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Chapter 1

On the New York Time's newspaper, the tiny little words under the job listing section caught my eye. Usually, I would ignore this page; I usually go to the comics. But ever since I finished college, I had trouble finding a great job.

That's me, Bella Swan.

It was exactly what I was looking for. An opening at the biggest and most famous magazine company in the whole state of New York. Sparkle. I mean, as a new person to the whole business world, it would take a huge miracle for me to actually be hired for a company like that, but a girl can try. And dream. Or something. Whatever!

I'll go on over and apply. Get an interview and cross my fingers and hope for the best. I have all the requirements to be the new editor. I have a degree in literature. I'm the best writer in my class and got many awards on my essays and short stories. I got straight A's all my 4-year in Berkeley. I even got an internship at a middle-class publishing company. I am right for this job!

Aro Volturi, former boss of the company, retired at the age of fifty and hired his nephew, god-knows-what's-his-name. So, Sparkle, is under new management. Also, their former editor, soon-and hoping-to-be-me, Jane Volturi, daughter of Aro, got married and moved away. The position is wide open and I'm surprised no one took over yet.

The very next day, I stepped into the office and asked for the job. A very nice woman named Angela, the boss's EA, interviewed me and happily said that I was fit for the job. She just had to run this with Mr. Masen, yes that's what's-his-name is, and she'll call me tomorrow. And in a hushed tone, she said.

"If I were the boss in this place, I'd hire you today." and then we both laughed.

My finger was tapping against the table, my eye taking quick glances at the phone every so often. I sighed. Look at me. It's only been ten hours. He's busy. I trust Angela to not forget about my application.

When I was starting to give up and found something interesting to do, I almost forgot to answer the phone. I let it ring twice, not trying to look to eager, and answered it with a simple, "Hello?"

"May I speak to Isabella Swan?" a man asked.

My heart skipped a beat. "This is she. Who is this?" I asked.

"Edward Masen," he said in a robotic tone. "I was looking over your application. I was wondering if you could come by today. At two?"

"S-sure." I managed to say.

"See you then," he said in the same bored tone.

I looked at the clock and cursed out loud. It was already ten minutes past one. I ran into the bathroom, took a quick bath and threw something nice on. I was meeting the new boss of Sparkle. I want to look professional but not too formal. Not too girly too. I decided on a nice blue blouse with jeans and knee-high boots. Chick.

The elevator was agonizingly slow. And when my floor came, Angela's happy face greeted as she exited her office.

"Bella, so great you could be here early. Mr. Masen does not tolerate tardiness." she grumbled softly, looking around to see if he was near by. "If you're even a minute late, for whatever reason, he'll cancel."

"Whoa," I said.

"Exactly," she said. "Now wait in the room by his office, down the hall to your right, first door. When he calls your name, you'll hear it in the speaker right above the door and you got ten seconds to enter quickly. His office is just right across the waiting room. Or he'll throw a fit for being late."

"Is he in a bad mood or something?" I asked.

"Who knows?" she shrugged. "No one has seen him smile. Especially when the editor is gone and he's doing the editing. Hurry!" she shooed me, looking at her watch briefly. "You got two minutes before two."

"Thanks," I said as I ran into a room full of chairs. The walls were filled with previous magazines of Sparkle that were enclosed in a gold rimmed frame. Each one had a seal on it, saying 'First Print'.

A deep voice called my name from the speaker and I walked quickly to the door across the waiting room and entered.

His face was hidden in the shadow. His lamp was on and all I could see was his button up black polo that was rolled up to his elbows and his hand holding a pen, tapping it lightly on the notebook before him.

"Take a seat." he said in a deep musical voice.

I reluctantly followed, taking a nice comfy seat in from of his desk. He picked up a remote and the lights in the room turned on. He reached forward, turned the lamp off and sat back.

I gulped loudly as I looked at his face. He was beyond gorgeous! He has nice bronzed tousled hair. His eyes were a rare color of green and his jaw was defined. His nose was a perfect line and his skin was pale to the absolute. His face, underneath all the beauty, held no emotions. His mouth formed a tight light and his green eyes held no interest in anything. How can a man this beautiful be so uptight? So, snobby?

"Isabella Swan," he said robotically. I resisted the urge to correct him by saying Bella. I bit my tongue. "I'm Edward Masen."

I tried to smile, but let's face it, I was way past nervous.

"Perfect grades. A degree in literature. Internship." he read off my résumé. "Good, if you ask me. You think your perfect for the job?"

I nodded. "Yes, I do." I said confidently.

"I like confidence." he said, still holding no emotions. "But are you ready?"

"Ready to what?" I asked softly.

"Ready to start working. You've just stepped out of college." he pointed out.

I gulped. I didn't know how to answer to that.

"I'll let my EA, Angeli, watch over you," he said. And again, I bit my tongue, trying not to correct him. It's Angela. "She did most of the interviewing. There's not must for me to do anymore. She'll show you your office."

Wait, what does this mean?

"Your hired." he said in the same bored tone.

I nodded. "Thank you."

He dismissed me and I didn't have to be told twice by my new boss. I left and looked at Angela wide eyed. She smiled, understanding.

"Let me show you around." she said, taking my hand and pulling me away.

She stopped on the first door and knocked.

"Come in!" a high voice sang.

"Alice?" Angela asked. "This is Bella Swan. The new Editor."

Alice perked up, and ran over to me, hugging me like I was her best friend. "Hi!" she said. Her hair was glossy black and it was all spiked to the side. Thin to the extreme. And a foot or two shorter than me. Her face pale and she bounced up and down like a ball of energy. "This is perfect! We're in need of a new editor. Mr. Masen might smile for once. Oh, today is a good day. Haven't you noticed, Angela? He hasn't yelled once." she said all at once, her face glowing.

"Nice to meet you too," I laughed. And I received two giggles.

"Alice takes care of the fashion." Angela said.

"Yes," Alice said.

"Do I hear giggling?" a deep voice from behind me asked.

I turned around and jumped away from the big man. He looked at me with worried eyes and asked, "What happened?"

"You scared her Em!" Alice smacked his arm.

"Sorry," he said. "I'm Emmett."

"Bella." I said, shaking his outstretched hand.

His hand was soft, but firm. His muscles were huge and he was very tall. He had brown hair, a little bit curly by the looks of it. And pale too. Is everyone pale?

"Em takes care of the sports." Angela said.

Emmett smile grew larger as he draped his arm over my shoulder. A friendly gesture, not anything flirty. I feel like he's my big brother even though I had only met him.

"Em, can you show Bella the rest of the office. I have a lot of work to do," Angela said, smiling apologetically at me. I smiled in return, silently telling her that it's okay.

"Of course!" Emmett's voice boomed. He pulled me away from the two girls and walked further down the hall.

"Gotta tell you something though," Emmett said. "Mr. Masen, total snob."

"I noticed that," I laughed.

He opened the door to another office with a tall lean blond guy sitting in it.

"Hey!" Emmett called.

The man looked at from his work and glared at Emmett. He met my gaze and smiled, making me feel...calm.

"This is Bella, our new editor." Emmett introduced us.

"Finally!" the man cheered, standing up and ran to hug me. "You don't know how long we've waited for an editor! I'm Jasper."

"Nice to meet you," I said shyly.

"Uh, Jasper's our Car guy, but he's also a bunch of things like the food, movies, and other thing guy. He's the guy you ask about pretty much everything."

"I do a lot of things," Jasper summed up.

"So I've heard. I read some of your articles before," I said,

"Oh, really?" Jasper said. "Glad to know someone appreciates my work." he glared at Emmett, who tried to look innocent.

"We should all have dinner, ey?" Jasper said.

"I'm in for anything. Bella?" Emmett asked.

"Sure," I said.

"Perfect." Jasper said.

"See you later!" I called as Emmett pulled me away again.

He turned right and stopped at the first door. He opened it and said. "My office."

His walls were filled with posters. Lakers. Mets. Angels. Red Socks. All kinds of teams. All kinds of sports. It was, really cool. He pulled me away again, closing the door behind him and opening the one next to it.

"Babe?" he called.

"Hey!" a woman said.

Okay, I've seen really pretty women, but she was very beautiful! She had long wavy blond hair. She was pale as well, but her body was like perfect with all the nice curves and everything. She would put all the models to shame. Let alone a girl like me.

She saw me and smiled widely, standing up and walking towards us. Emmett gave her an awkward hug with his arms still around my shoulder. And then kissed her quickly.

"Babe, this is Bella. New editor." Emmett said.

She gasped and hugged me, shooing Emmett's arm off and jumping up and down. "New editor! Yes!" she cheered. "I'm Rosalie. But call me Rose."

I smiled at her, not knowing what to say.

"I take care of all the gossips and stuff, you know." she said.

I nodded. "That's awesome." I said.

We talked for a few minutes, getting to know what her job does and she explained a few things that might come up on my part of the job. After a few more minutes, Emmett interjected.

"Bella?" Emmett said. "Want to see your office?"

I nodded furiously. "Are you kidding?" I joked.

Rose laughed and shook her head at us. "See you later." she said.

"Oh, and babe?" Emmett said. "We have a group date tonight with Bella."

"Perfect!" Rose said, sitting back down in her chair. "I should be done by then. What time?" she asked.

"I'll say six. Not sure yet. Tell Al, too, yeah?" he said.

"M' kay." she said.

Emmett closed the door and headed back up the hallway. He stopped at the door next to Mr. Masen's and opened it. "Here we are."

I walked in and looked out the window instantly. I had the best view in the world. I could see almost all of New York.

"Nice view, huh?" Emmett said, taking a seat in the chair.

"You think." I scoffed. I sat in my big black leather chair and ran my hand over my new keyboard. "This is so awesome!"

"Well, not as awesome as the work you'll be doing." he joked.

"True," I laughed along.

"There are only nine of us up here. Everyone downstairs has to run everything by the person in charge of the section up here. Then the people up here run it by you, you're the most important part here. Then you run it by to Mr. Masen. You have an assistant. His name is Mike. And he'll be the one to organize and get things to you quickly. Set up appointment and all. He's not here today but his office is down the hall, next to Rose's. Our photographer, Jacob, is not here today too. But his office is in the other side of your office." he said, pointing to my right. "He's the photo guy and since you're the editor, you'll be working with him from time to time."

"Thanks Emmett," I smiled. "I think I have everything in mind set."

"Great." he said. "And Bella?"


"Welcome to Sparkle." he smiled.

I sat in my bed that night, trying to figure out what I just gotten myself into. Yesterday, I had just dreamed of being the new editor for Sparkle, now I was the new editor for Sparkle.

I have to be at work before nine and I get off work at five. We get a two hour lunch break from twelve to two and have to be back in time. I get paid $350 a day and multiply that by 5 equals...$1750 a week. $1750 times 4 weeks equals...$7,000 I'll make that much money?

I did the math in my head and quickly figured out my expenses every month. After I rented my apartment and started paying for my own things, my budget has been very tight. I spend over a thousand a month that includes rent, taxes, phone bill, electric, water, gas, grocery, and a few other necessities. I would still have a lot of money saved if I make that much what would I do with that? Save it? Use it to shop? I don't know...but in the end, I decided to just simply save the money.

The week went by and I got the hang of my part of the job. All the articles that make it on my desk has been approved by the person in charge of the section. For example, I received this article this morning that advertises on the new kinds of skinny jeans and the writer of the article, from downstairs, gave it to Alice. Alice approved it and passed it on to me. I edited a few things. I added more details, decided where to put it on the magazine, and checked for misspellings.

"Hey, Bella?" Mike knocked on my door.

Okay, so he was absent on my first day cause his wife, Jessica, gave birth to their first son. He brought the first picture of their son, named EJ, to office and we all were so happy for him. The only thing I noticed was that Mr. Masen wasn't there when he showed the pictures. Let alone Mr. Masen knowing that Mike is even married.

That's what I learned about Mr. Masen. He's not social. He's incredibly handsome and has a girlfriend named Tanya, but he hardly ever sees her. She came to the office on my second day and Mr. Masen made up an excuse saying he has a lot of work. Tanya, being an idiot, believed him and left.

"Yeah?" I said, looking away from the article Emmett gave me.

"Jacob's here. Do you want me to let him in?" he asked.

I haven't met Jacob yet, so I was a little ecstatic to meet him. "Yes, of course."

"Alright," Mike said, closing the door behind him.

I fixed my self a bit, and straightened out my clothes. Fixed my hair even though it wasn't necessary. I just wanted give a good first impression.

The door opened and a man 6'7", black hair cut short, russet brown skin, and brown eyes came in and smiled at me. He sat in the in front of my desk and placed an envelope on my desk.

"Hi," he said. "I'm Jacob. Jacob Black."

"Bella Swan," I said shaking his hands.

"Sorry I wasn't here. I was in Paris for a week for their new launch on denim jeans that Alice wanted to put in the magazine." he said and pointed to the manila envelope. "Here are the pictures. Did you receive Alice's article?"

I nodded. "Yes. It's right here." I said, pulling out a red folder from my drawer and handed it to him. "I fixed everything up. It's going to take up at least two pages. I made spaces so you can place your pictures over there."

He opened the folder and smiled. "Perfect. I have the right picture."

"Emmett needs you to take picture on the upcoming basketball game tonight. Here are the details. And passes. You're going to need at least two other photographers." I said, giving him a card that Emmett gave me. "He went out today to do interview so he couldn't give it to you personally."

"That's cool," he yawned.

"Sleepy?" I laughed.

"Couldn't sleep in the plane." he said.

"Make sure you get some sleep before the game." I laughed.

"Sure, sure." he smiled. "I'll get this to you by tomorrow, cool?"

"Yeah," I said, turning my attention to the computer. "See you later."

He left and closed the door, leaving me to my work. Not one hour later, Alice came running in with a horrified look on her face.

"Bella!" she screamed frantically.

"What?" I gasped.

"Mr. Masen is coming!" she yelled.

"Oh no!" I tried to act scared.

She scowled at me. "Tanya broke up with him last night!" she whispered.

My hand flew to my mouth.

"Exactly!" she yelled. "Oh! I have to warn everyone!"

I shook my head at her. What could she be worrying about? Then, I looked at my desk and realized how much mess it had become. Mike barged in, and helped me clean my desk after cleaning, stacking papers neatly to the side. I straightened out my monitor and keyboard and even blew on it to make a few dusts go away.

"When he's mad, he's mad." Mike said.

I bit my bottom lip, trying to organize the work that I had done and the work that I hadn't into two neat piles. Alice's voice on my speaker said, "Four minutes guys!"

"How does she know?" I asked Mike who was filing a few sheets in the file cabinet.

He shrugged. "I don't know. But we're all glad that she does. It saves our asses!"

I laughed and sighed as I flopped down on my chair.

"Bella!!!" Rose's voice called me.

I sighed and ran to her office, Mike right behind me.

"I need help!" she screamed.

"What?" Mike and I said at the same time.

"The photos! Their everywhere!" she pointed at her desk.

"Bella!!" Angela's voice called me this time.

"Mike help her out," I said quickly before running to Angela's desk. "Yes?"

"I need help!" she said nervously.

"Who doesn't?" I joked. "What is it?"

"Mr. Masen likes to see the draft of the magazine articles on his desk when he comes in. When he doesn't..." she trailed off.

"Where are they?" I asked.

"I don't know! They were here!" she said, looking through her flies.

I ran to the other side of her desk and looked through her other cabinet. Jasper came running in and threw a folder at Angela's desk.

"Sorry!" Jasper said. "I added a few things to the articles. It's all in there."

"Thanks!" Angela said. "Place it neatly on his desk please?" she asked me, straitening out more of her desk.

"One minute!" Alice's worried voice said.

I ran to his office and set the folder neatly next to the keyboard. Emmett opened the door with a steaming cup of Starbuck's coffee in his hand.

"He likes coffee." Emmett said placing the coffee on his desk and taking my hand and pulling me out of the office. "Another thing: He doesn't like anyone in his office but his EA. Get in and get out."

"Aren't you supposed to be on an interview?" I asked.

"I had to run over here on Alice's command." he said.

"Bella!" Jacob's voice called me. He ran across the hall and just as he was about to stop, Alice's body crashed into him, making drop all the pictures he had in his hand.

"Alice!" Emmett, Angela, and I yelled.

We all ran over to him and quickly picked up all the pictures on the floor. We heard the elevator doors opening and we hurriedly ran to out desks. Jacob followed me into my office and sat down, sighing deeply.

"I wonder what happened this time," Jacob whispered.

We listened closely to the sound of Mr. Masen's footsteps. The door next door opened and slammed close. We waited a few second before we heard the sound of keyboard typing and sighed contently.

"That was so close-" Jacob started saying.

But a voice on the speaker said, "Meeting! Now!", in an angry tone.

Jacob grabbed my hand and dragged me quickly to the end of the hall way and sat me down next to him. Everyone came in and sat. Then we all waited for Mr. Masen.

His footsteps echoed in the hallway. We watched as the doorknob turned and Mr. Masen, totally rocking the black suit, came in. He walked in to the front of the big table and threw a magazine on the table angrily.

"What is it this?!" he yelled.

"Er, last month's magazine." Emmett said.

"Of course it is!" Mr. Masen yelled. "But there are a lot of things wrong with it!"

No one said anything.

"For example," Mr. Masen said and grabbed the magazine. He flipped through pages and stopped on a particular one and showed it to us. "This!" he pointed to the article title, "is not interesting! The way it's put in the magazine, it's wrong!"

"Sir, you put it there," Alice said softly.

Mr. Masen glared at her and Jasper interjected.

"But the photos are fine." Jasper said.

"I don't care about the damned photos. What I care about is the rating we got on the magazine. Our rating has been going down!" Mr. Masen yelled.

"We can rise back up quickly sir," Rose said.

"How can you be sure about that?" Mr. Masen said.

"Because we have the right person for the job now," Rose said, pointing to me.

Mr. Masen looked at me for one second before nodding. "We'll see."

Then he sat in his chair. "Alice what have you got so far for this month?"

"I have new denim jeans from Paris. New 'going-green' blouses from JC. And the in flops from Reefs." Alice said.

"Jasper?" Mr. Masen said.

"The new iPod. All about the Mercedes Benz Guardian. New upcoming 3D movie in theaters coming out next month. And the rest are still going through Bella." Jasper said.

Mr. Masen nodded once, still a bit angry. "Rosalie?"

"A family crisis. Lohan going anorexic again. An actor playing a vampire in a movie. Sex Video released in the media." Rose said.

"Emmett?" Mr. Masen said.

"Laker's winning. Baseball player killed in an accident. A boxing match coming up two months from now. I have an interview with a baseball player tomorrow." Emmett said.

"We need more. Understand?" Mr. Masen said. "I want this issue one of our best issue! We have approximately three weeks before we launch this one. We need more fashion, more gossip, more everything. Jacob!"

"Yes?" Jacob said, startled.

"I want good pictures." Mr. Masen said.

Jacob nodded.

"And Bella?" Mr. Masen said.


"Come by my office later." he said softly and left the room.