I thought, hey- why not? Some of you wanted a two-shot, and some wanted to see Sai again- so here you go.

And to be honest...I'm becoming quite fond of Sai. It's been too long since he was in the manga (damn flashbacks!).

DISCLAIMER: I still don't own the characters. The plot is mine though, and if you wish to reproduce in any way you gotta get my permission, m'kay?

"…So anyway, it was hilarious, Sai" Sakura chattered, thinking back to Sasuke's little hair-fiasco that morning as she watched some children run down the street, "So funny that I can almost forgive you!"

Sai frowned as he moved his brush across the smooth, white material beneath him.
"Forgive me for what, Dog-face?"

Scrunching up the paper which now had an ugly smear across it caused by Sakura's fist connecting with the back of his head, Sai dipped his brush back into his ink pot to resume his activity.

"Anyway," Sakura sighed happily, "Next time you come up with something like that, you have to tell me. Do you think Ino's hair looks like anything sinister? Maybe you could mention how her thighs look like seal tails or something."

Once again, Sai's expression turned quizzical as he mused over Sakura's words.
"I'm sorry Ugl- erm, Sakura-san, but I don't know what you're referring to. What was so funny about this conversation or- as I've sometimes read, banter with Sasuke?"

Sakura raised her eyebrows at him, wondering if he'd forgotten what he called her boyfriend.
"You're kidding, right? Weren't you hanging out with Sasuke yesterday?"
"Yes." Sai began to gather up his things, knowing he'd get nothing gone with Sakura chatting away.
"Weren't you to talking?"
"Yes." He screwed his the top of his ink-pot in place and placed his brush back into its case.
"Didn't you tell him he had a 'chicken-ass' head?"
Sai stood and pulled his bag over his shoulder, looking down at Sakura where she sat on the cement bench.
"I did refer to his chicken-ass, Sakura, but I have no idea what relevance it has with his hair."

There was a moment of silence as Sakura's eyes bulged and her mouth opened and closed for a while, even though there was no noise coming out.
Sai waited patiently as eventually Sakura began to splutter at him incredulously.
"Why were you looking at his butt?" she finally screeched.
Sai tilted his head at her.
"I only remarked that it was smaller and much better shaped than most males, Sakura- what I've read as being remarked to as a 'chicken-ass' in the book 'Rules of Attraction'…although the author was from the land of mist, so maybe the terminology isn't accurate. Regardless however, I can tell why you like Sasuke-san."
Sakura could only gape at Sai's retreating back as he walked away.
"Besides, Sasuke's hair looks more like a ducks-ass." he called over his shoulder.

Still staring at his form as he walked up the street, she watched him bump into someone as they left a shop.
"Oh, hello Beautiful," she could just hear Sai's voice, "You know, I just saw Ugly, and she made a remark on your legs which you might find interesting…"

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