to . . . hehehe . . . make up a crazy story like that?!!"

Gohan frowned. "It's the truth, I SWEAR!!!"

Videl sighed and shook her head. "Looks like we're gonna have to do this the hard way." She sent Gohan a look. He nodded.

Gohan pushed the button on his watch and the suit that he hadn't worn for so long appeared. Erasa screamed. "HE REALLY IS SAIYAMAN!!!!!!!!!!"  Then he formed an energy ball in his hand and slowly crushed it in his fist, sending sparkles of light shooting through the room.

Neither of them was laughing now.

"B-but . . . I don't . . ." stammered Sharpner.

Videl returned to the floor and gave her friends a reassuring smile. "You two saw us at the Tenkaichi Budokai. Still, I know it's a lot to take in, but we wanted you all to know. There's going to be a party tonight at Capsule Corp, since tomorrow is the Big Day. We wanted you all to come . . . just in case . . . you know . . ." Videl's voice faded away.

Gohan placed a hand on Videl's shoulder to comfort her. "However, if I . . . fail . . . then not all is lost," Gohan said softly, keeping his eyes on Videl the whole time. "The others will be there. They'll save the day, if I can't."

Videl punched him hard, refusing to let the tears that had gathered in her eyes fall. "Shut up, okay? You're not going to die, tomorrow. Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Erasa squealed, "You two are just so cute!! Well, what the heck are we waiting around here for?! Let's go shopping!"


Gohan and Sharpner spent the rest of the morning and a couple of hours of the afternoon lugging around their girlfriend's packages as they several hundred zeni at nearly every store in the mall. The boys were already drowning under boxes, and they hadn't even gotten to the dress store yet.

"I swear, Sharpner, if you drop another one of those boxes . . ." warned Erasa, giving him a look. "Can't you be more like Gohan?"

Sharpner glanced at the other boy. Several bags hung from his mouth, boxes were piled on top of his head and bags hung from his hands. He seemed to be balancing himself pretty well, too.

Sharpner momentarily considered tripping Gohan for the hell of it, but decided that Videl's wrath wouldn't be worth the laugh.

Videl snickered and threw Gohan to keys to the jet copter as fast as she could. He neatly shifted the bags in his right hand into his left and quickly snatched them out of the air.

"Show off," grunted Sharpner. "You girls are evil. You do realize that we're gonna have walk all the way back to the front of the mall, then through the parking lot and- HEY!!! Ouch, man, what the hell-"

Gohan had stepped on Sharpner's foot and used IT in the middle of the crowded mall, just after Videl called, "Take some time off boys, and grab a bite to eat."

Erasa squeaked, but Videl just grinned. "Neat little trick, huh?"

The girls went into the store, determined to buy their dresses as quickly as possible so that they could get to a spa and have some girl time. Also, neither of them wanted their boyfriend to see their dress until that night. Videl assured Erasa that they had plenty of time. "Gohan takes forever to eat," she explained, examining a gold dress.

"Do you love him, Videl? Or are you just . . . kinda dating?" asked Erasa as she held a beautiful turquoise dress and placed it against her body, twisting this way and that in front of a tall mirror.

Videl eyed her friend. "Get that one. It's great."

"I think you're right." She glanced down at the price tag and laughed. "Oh, well. This one will put a dent in Dad's wallet! Now, don't you try to skirt around the question. Do you love Gohan?"

Videl sighed heavily. "Of course I do. But we haven't had any time to really be romantic. Right now, I feel as if we're going absolutely no where."

"I bet that's why he insisted on you buying a new dress. He's obviously planning something special tonight."

Videl nodded. "I think it has something to do with jewelry. It wouldn't surprise me if he gave me a string of pearls or diamonds tonight."

Erasa looked thoughtful, handing a store person the dress she wanted to buy so that it could be rung up. "Diamonds, huh? Oh, I saw this little black number back there . . . hold on . . ."

Videl's eyes widened at the dress Erasa brought back. "Little is right! There's barely any fabric on that thing!"

Erasa's eyes danced. "That's the point! Who knows . . . you may be getting more than diamonds tonight, if you know what I mean . . ." She winked scandalously.

Videl flushed. "ERASA!!!!!"


Much to the boys' dismay, the girls had covered their dresses with black bags, so that they could not see what they'd bought. Walking back to the copter with the girls, Sharpner asked Gohan under his breath, "You don't have x-ray vision or something?"

Gohan laughed. "No! In the hands of a teenaged boy, that power would do more harm than good."

Sharpner joined him in laughter, knowing good and well that if he could see through stuff, he'd be a dead man by now.

The girls dropped their boyfriends off at Capsule Corp, along with all of their packages except for their concealed dresses and headed off to spend time and money at the most expensive spa around. With the girl's things safely stored in a room, Sharpner and Gohan went around to the back of the house, both equally surprised to see a poker table set up under a shady tree. Around the table sat Krillin, Vegeta, Goku Mirai Trunks and Bulma, all with five cards in their hand, looking around at each other suspiciously.

Gohan raised an eyebrow, coming closer to the group. "What's going on here?"

Goku turned and grinned at his son. "Hey, Gohan!! We're just playing a friendly game of poker!"

Mirai Trunks snorted. "Friendly? Between Vegeta's death threats and Bulma's outbursts of anger, I'm surprised that any of us are still alive."

Gohan introduced Sharpner to everyone. Their greetings weren't to welcoming, as all of their attention was focused on the game. He watched as his father threw in several chips worth twenty zeni each and then, a minute later, watch all of his money, and everyone else's go to Krillin.

Goku sighed and got up. "I don't get this game at all. Take my place, Gohan."

"Sure thing Dad." Goku stood behind his son as he sat down.

Bulma yawned and got up too. "I'm taking a nap. Sharpner, I guess you can play for me. Keep the money if you want to." She headed into the house.

He eagerly sat down and began counting his chips. Apparently, he had a good amount to work with.

Unlike Gohan. What had his father been doing?

Trunks laughed at Gohan's face. "How are you gonna salvage that? And can you even play?"

"I can play!"

Krillin grinned sheepishly. "That's my doing, I'm afraid. How long ago was that, Gohan?"

"Can't even remember," Gohan said with a smile. "But don't tell my mother," he added quickly.

Vegeta growled with agitation. "Just deal, damnit!" It was obvious, by the mountain of chips in front of Vegeta and by the nasty gleam in his eye, that he was quite anxious to win more money from the others.

As Krillin dealt the cards, Trunks muttered to Gohan, "I'm still trying to figure out how Vegeta learned how to play!"

Soon, it didn't matter where Vegeta had learned how to play- Gohan and Sharpner were kicking everyone's butts and had doubled the size of their stacks of chips. Goku cheered on Gohan, who was now the current leader of the game.

Eager to keep the little money he had left, Krillin suggested that they end the game. "Er, we've all got to get ready for that party, anyway."

Everyone cashed in their chips and the losers stalked away with sore egos and empty pockets. Goku left his son with his friend and the pile of money he'd won.

Sharpner waved the bills in front of his face. "Ah, my favorite smell! You know what," he said thoughtfully, "since tonight just might be my last . . . why don't we go out and have some fun."

"What kind of fun?" asked Gohan hesitantly.

Sharpner just winked roguishly.

"Ummmm . . . I have a better idea. Let's get the girls something nice. Some jewelry."

At first, the blond boy made a face, but then began to nod. "Good idea! Hey, if I present Erasa with something shiny, maybe I'll get luck- OWWW!!! Damn it-"

Gohan stomped on the other boy's foot and used IT. They appeared outside of a fancy jewelry store.

Sharpner glared. "Don't do that again!"

"Okay. Next time I'll grab your hair." Gohan quickly went inside and began looking at the shiny objects inside the glass case.

After taking a minute to calm down, Sharpner followed and began glancing around. This place was upper crust- the prices alone indicated that.

Suddenly a slim woman danced up to them, grabbing Gohan by the arm and crying to the other salespeople, "Hey, look, our Romeo's back everyone!!! The one that bought that killer ring set!!"

The workers immediately rushed over, leaving the rest of the customers to stand around looking agitated. Sharpner gapped. "Ring set?"

"So, did she say yes?! Oh, she had to have said yes!!" cooed the woman before she looked horrified. "Wait . . . you're not bringing them back are you?!"

Gohan laughed nervously. "No, I'm not bringing them back. I . . . uh . . . haven't asked yet."

"Asked what?" demanded Sharpner, pushing several people aside to get to Gohan's side.

"Oh, young love! So romantic! This young man is going to ask the love of his life to marry him!" The women in the store sighed collectively.






After spending hours caked in mud and having people fawn over them, Erasa and Videl flew back to the Son home in the country where all of the women had agreed to meet in order to prepare for the dinner party. The others forced Videl to sit in the living room and watch tv with Juuhachi, who'd put on a simple red dress, while they went and got ready. Then they would fawn over Videl and make her look perfect.

Once Chichi had a look at the dress, she nearly fainted. "Oh, positively scandalous!" she hissed to Bulma. The two women, already dressed and primped, were standing in the walk in closet, eyeing Videl's dress for the night.

"Positively delicious, you mean!"

"I'm just not sure that this is appropriate for tonight," protested Chichi. "I'm sure she wants to look nice and respectable when-"

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Oh, get off it, Chichi! Let the girl wear whatever she wants to! You act as Gohan is going to propose to YOU and not VIDEL."


The women whirled around to see Erasa standing the doorway, her hands on her face. They grabbed her and shoved inside, closing the door behind them. "SHHHHHHH!!" they hissed.

"Woah, woah, WOAH," cried Erasa. "Gohan's gonna . . . Videl . . . what?"

"You can't say anything!" Chichi urged quickly. "Gohan will KILL me if Videl finds out!"

"Oh, I won't say a word. I'm so excited!! Let's hurry up and get her dressed so we can get to this party! I can't wait!" she squeaked.


Gohan pulled at the bow tie of his tux, pacing back and forth across the living room floor of Capsule Corp nervously, going over the speech he'd memorized in his head over and over again. He hadn't expected to be this nervous, but, he supposed, it was natural, considering the life altering question he was going to ask just hours later.

Bulma, who'd returned home from Chichi's place, was already dressed in a dazzling gown, and was now busy ordering the caterers and decorators around. "THERE'S the cake! Oh, it's beautiful . .. it looks wonderful . . . NOW GET IT IN THE KITCHEN!!! YOU'RE TWO HOURS LATE, DAMNIT!!"

Gohan watched the people holding the cake scurry off as fast as they could. "Bulma . . . take it easy . . ." he advised, giving her a little grin.

She looked flustered. "Gohan, I just want everything to be perfect!"

"I know, but there's no need for you to kill yourself over it. Everything will be fine," said Gohan. "So . . . how's Videl?"

"The other women are taking care of her," Bulma's eyes sparkled as she gave him a wink. "Wait till you see her in that dress . . . you won't be able to believe your eyes . . ."

Gohan turned red and gave her a nervous smile. "She sure is beautiful, huh?"

"Oh, Gohan, you're sooo cute! I just wish Vegeta would say something like that about me . . . HEY! HEY HEY HEY!!!! DON'T PUT THAT THERE!! DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU INCOMPETENT PEOPLE EVERYTHING?!!!!!!" She stomped off after several men struggling to carry a large flower arrangement.

Gohan just shook his head. "Bulma's more wound up about this than I am," he muttered. Forcing himself to calm down, he knew that he had to believe that everything would be okay.


All Bulma needed was a giant red carpet rolled out in front of her door to make the dinner party a real gala event, with all of the lighting and decorations that she'd put up in honor of Gohan's big announcement.  Videl marveled at the spectacle from her father's luxury chopper which had picked up the ladies from Gohan's home and was currently en route for Capsule Corp.  Erasa squealed excitedly, grabbing at Videl's gloved hand as she got a glimpse of the decorations. 

Videl was very glad to see her best friend having a good time.  They'd been out of contact for so long, and this party had brought them together again.  She didn't want to be morbid, but considering what was going to happen that very next day . . . well, she was glad to have reunited with her longtime friend.

The copter swung around as it began to land on the landing pad outside of Capsule Corp.  Videl laughed to herself.  THERE was the red carpet, leading from the landing pad to the door of the building.  She leaned forward for a better look.  Was that Gohan standing there with an armful of red roses?

Who knew that her boyfriend was a hopeless romantic?

Videl's heart began to race and her stomach felt jittery.  Although she had her suspicions, she really had no idea what Gohan had planned for the night.  This uncertainty made her nervous, but she reassured herself by acknowledging that, whatever the surprise was, it could only be a good thing.

Once the copter had landed and was firmly on the ground, Chichi forced her out of the vehicle first where she was met by Gohan.  He looked a little dumbfounded, the roses slipping from his arm once he'd gotten a look at Videl's attire.  She smiled and took the flowers from him before they hit the ground and kissed him on the cheek.  

"These are lovely, Gohan.  Thank you," she said, inhaling the roses' wonderful scent.

"You're lovely," he blurted out, immediately turning red afterwards.

She laughed and took his arm.  "Stop drooling already and take me inside."

Gohan nodded and walked her down the red isle towards Capsule Corp.  He was constantly aware of the ring box in his pocket and the anticipation began to build up inside him.  Videl looked gorgeous, the dining hall was spectacular and he was surrounded by his family and closest friends . . .

He had done his part.  Now it was up to Videl to say yes . . .


Videl sighed and licked her fingers clean, tossing the box onto the floor once she was done.  She grabbed and extra blanket and placed it around her shoulders, leaning her head against the wall as she carefully avoided looking out of the window.  She would remember that night for the rest of her life . . .

No matter how short it appeared it would be . . .

NEXT CHAPTER: Okay, so you're all confused, right? That's OKAY, you're supposed to be!  Next time, we get Videl's reply and the big fight and . . . wait, just WHERE are Videl and Gohan?