Christmas Paint

By C.D. Dieterly

Aka: PeechTao

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Chapter 20

"Blatent Lies and the Finale"

"How is it we have come to this?" Obi-Wan mused aloud. He was sitting in an arm chair in the library, his legs draped over one arm rest as his head lolled off the other. He spoke to no one in particular. For in truth he was quite alone. The library had been deserted these four hours now as the Christmas night wore on to the day after. It was already four in the morning of the 26th of the month and Obi-Wan could no more sleep then find solace in his borrowed bed. So he found himself instead sitting alone in the library, reflecting over the course of the day.

Surely breakfast had gone remarkably well, and the stockings opened with care by the glow of the Christmas tree. Taka found hardly any pleasure in his own gift unwrapping knowing that Mace was there to converse with instead. Aami sat at his elbow in her shimmersilk gown, looking simply rapturous.

Obi-Wan held his gift from his Master now carefully in his pocket. There it remained since opening it earlier. But something more pressing weighed on his mind then this now. And it was the appearance of Master Windu that sealed it.

It had been ticking in the back of Kenobi's mind ever since the conversation with Marshall in silent whispers days (was it only days?) ago. It involved Taka Nashat, and the small moon just a system away that held the answer to his previous life. The name of the moon: Entiok. A short hop from the Ion war as it orbited the same planetary body.

Obi-Wan sighed in his chair. He knew Entiok well. He and Taka had been to the place on a mission once some years before. It was a worthy place to hold the Hell Hole that had been Taka's prison for so long. Obi-Wan knew the moment Mace Windu walked through the door that he had an ulterior motive. After the Christmas festivities were over, they were going after Taka's hidden base. Regardless of what had happened to Marshall and Arkayum, they were going nonetheless. Mace, Taka, Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, and Marshall at the very least. Perhaps more. Uni-Vit would mostly likely pilot them.

Obi-Wan rubbed his face, remember the look in Nashat's eyes when Mace told him about finding the base. The eyes, accusingly black orbs that pierced through souls at the mere thought to do so. He looked betrayed, and then, he looked hopeful at the same moment. Could all of his claims about his horrific past at last be validated?

The apprentice adjusted in the armchair, staring up into the deep black sky out the window dotted in white and red and blue. He watched the streaks of space liners and shuttles swirl by the night sky and thought about all that occurred in so short a time. He and his Master were sure to be on another mystery in no time. And perhaps, at last, his dealing with Nashat may be over.


Obi-Wan sat up in his chair to see his Master approaching.

"Yes, here I am."

Qui-Gon approached and stood beside him. "Do you know the hour? What's keeping you up so?"

"Thinking." He replied.

"Thinking? Of what? You should have been asleep long ago."

Obi-Wan shrugged apologetically. He didn't want to disturb the others with his midnight musings. Already he had woken Veiss up countless times the last few nights, but with his little setar to worry about, Veiss remained (at least in appearance) asleep as Obi-Wan snuck by him and down the stairs. Apparently that wasn't enough for his Master who was now standing over him with a look of sleeplessness.

"I didn't mean to wake you." The Padawan continued. "I just wanted to come sort some things out is all. I couldn't sleep."

The Master looked down at him for a long time. Then he drew a chair from the corner, dragged it over and sat splayed across it beside his apprentice. Obi-Wan held a smile inward.

"Are you worried about Entiok?"

As usual Qui-Gon could cut right to the heart of a matter.

"Yes, a little." Obi-Wan answered. "Taka deserves his answers. And he can't go alone. After what happened to Arkayum and Marshall I would agree."

The master gave him a strange look, then a suddenness of realization washed over him. He whistled through his teeth. "Well, well. So that's what got those two in trouble. At least Marshall told a half truth. They were near Ion."

Obi-Wan sat straight and floundered his words some. "I shouldn't have told you. I'm sorry, I thought you knew for some reason. Don't tell Marshall."

Qui-Gon steadied him with a swift gesture. "Easy. I wouldn't say anything. But I am glad you told me. It proves how dangerous this next mission will be. Mace has already proposed the idea of a scouting party to Master Tco-Sida, I overheard it this afternoon though I am sure my father has been working this whole time for that move precisely. Whether or not Mace knows it."

"I think that's the first time you called Tco-Sida your father."

The Master seemed surprised. Then a smile drew across his face as he gave some thought to the notion. A small nod proceeded it. "You know. I think you are right."

They laughed about that for a moment together as the tendrils of Christmas spirit again took over their hearts and minds. Leaving the thoughts of the next adventure behind them, the two looked up through the tall windows to the streaming stars and planets dotting the clear sky. Qui-Gon pointed out the random stars and constellations that came from his memory. And a few that may have been blatant lies such as Hoggert the Hoth and Flatulence the Farihd. Obi-Wan countered with his own Starburst the Sith and Happy the Haggard Male Wandering Hewtorn Wippet. They celebrated the morning as the others slept. Dreams full of future adventures filled the home from the radiance of the Christmas tree to the expanse of the kitchen table, up the stairs and through the bedrooms. The spirit was a dancing one. One full of possibilities and excitement.

And as Obi-Wan began to feel the draw of sleep, scrunched against the window and flung sideways in an arm chair, his hand searched his robe for the small gift from his Master. It was a cube, just able to fit into the smallest pocket of his robe. He held it between his thumb and forefinger and pressed into the slight depressions on two of its sides. An image sprung to life and cast a hue of blue across his face. It was the entire Jinn clan. Soaked to their boots in mud and mayhem and stretched across a war torn field. The somewhat clean Tco-Sida and Calypso knelt in front. The rest of the Jinn boys gathered around behind them. Each smile was bright and youthful. As if the world would never change so long as they were together. Obi-Wan rotated the cube and an image of his Master and Marshall appeared. Both nearly imperceptibly different. Except Marshall was holding a martini glass. Or perhaps it was Qui-Gon attempting to trick him. The cube turned again and Aami's face lit the surface. Her eyes were lovingly set. Her body draped in her shimmersilk gown. Taka stood behind her, his face resting on her shoulder with his arms wrapped around her frame. It was a silent letter to Kenobi alone. Aami knew he had caught them. She knew almost everything. Obi-Wan wondered how long it would be before she left the Jedi to run away with Nashat. He wouldn't be surprised when she did. Another turn brought up the Jinn parents. And in some ways, he thought, they were his parents too.

Kenobi drifted to sleep. The image of Tco-Sida and Calypso flickering in his lap. Qui-Gon would eventually get up and draped a blanket over the boy before falling asleep beside him.

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