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Prologue - BPOV

I was sitting in the audience waiting for the moment that my life may change forever. All of the hard work we've put in over the last year will finally give us the biggest payoff of our lives.

It's not like we planned any of this when we first started fooling around in the garage with our instruments while in grade school. My mom made sure my brother and I knew how to play at least one instrument when we were kids. Who would have thought that we'd put that particular hobby into good use as adults. Emmett, my brother, plays the drums just as enthusiastically as he did when he was twelve years old. He always acted like he was a rock star even when we would play for all of our junior high friends. The girls would always giggle when he would wink at them while going through his solos. I, on the other hand, play the guitar and keyboards. We couldn't find an acceptable voice to go along with our music so I also ended up being the lead singer. We made Emmett's friend Tyler join our band and play the bass. He wasn't what you would call musically gifted but we taught him the basics and he could at least carry a tune. We used to play cover tunes from Pat Benetar, Joan Jett, and Lita Ford but it was just for fun. Once high school hit, we wanted to get a little more out of music so we started toying with our own music and lyrics. We had some pretty good music written but that kind of got put on hiatus when Emmett left for college a year before me. I continued to write and play but didn't really expect to have anything beyond the occasional jam session with my brother.

It wasn't until Emmett and I were both in college at the University of Washington that we decided to continue where we left off and play our own stuff. Unfortunately, Tyler went to UCLA after graduation so we needed to find a new bassist and possibly another guitar player. We started scouring the classifieds looking for musicians that we could recruit to join our band. We lucked out when I found a flyer hanging up in the student union building advertising a live acoustical show down at one of the local college bars. Emmett and I decided to check it out and are we ever glad that we did. We found the final missing pieces of our band that night, Alec Rogers and Quil Matthews. Alec is one of the best guitar players that I've ever heard and Quil plays the bass like he was born with one in his hands. They were a little hesitant to join us when they found out that I was the lead singer. That went out the window once they came over and heard a couple of songs that Emmett and I had put together. They both smiled the biggest smiles like they had struck gold and asked when they could bring their instruments over. We all clicked immediately and decided that we'd all rent a house together after my freshmen year to keep up with writing and practicing. Emmett and Alec were a year ahead of Quil and I but they were both taking less classes so that we could graduate together, the four of us, Crimson Eyes. We started playing at small campus parties as well as various music events around the area and soon had a pretty good following. We were becoming pretty well known for our original music and soon we were getting calls from bars all around the city asking us to play. Even though music was a big part of our lives through college, we all agreed that we needed to keep up with our studies and graduate before we attempted a music career. So that's what we did. Emmett got his degree in Communication while Alec's is in Music with a teaching degree to go along with it. Quil graduated with a degree in Computer Science and I received mine in Comparative Literature with a minor in Drama. We thought the drama addition would help me with our stage presence. All of our majors centered around the band in the hopes we would make it big someday.

My best friend, Alice Brandon is always telling us that we're going to be known all over the world. I met her during one of my drama classes when she was working on designing the costumes we were going to wear for one of the plays. She was majoring in Photography but was taking Drama so she could fulfill her need to design clothes. She moved in with us during my Junior year since we had a spare bedroom and has been designing our, or should I say my, outfits for gig's ever since. Not only does she handle my clothes, but she is my own personal make-up and hair stylist. I've tried to tell her that she doesn't have to do these things for me but she insists. She also puts together posters, t-shirts, and all of the other marketing devices needed to get our name out there. I don't know what I would do without her and I promised that if we did make it in the music industry, she would be a part of it. After all, she is one of us even if she's not up on the stage with us. Alice also takes care of the behind-the-scenes stuff such as scheduling gigs and making sure we all have everything we need. She's probably the most organized person I've ever met in my life.

Now as I look to my right, I see Emmett, Alec, Quil, and Alice watching the events folding out in front of us on the most elaborate stage I've ever seen. Who would have thought that we'd receive a Grammy nomination for best rock band of the year six months after our debut album was released. It's like a dream come true. I feel like I keep waiting for the bubble to burst that will wake me up.

It's been a whirlwind since the first day that we walked into Vamp Records and they offered us a record deal. We were able to put an entire album together in four months that went platinum within the first 60 days of release. Due to the fact that we were so new in the industry, it was decided that we would make several music videos and go on as many TV shows as possible as the musical guest. Cauis, the music executive that was in charge of finding new talent at Vamp Records said they wanted to see how we were doing in the charts before they sent us on tour. I guess that's probably a good thing since we have spent a lot of time traveling from coast to coast for special appearances. I'm guessing that the tour thing will be decided after tonight.

I was broken from my thought's by Alice kicking my foot and pointing toward the stage. I held my breath as they went through all of the bands up for the award:

Breaking Dawn - So Cold

Fire & Ice - Get Up

Black Coven - You're the One

Crimson Eyes - Fully Alive

"and the Grammy winner for this year's Best Rock Band is……."


Prologue - EPOV

I can't believe she made me late for one of the biggest nights in music. I should have said no, but what else could I do when I found her naked lying in my bed. It's not like I needed to be here for all of the pre-show hype. This isn't the first time we've won a Grammy so I don't think it will be earth shattering that I missed half of the show. I'm sure the guys are already there waiting in the audience while they go through all of the boring stuff. It pisses me off that they wait until the very end of the show to announce the year's Best Rock Band anyways. Like I want to sit through all of the live performances just so I can mentally rip apart the music and lyrics of all of the performers. We are the best band out there right now and I have no doubt that tonight will only confirm that. Aro will have to give us more say on the next tour when we pull this off tonight. I mean, there's really no competition this year anyways. Fire & Ice and Black Coven are okay but they sound like all of the other rock bands out there with their cookie cutter music and lyrics. The other band, Crimson Eyes, would be great if they didn't have that bitch, Bella Swan, fronting them. Just thinking her name makes me cringe. If she wasn't so cold they may have stood a chance tonight.

I remember the one and only time I spoke to her about a year ago. I was walking out of Aro's office and ran into her in the hallway. I thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen aside from the jolt of electricity that flowed through my body when our bodies came into direct contact with each other. That was until she opened her mouth.


"What the Fuck!" She tried to yell but only came out as a breathless squeak.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there. May be I could make it up to you." I asked her in a hopeful way.

"No, I don't think so." She practically glared.

"Why not? I thought all you groupies couldn't wait to get into my pants" I replied as I went to grab her ass cheek.

"I'm sure that's what you think, but not in your wildest fantasies" she said as she leaned toward me and slapped me across the face before storming off.

It wasn't until I walked in the same direction and ran into a whole group of people outside of Aro's office that I found out who she was. Aro immediately grabbed me by the arm and introduced me to everyone standing there.

"Edward, I'd like you to meet the next big act signed by Vamp Records. This is Emmett Swan, Alec Rogers, Quil Matthews, and Bella Swan otherwise known as Crimson Eyes." They all looked at me like they were in shock except for Bella, she looked at me with hatred in her eyes.

"Hey guys!" I purposely ignored the fact that a woman was standing there.

"This is Edward Cullen, lead singer for Breaking Dawn." Aro announced with pride in his voice.

"Dude, it's good to meet you." The big guy Aro introduced as Emmett said. "We really like your music, especially Bella here."

I turned and smirked at her only to be met with a look of absolute disgust. I couldn't help but give her my signature crooked grin. I could get anything I wanted from a woman when I used it and I really wanted Bella to give me something more than glares.

When she looked away from me, I turned and talked with the other guys for a few minutes before they headed into Aro's office.

"Edward" Aro spoke to me before walking off, "Let Rosalie know that I'll be calling her later today to set up some studio time for your new album"

"I'll let her know as soon as I leave here" I answered without looking at him.

Bella was the last one to head towards the office so I took yet another opportunity to talk to her. I walked up and whispered in her ear, "Maybe we could start over and you come over to my place later. We could get naked and play Guitar Hero all night long."

"What the fuck is wrong with you? Do I look like I'm even remotely interested in hanging out with you let alone have sex with you.?" She snapped.

"Well, yes!" I smirked at her yet again.

"Fuck off Cullen! You would have to be the last man on earth before I'd even consider it. Then again, I don't even think then" She smirked back at me as she walked away.

I stood there dumbfounded for a few minutes and stalked off to call my manager, Rosalie Hale. I can't believe I got turned down by a woman. That shit NEVER happens, let alone by a groupie or back-up singer or whatever she does for those guys. I decided to shrug it off and forget all about Bella Swan. She was obviously not worth a second thought especially with her bitchy attitude.

It was easy to forget about her until I started seeing pictures of Crimson Eyes all over Vamp Record's building with her standing front and center. I can't believe those guys would put a groupie in their publicity photos with them. Their CD was just released that week so I decided to check it. I went down to the Vamp Records store located on the first floor of the building and immediately found a large display set-up with all things Crimson Eyes. I couldn't believe Aro was putting this kind of publicity in an unknown band. He hasn't tried to hype up a new band since Breaking Dawn debuted our first album a few years ago. As soon as I got out to my car, I put the CD in and pressed play. The music started and I couldn't believe how awesome it sounded. I was contemplating on who would start singing, that Alec guy or Quil guy when I heard the most sultry female voice bellowing out the lyrics. I pulled the car over and pulled open the CD case to look at the band members names and there it was.

Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Keyboards - Bella Swan

Lead Guitar, Vocals - Alec Rogers

Bass Guitar - Quil Matthews

Drums and Percussion - Emmett Swan

No wonder Aro was putting a lot of money into promoting them. They were really good, so good that I would definitely put them in the same category as Breaking Dawn. That was until I heard an interview with Crimson Eyes and the question came up about how Vamp Records had two of the largest bands in the country working for them and how they were able to compete with Breaking Dawn's record sales. Bella opened her mouth up and said she had met me and knew what type of music lovers we were trying to go for. When they asked her to expand on that comment, she stated "Let's just say that I don't think females will be following me around waiting for me to proposition them." and the giggled. I couldn't believe she said that, let alone in a public interview. I was pissed to say the least and Aro wasn't helping matters. He said she could have said a lot worse considering the reputation I had for banging blonde bimbos. He didn't even reprimand her for those comments but instead used it to sell more of Crimson Eyes records. At that point, I decided that Breaking Dawn wouldn't let Crimson Eyes outdo us in any way and Bella Swan could go to hell.

I made my way to the Staples Center and pulled up to the Valet's station. As soon as I got out of the car and handed my keys to the attendant, I ran through the building. Once I entered the double doors and realized they were in the middle of a commercial break, I looked for my seat. Sure enough, the whole band was there with one empty seat located on the end of the aisle. I walked down the aisle way and said in a sarcastic tone, "Is this seat taken?"

"Asshole, you're late", Jasper smirked at me.

"I know, all I'm going to say is T-A-N-Y-A" I looked at him apologetically.

"Do you think it's a good idea to keep her around? She's got crazy stalker tendencies and frankly that makes me a little nervous" he gave me a look of mock horror.

"She knows I'm not interested in any kind of relationship with her. I've told her that this is the prime of my career" I said sternly.

"Well if she's okay with that, then more power to you" he said as the lights went down to signify the end of the commercial break.

The next hour seemed to drag on for what seemed like an eternity. I looked over at the guys on my right and couldn't believe how nerved up they looked, well except for Jasper. Jacob's leg was bobbing up and down like he was waiting to get reprimanded in the principles office for mooning the cheerleading squad, which he has done before I might add. Sam is sitting there looking like it's the first time he's ever been a part of a large crowd even though we've played concerts to larger crowds than this. We've all been friends since high school when we decided to put a band together. I play the guitar, sing lead vocals, and play the keyboard. Jasper Hale is the lead guitarist and my best friend. Jacob Black plays the drums and Sam Uley is the bassist. I couldn't imagine not having these guys around on a daily basis. We've been through everything together since we were all fifteen years old. We were all there when Jacob's mom was killed in a car accident, when Sam found out that he was adopted because his birth mother was a single sixteen year old, when Jasper wrecked his dad's car and broke his leg, and when I got busted for underage drinking and drug possession freshmen year of college. These guys are a big part of my life and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for any of them. Jacob and Sam didn't go to college with Jasper and I at the Seattle Pacific University but we all spent every weekend together jamming together or playing weekend gigs. After four years, I graduated with a degree in Music with a minor in Writing. Jasper now held a degree in psychology which we never forget because he's always trying to bestow his wisdom and advice on us all. Right after graduation, we were signed with Vamp Records and as they say, the rest is history.

The really ironic thing is, Crimson Eyes is also from the Seattle area even though I had never heard of them before that wonderful "first meeting". Jacob had seen them play at one of our old hangouts during a weekend trip home to see his father. He kept going on and on about their hot lead singer and how she was a rock goddess. Jasper, Sam, and I got so tired of hearing about her that we told him to put a fucking sock in it and not to mention her again or we were going to cut his balls off. That worked like a charm and we didn't hear about her again until the four of us ran into them between recording sessions about eight months ago. It seemed that they were recording their debut album at the same time we were recording our second. Jacob took one look at Bella and that was all she wrote. Rock Goddess now had a name and if I couldn't stand to hear about her before that, then I definitely couldn't stand to hear about her now, Bella Swan. Jasper could sense how the very mention of her name would make me cringe inside, but after the famous "Bella bashes Edward" interview, I was much more vocal about my dislike of her and made it very clear to those around me. Needless to say, nobody talked about Crimson Eyes in my presence and we all worked to make sure we stayed on top of Vamp Records list.

Jasper nudged my arm as they were announcing this year's nominee's. They started playing clips from all four of the bands in the category.

Breaking Dawn - So Cold

Fire & Ice - Get Up

Black Coven - You're the One

Crimson Eyes - Fully Alive

"and the Grammy winner for this year's Best Rock Band is……."


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If you're wondering about the songs from Breaking Dawn and Crimson Eyes the following bands were referenced:

So Cold - Breaking Benjamin

Fully Alive - Flyleaf

Breaking Dawn's music throughout the story will be from bands like Breaking Benjamin, Bullet for my Valentine, Three Days Grace, and Mudvayne.

Crimson Eye's music throughout the story will be from bands like Flyleaf, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence, and In This Moment.