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What was it about her?

Gold and black eyes narrowed as they observed the auburn headed girl flouncing about the kitchen, creating some new shit dish from hell. Sitting at the kitchen table, he sighed and rested his chin on his hand.

Why did he keep going back for more? Even when she screamed for the demoted King, he kept going back to her. Why?

He leaned back in the chair, tipping it and balancing it on one leg as he crossed his sinewy arms over his chest. Orihime bent over to peer into the oven and magnanimously gave him a perfect view of her ass. Was it the ass? It was a hell of an ass… He loved digging his fingers into the flesh as she rode him – or rather when he made her ride him.

She popped up and whirled around, glancing at him with those big eyes of hers and giving him a nervous smile before she turned back to her growing collection of used bowls and spoons. Well it definitely wasn't her smile because it irritated him more than he'd ever admit that she never gave him that smile. The smile what's-his-face had always gotten.

The oven buzzer went off, slicing through the thick silence in the small kitchen. He watched her quickly stumble towards it, donning her oversized pig-faced oven mitts, and pull out her latest culinary catastrophe. She practically danced to the table and set the casserole dish down in the middle of the table. He glared at it. Green…yellow…red…purple… Those colors really shouldn't be mixed together in food. Her cooking should be driving him away, not pulling him in. So that wasn't it.

His nose wrinkled as she set a filled plate in front of him. Occasionally her concoctions were surprisingly good, but usually not… He glanced up at Orihime who was anxiously wringing her pink pig faces. Swallowing hard, he grabbed the fork next to him and bunched his muscles in preparation.

What was it about her that always made him eat her food? It was damn irritating. He didn't hesitate to tell her if it was crap, but he always tasted it. Dammit.

He plunged the silver tines into the suspicious medley and brought a chunk to his mouth. Chewing. Eyebrows raising. Hmm…

"Well whaddya know. It's fuckin' good for once." She grinned happily and shucked off her mitts, plopping down into the chair next to him. That smile was better, but it still wasn't that smile. Tch. Whatever…

After he engulfed his portion he looked back up at her as she ate, studying her. Maybe it was her fear of him that he liked… No, that wasn't it. Any fear of him she'd had was long gone. Now she was just frustrated and angry and cautious. And never happy.

Maybe he liked the power he had over her fragile body. Or maybe he admired her unexpected strength, her compassion, her ability to surprise him every time she opened her mouth… Aw shit. What the hell was going on in his head? Almost sounded like the Horse was waking up again.

He glared at her hair. Her lowered eyes. Her delicate nose. Her soft lips. Her pale neck riddled with red markings. Her breasts. Her – Wait! That's it! It's gotta be the breasts.

He cocked his head to the side, narrowing his eyes and studying them curiously. They were impressive. But then again… Honestly, he could have several women with equally nice breasts. Even bigger ones. Smaller ones. Why, he could probably find a triple-breasted woman somewhere in the twelfth division. He could have a different woman every night. So why the hell did he keep coming back to this ridiculous creature?

Why had she been the catalyst that had strengthened him to knock the former King off his back?

Maybe they had some kind of magical, voodoo powers. Hmm… Almost absentmindedly he extended his finger, reached out towards her chest, and poked the side of her boob. Orihime jumped and squeaked, her fork clattering to the floor.


He lifted his eyes briefly to her face before returning to the more interesting part of her anatomy. And poked it again, this time in the middle and this time causing her to scoot her chair back. "Hichigo-kun, wh-what are you doing??"

He didn't answer as he simply stood up, his chair legs scraping back against the floor. She squeaked again as he picked her up by the waist, setting her bottom down on the counter behind her. With a deep scowl on his face he grabbed her breasts with both hands and squeezed.

Orihime had no idea what to think as he poked and prodded and squeezed in a way that, for once, wasn't sexual. What was going on? Everything he did was about either sex or fighting. This calm study of her was disconcerting…not to mention causing a begrudged heat to lazily curl inside her abdomen.

Hichigo was equally as baffled. He was going to find out what made her so fucking special if it was the last thing he did. Suddenly he whipped the shirt up and over her head, tore the bra off in frustration, and scowled at the two breasts staring back at him. Dammit. He could feel his arousal coming fast, but this was not the time for that!

He roughly grasped her bare breasts in his hands and ran the pads of his thumbs over her nipples. She gasped and her face scrunched up in resistance. A sinister smirk replaced his studious expression. There she was getting all hot and bothered and he hadn't even been trying…

He bent down for some mouth-to-breast examination and grinned at the groan she unsuccessfully fought against. He'd eventually figure this all out. But who said he couldn't have fun while he was doing it?