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"Tell me you're not fuckin' serious right now."

"B-but I am Hichi-kun!" Orihime's bottom lip stuck out as she frowned cutely.

"No way. No how. Not in a million years," he glared dangerously at her, "You ever bring this up again I'll take you right then, no matter where the fuck we are."

"But Hichi-kun! You would look so adorable as Frost-san!" she insisted. Realizing her mistake as soon as the words left her mouth, her face fell and her heart repeatedly rammed against her heaving chest as she stammered her apology, "I-I'm sorry, H-hichi-kun! I didn't mean…"

But it was too late, the hard glint was already in his eye and his lips were already curving into his trademark sadistic grin.

He grabbed her arm, stopping them both in their tracks as the other shoppers moved swiftly past them, some mumbling words of irritation as they moved around the couple.

Orihime's eyes widened in horror as they darted from his sadistic face to their bustling surroundings, "N-not here, Hichi! Not in the mall! You can't be serious right now!" she almost shrieked in panic as she echoed the words of her…well…whatever he was.

His fingers dug into her arm and he slapped his other hand on her bottom effectively ramming her into his body, "Very serious."

The shoppers that were close enough to see what was happening had a variety of reactions; some gasped, some quickened their pace and nervously moved on trying to act as if nothing was happening, some slowed their pace and snickered while hoping to catch a glimpse of some action, a mother pressed her hand over her child's eyes and glaringly clickety-clacked her heels in escape, and a small gaggle of teenage girls giggled and peeked as they rushed past.

Orihime observed all of it in a rising horror that swiftly peaked at his next words, "Right here in the middle of all these fuckin' losers." One hand squeezed a buttock while the other snaked over her breast just to prove his point.

Mortification, desperation, panic, lust. They all washed over her in one overwhelming wave. Tears pricked at her eyes and she squeezed them shut. He loved it when she cried. It would only spur him on. She would not cry.

Frantically she wracked her brain for a way to get him to stop. Because she knew he would do what he had threatened. He didn't give a rat's ass about what people thought, about him or her.

Her shining eyes looked back regretfully at the North Pole window display that had prompted the whole mess. A Jack Frost stood in the middle of the fake snow, its white hair blown back and frozen in place. Crystals hung from its eyebrows and it was dressed in a glittering white and blue suit. She had thought it would be so cute to dress Hichigo up as Jack Frost and was so excited and proud of her idea. Now all she wanted to do was burrow into the shiny tiled floor, never to return.

Her eyes shifted to look over the albino's shoulder as he leaned down and bit down hard on her ear. She yelped, half in pain and half in triumph.

Thinking fast she placed her hands on his hard chest and shoved with all her strength. The hand holding her bottom took her with him and they both tumbled into the dimly lit hallway.

His back slammed into the wall and after shaking off the initial surprise he smilingly scowled at her, "Glad to see ya finally ownin' up to how bad ya want me, Queeny, but I'll be the one shovin' people into walls."

She cried out when her head banged against the concrete wall and bit her lip as his hand viciously grabbed her naked thigh and threw it around his waist. She glanced towards the entrance to the hallway, "No! Hichigo! Stop! They're watching us!"

In response he chomped down on the shoulder that he'd bared and shoved a hand under her skirt and slid it into her silky panties. "Let them," he growled into her ear.

She closed her eyes as dread opened a bottomless pit inside of her and she turned her face away from the growing group of peeping Toms. Wasn't she supposed to stop him? But she was quickly slipping away from rational thinking as his fingers moved roughly against her.

His hand slid up her sweater and dug its nails into her breast. He swallowed her scream and started to lift her top off, but then stopped when he remembered their audience. He might let the humans see him fuck her, but no fuckin' way was he gonna let them see what was only his to see.

He moved his hand back to his pants, quickly took himself out and readied against her soaking entrance, her panties shoved to the side. Right then her hands went to his shoulders to stop him, but it was too late.

She groaned and screamed when he shoved himself inside her over and over again. She tried to push him away, but soon forgot everything and shoved her fingers into his pale hair, yanking hard as he drew blood from her neck.

They both came quickly and violently and as soon as she could see the wide-eyed spectators through the hazy stars in front of her eyes, she clung to her assaulter and buried her red face in his chest.

He snickered into her hair, "Still think I'm so adorable, Queeny?"

She opened her mouth quickly to say 'no,' but then again, they had never had sex that felt quite like that before…and she kind of wanted to do it again. So obeying the newly tightened coil in her belly she let out a very small, "Yes."

Hichigo's eyebrows shot up and then he instantly stiffened inside of her when he realized what she was doing and grinned lustfully, "Good answer." But before he sank his teeth into her covered breast he sent a snarling glare at the pot-bellied security officer who had broken through to the hallway entrance. The poor man stumbled backwards in quaking fear and was swallowed by the eager crowd behind him.




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