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My phone buzzed softly on the counter as I stepped out of the shower. Wrapping a towel around my waist I picked it up and flipped it open. Seeing Magnus's familiar number flash on the screen made me smile as I clicked to open the text,

"Hey babe, what do you want for desert tonight?"

I quickly texted back, not really paying attention to what was on the phone, then tossed it down on my old bed as I quickly dressed.

I lazed on my fluffy couch, head dangling off one end and legs dangling over the back. Alec would be home soon and he wasn't going to be allowed to leave for quite a while. I was waiting for him to text back on what he wanted for dessert. The phone finally buzzed and I quickly flipped it open.

The screen started with my text, "Hey babe, what do you want for dessert tonight?"

…and then Alec's reply, "Penis."

Had my Alec really just…no…yes? It better be yes. I grinned mischievously and texted back,

"Ohrly now? I'll just come over and pick you up right now then." Then I waited, running through endless scenarios of what I was going to do to him tonight.

The phone buzzed and I clicked to open the text, "YAY!"

Alright, this wasn't like Alec. But who was I to object? We hadn't slept together since…yesterday! That was fucking forever. I quickly got up and changed into something I knew Alec would like, even if he'd never admit it until we were alone behind a locked door.

Then my phone buzzed again and I distractedly flipped it open, wondering what he wanted now.


"Fucking tease." I texted back, pouting. I wanted sex damnit.

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