7th period can't seem to go any slower. This is usually the case when you're looking forward to something. Today is day 1 of mine and Edward's weekend-long date, with just the two of us. However, he's decided to keep me in the dark about where we're going. Still, I'm really excited. Alice packed my bags for me, since I am oblivious to the plans. All I know is that we're leaving right after school, and we won't get back until Sunday night.

Right now Edward and I had our desks shoved together as close as physically possible in the very back of the dark Chemistry room, as far away from prying eyes as we could get, pretending to pay attention to the video being played. The teacher, Mrs. Carter, seemed to be dozing off at her desk.

"Why can't you tell me where we're going?" I asked for the millionth time today. He chuckled. "Curiosity killed the cat, you know?" I stubbornly stuck out my bottom lip, pouting. "Bella…" he groaned. I smiled. He was a sucker for my sad face. He leaned in close to me, his face inches from mine, his eyes smoldering. My heart rate picked up speed, and I could feel several pairs of eyes on us. "Because, I want to surprise you, love. Since when is surprising your girlfriend a crime?" His mouth spread into that dazzling crooked smile, and I was temporarily paralyzed. He leaned in even closer. I was dazzled, which was probably his plan, to make me forget my question. Dang gorgeous vampire. "Breathe, Bella," he whispered. I sucked in a big breath, only to have it knocked out of me again when he closed the distance between our lips, with a soft, sweet kiss. The classroom around us melted away, and we were in our own world.

"CULLEN, SWAN! Come here this instant!" the teacher's screechy voice yelled, bringing us back to reality, and making me jump a foot in the air out of surprise. I was now fully aware that everyone in the room had been watching us. A furious blush spread across my cheeks. Edward looked at me sheepishly. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." I smiled just as timidly. "I didn't mind." We got out of our chairs and walked to the front of the room, where her desk was. The walked seemed very long, since everyone in the room was watching us intently, the movie completely forgotten. Someone even got up and turned on the lights. I heard a wolf-whistle as we passed someone. I turned around to see Tyler Crowley staring at my butt, and nodding appreciatively. Appalled, I turned back around and saw Edward glaring at him. If only looks could kill. Finally we reached her desk. "You wanted to see us, Mrs. Carter?" Edward asked smoothly. "Yes. You two are in trouble. This fooling around in my classroom cannot continue! You two deserve punishment for this. Just because you th-" "Mrs. Carter," Edward cut her off. "I'm terribly sorry for upsetting you, however I don't think that punishment is the right option. Could we please take your warning to heart and try to improve our conduct?" Wow. I would never be able to talk us out of detention that well. I guess 100 years of practice helps. Mrs. Carter looked caught off guard, probably trying to decide wheter to believe him or not. "Well, Mr. Cullen, I appreciate the apology, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to give you two detention this afternoon. "But Mrs. Carter! That's not fair!" I blurted out. If we had detention, how could we go on our date? Edward put a soothing arm around my waist. Mrs. Carter scowled at us. I must have made her angry. "It is pretty darn fair if you ask me. Detention today afterschool. No questions. Now go sit down and pay atten-" The bell rang, interrupting her. "Come on," Edward whispered to me. We gathered our books and left the classroom to go to lunch.

Edward and I took a seat at my friends' table, which was occupied by Jessica, Mike, Angela, Ben, Connor, and Lauren, though Lauren isn't included in the 'friend' category. I turned to Edward, ignoring Mike's greeting. "What are we going to do?" His brow creased, he didn't reply. After a few seconds a mischevious grin spread on his face. "Don't worry - I have a plan."