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I watched as Bella and Edward walked into the house hand and hand, Bella still oblivious to the fact that Edward was 108 years old today. This, if being honest, was quite saddening to the mother.

He looked over at me with a comforting glance, but a warning look mixed in there. He didn't want Bella to know, because he was sure she'd go out of her way to celebrate it. But I wanted her to know. It would be sweet for her to give him something for his birthday. We always gave him something, even if it was small. And, we need one more person for this years present.

That's why I need Bella.

Edward looked back over to me and sighed in defeat. "Bella, dear, Esme wants to talk to you." I was shocked to hear he was giving up. Usually, no one won any fight with him. Not even Carlisle.

Bella looked confused but came over. "Yes, Esme?"

I waited until Edward was in his room until I told her. "Today is Edward's birthday, and we need help in his present. We want you to write something to him." I whispered; just low enough that he had no hope of hearing.

Bella smiled and nodded in agreement. Let the writing begin.

Three hours later…

We were all gathered in the living room, Bella on Edward's lap, whom was sitting on the couch. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle, and myself all on the floor around it.

"Okay, what did you guys get me?" Edward asked warily.

Bella smiled and looked down. "I wrote you something." She said shyly. Edward's eyes widened in surprise at the thought of Bella writing something.

"Um…here you go. Please don't read it out loud." Bella begged.

Edward nodded his head and read it. He smiled and looked like the happiest man alive. He then kissed her and she kissed back.

After a few minutes of it, Carlisle cleared his throat. "Sorry." They said in unison.

We all gave him our presents then. Alice and Jasper gave him a CD from the fifties, since he loved fifties music, and Emmett gave him a book published on his birthday. Rosalie's was no doubt his second favorite present, because she gave him a new car. But, of course, he got to keep his Volvo. Carlisle and I gave him an I-pod with a fifty dollar I-Tunes gift card.

After all the presents were handed out and we played a few games, Bella got tired and was ready to go home.

Everybody departed to their rooms then and I stayed behind to clean up the room.

While I was cleaning, I saw a piece of paper and realized it was Bella's poem to Edward. I read it.

Your hair is messy, but cute.

Your words our old, but lovely.

Your eyes are unusual, but beautiful.

Your body is skinny, but strong.

Your arms are cold, but warm at night.

Your life is long, but amazing.

Your stories are sad, but humorous.

Your attitude is ancient, but modern.

You are perfect and nothing can change that.

Edward Anthony Masen Cullen…

I love you.

If I could cry, I would be balling right now. I never knew Bella had it in her.

I heard a laugh from the doorway and was surprised to see Edward standing there.

"I was coming by to get that. You like it?"

I smiled and nodded. He laughed again and hugged me. "Thank you." He murmured.

I was confused. "Why?"

"For being a great mother and never giving up on me." He responded. "I love you."

I hugged him tighter and thought, I love you more, son.

And, he said from then on, that that was the best birthday ever.