Chapter 4 Topmaniac's Daredevil Run

The Galactic Duo landed on a large, metal, spinning top shaped planet. On the bottom of the planet were red electric fences that formed two large circles. On the top of the planet was an arena-like bowl surrounded by more electric fences with stairs leading up to it.

The area had a sort of white aura around it. As soon as the two had landed, they both almost collapsed.

"Ugh...Why do I feel so weak?" Yoshi asked.

"Well, judging by this white Aura, I'd say a Daredevil Comet is orbiting this galaxy, causing our life gauge to be reduced to one HP..." Mario explained.

"Hey! You just broke the fourth wall!" Yoshi said.

"Yeah, but I'm allowed to. You, on the other hand, aren't..." Mario said as he jumped over one of the red fences.

"Hey, I wonder what happens if I touch this fence?" Yoshi asked.

"No! Don't!" Mario yelled.

But, Yoshi touched it anyway, and was electrocuted by 1,000,000 Volts.

"Ow...That hurt..." said a blackened Yoshi before he collapsed.

Lives left: 3

The Duo landed on the underside of the planet again.

"Now Yoshi, please jump over the fences!" Mario said.

The two jumped over the fences, walked to the stairs, walked up the stairs and jumped over the electric fences into the large, metal bowl.

The instant they did this, a Topmaniac (A particularily powerful Topman, this machine looks like a spinning top. It is able to create Topman and uses the yellow blades on its sides to attack) fell onto the bowl from out of the sky.

"Ah yes! Now I remember this enemy!" Mario said.

"Good. You should, since the author just described it! Anyway, do you remember how to defeat it?" Yoshi asked.

Mario tried to ignore Yoshi's breaking of the fourth wall. "No...But I'll try anyway!" he said angrily, before running at the Topmaniac.

Yoshi didn't look as Mario hit the blades.

Lives left: 2

"Lucky the author didn't describe what happened to you as you ran into those blades, or else this story would have had to be rated T!" Yoshi said as they both entered the bowl to face Topmaniac again.

"You...Broke the Fourth Wall! Twice!" Mario yelled, before taking a Golden Hammer out of midair and started swinging it at Yoshi.

"Ahhh! Not again!" Yoshi yelled as he was chased around the arena by Mario.

Yoshi jumped on top of Topmaniac, which somehow caused its blades to retract inside its metal casing.

Mario then jumped to hit Yoshi, but Yoshi quickly jumped off of the Topmaniac, and within a few seconds, the Topmaniac was reduced to a pile of scrap metal.

The Fake Power Star appeared in the middle of the arena, but Mario wasn't finished yet.

He threw the hammer at Yoshi, who was hit and sent flying into the outer reaches of space...

Lives left: 1

The two landed at the arena, with the Fake Star still there.

"Man, you need to keep your anger in check..." Yoshi said.

Mario ignored Yoshi and grabbed the Star. The Launch Star appeared.

"Well, were off then! To the Beach Bowl Galaxy!" Yoshi said cheerfully.

Mario sighed, then said "Let's-a go!" before jumping into the Launch Star.

Yoshi did the same, and the two were blasted into space...