Sasuke makes a great chiken-ass. I have to make fun of him- it's the only way we get on.


"Don't tell me the stoic Uchiha Sasuke is fussing over his hair!"

Sasuke just glared at the giggling pink-haired girl.

"I'm not fussing." He stated calmly in return, "…It's just something Sai said." He then grudgingly admitted at her pout.

Sakura frowned, standing behind him and directing her speech to his reflection in the bathroom mirror.

"So?" She asked, "Sai says a lot of stupid…untruthful…mistaken things about people…" she ground her teeth dangerously, "…and their appearances."

"Well…" Sasuke fought the instinct urging him to shift away from the murderous aura leaking out of her, "You know how truthful Sai sometimes is."

Quick as a flash, Sakura had a smirk pasted on her face.

"Why? What did he call you?"

At this, a tiny almost non-existent blush made its way to Sasuke's face, much to his displeasure, and Sakura's delight.

"Nothing." Sasuke immediately denied.

"…are you sure?" A grinning Sakura pressed.

"Yes. Drop it."

"You know…" Sakura raised her finger to her chin, in mock consideration, "I don't think I will. What did Sai call you?"

"Drop it."

Sakura did anything but. Instead she bent down and put her face next to his, fingering a lock of his hair with a devilish smile and laughter in her eyes.

"What did that mean Sai say about Sasukewaskeys hair, huh?"

Sasukewaskey just glared even harder at her mirrored face.

"Fine." Sakura stood and sighed, "I guess I'll go then. I mean, I thought you liked me moving in with you, so I must have been mistaken, so…" She turned to the door.

"Wait." Sasuke's dejected voice called her back. She slid back into the mirrors view, cheesy grin in place.



If possible, her grin grew wider.

"A tad louder, Sasuke-kun. I can't hear you."

"Chicken-Ass." He grumbled, in miniscule volumes.

She blinked innocently- mockingly, at his reflection.

"Chicken-Ass, was it?"

Sasuke only grumbled a bit more and looked away moodily.

"Well, don't worry Sasuke." Sakura smiled good naturedly, ruffling his hair, "I like your Chicken-Ass."

She left the bathroom.

Sasuke- wondering at the lack of her 'humiliating –Sasuke' speech, just stared into his own reflection.

Then he allowed himself a smile- well, uh, a more accurate description would be 'smirk'.

'Who cares?' He thought, 'Sai's an idiot. Sakura obviously doesn't think-'

"And your hairs alright too!"


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