L'Angelo Della Morte.

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In this story, her scent doesn't change and she smell doubly enticing to vampires. Also, vampire venom marks and scars her. Unique ability here. :-)

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They were the scourge of the earth.

Killing innocents left and right for some sadistic pleasure.

Draining them dry of their blood.

Sometimes they would even torture and play with their "meal" before they killed them.

They were not worthy of tainting the air with their breathing.

Yet they always ask why I hunt them down right before I kill them.

That always makes me laugh before I burn them to ashes.

It's because that's who I am. Isabella Marie Swan. Vampire Hunter.


Chapter One.

I was born a killer. Literally. Ripping out of my mother's stomach killed her. Yet she loved me. Her dying words were, "Honey, I love you." She said that right after she named me. Then she was taken away from me, finally resting, hopefully up in heaven where she belongs.

Though my heart was full of love for her, I still killed her. Sometimes, I wondered whether that was all I could do. It was so hard to tear myself away from her freshly bleeding corpse, but even with my young mind, I knew it was wrong to drink from her.

Even at a young age, I felt the need to kill. I had the near uncontrollable urge to destroy. There was a primal feeling within me that called upon the slaughter of defenceless townspeople. To suck them dry. All this murder and death, just to quench the unending burning in my throat.

Luckily for me, there were no villages or people near where I was born. My mother was smart to give birth to me so far out from the reaches of humanity. At this point, I was still fairly clueless to who I was.

Like any newborn child, I was not strong. Although I was smarter and stronger than the average young child, all I could do was cry. I'm ashamed to admit that I had to crawl away from my mother's body. I didn't even try to bury her.

There was no one explaining what I was. I knew my name. My mother crooned stories to me, which I heard dutifully in the womb, but there was no more information I could use. Somehow, I saw blurry pictures and I realised early that they were memories or thoughts from her mind. She showed me the world and it was beautiful. However, she deserved the beauty, not I, yet I was the one that survived.

Before I could get too far, I was enveloped into a cold embrace, which made me squeal. I was young and afraid. Looking up, I saw a pale man who was somehow vaguely familiar to me. His eyes were as red as fire and he had hair as black as shadows. Ice cold skin that was somehow a pale tanned colour. The stranger was frightening and yet kin to me.

Not many people can say they remember seeing their father for the first time. I could.

But it would be a while before he explained that and so much more.


Several times, I tried squirming out of his grip, but to no avail. He was so much stronger than me. Grunting, I kicked him in the chest. All that I seemed to do was make him flinch. Otherwise, he didn't break from his incredibly fast paced stride. My heartbeat was going super fast, but in a strange way, I wasn't afraid of the speed. I revelled in it.

We only stopped when we reached a cave. Inside we went, and I soon found out that looks were deceiving. It looked nothing like a cave from the insides. There were signs of additional comfort everywhere. Scowling, and terribly confused, I looked at the person who brought me here.

That was when he began to explain everything.

Several times, I felt the gag reflex threaten to cause my empty stomach to heave out bile. Or at least, what I thought resembled bile.

He was a vampire. The disgusting monster drank human blood. And the devil himself was my father.

Now that my eyes were opened to the revelation, I could tell that there were similarities between us. The brow line, our noses and even my bone structure seemed to be taken from him. All of a sudden, I felt dirtier than anything. Even before, when I was covered in dirt and blood, I felt cleaner than I did now. But I knew no amount of scrubbing would get me clean.

A small part of my brain was happy to note that I had inherited traits from my mother. The brown curly hair and the brown eyes, I had been all from her genes. I was not pure evil.

The man – I hated to think of him as my father in any sense of the word – explained what a vampire was in such a monotone, like it didn't matter. After that disgusting, yet informative speech, he explained how he wanted to create a new breed.

Apparently he seduced my mother with the intents of creating me. What was possibly worse was the knowledge that he went through this procedure several times, and there were no survivors – for the mother or child. I was the only one. That thought alone made me cringe. Afterwards, a great surge of anger flowed through me. How could he have done that to someone? Pretend to love them and then leave them to die?

I was the light and the darkness brought together in one. Half vampire. Half human. Apparently I was the first of my kind. The monster expected me to join him and readily undergo tests.

There was a part of me – a very strong part of me – who wanted nothing more than to spit in his face and kill him. But I was born with brains and I knew that it would be effortless for him to kill me. I was still too weak.

So I pretended. I called him 'daddy'. Once, I had asked for his real name, but all he said was that I had no need for it. Later I learned that he didn't want to be caught by the Volturi. The Volturi controlled the world of vampires and kept everything in order and I was told that such an "experiment" as I was, would surely cause the destruction of the both of us.

I did the tests, but this was more for my benefit, rather than his. There was such a blurry future on my part and I needed information. Almost everything he asked I did. The only thing I rebelled against was his command for me to drink the blood of people.

Early in my life, I learned that animals sustained me and there was no need for human blood. It was so lucky that that panther crossed my path, early in my childhood. I was close to succumbing to the raking burn that inflamed my throat.

This upset him slightly, but then he just assumed that it was all coming down to the sub-species effect. All I did was nod and smile blandly at him. Once, after I begged and begged, I got him to taste animal blood, to give it a try, but he spat it out and declared it disgusting. He didn't even try it properly!

Every time he went out to 'eat', I died a little more on the inside. I couldn't stop him; I was too weak. Everything he did made me hate him that little bit more.

There was so much I wanted to do to him. Rip him from limb to limb and burn the pieces to ashes…

My father called me Isabella and effectively killed all the love I had for the name. My mother – who my father didn't even bother to learn the name of – gave me such a beautiful name. Now I hated it.

Years passed and I still played my role. Waiting for the strength to grow so I could kill him. Occasionally, I visited the place where my mother died and placed flowers there. The body was gone by the time I visited after I met the incarnation of evil, but the place was still very symbolic to me.

Growing at such a rapid rate was worrying both him and me. But after seven years, I stopped growing. Weeks passed and I was still the same height and weight. This was the sign that it was time to kill the man that never ever got a place in my heart.

The only thing he was to me was a murderer, a scientist and a teacher. I had no respect for him. He killed my mother; he did tests on me and forced an incredible amount of information down my throat with expectations that I would follow in his footsteps one day. The day he said that, I nearly set alight with hate and anger.

He honestly expected me to create an army of monsters? Did he not notice how I stopped him from ever doing what he did to my mother to another human being?

The first day he tried to go out and seduce another human female, I found my ability. My personality was apparently very magnetic and then and there I realised that I could make people stay were I wanted them to or make them go away. Like polar opposites. I made him stay, his feet sticking to the floor as though he was chained.

Years later, I learned I could deflect mental assaults too. Not a shield, per se. More in the idea that if a magnet represented the mental ability, my shield would in turn become the opposite of it and deflect it from me. Polar opposites.

But this was not enough of an ability to kill him yet.

Key word: yet.


Finally, I was eight years old and I resembled a nineteen-year-old human being, with the additional benefits of being as incredibly strong as a vampire with heightened senses to match. My father had lost his value. I had learned all I needed to learn.

My father had no clue that I was about to kill him. But I made it painful enough that he would surely feel the fires in his next life.

Then, when there was nothing left but a pile of ashes, I burned the entire contents of the cave to dust. Satisfied in a hollow sort of way, I turned on my heel and made my way into a new life.

It was a while though, before I realised that killing vampires was an area of expertise for me.


My life was pretty much meaningless for about a few decades. There wasn't too much I could do. A lot of the times I did volunteer work, and donated as much as I could, but I never could never really make a big difference as I had to constantly move around to avoid getting asked awkward questions about my age and lack of caregivers.

Usually, I pretended to be around nineteen or twenty, although if I really wanted to, I could pass for younger. But I did not want to attend high school after I went through it for the third time with flying colours.

At this point, I was lonely and bored. In fact, I was reasonably a bit depressed.

Then inspiration for my life came in the form of a fiery little redheaded vampire.

I was walking in the forest, trying to pass the time before the sun could come back up and I could volunteer at the homeless shelter again. Screams rent the air and automatically, my head whipped around towards the sound.

A girl, about fifteen years old, was running for her life as a vampire chased her. The girl would have been fairly pretty, if it were not for the tear tracks running down her cheeks and her blotchy face. The unknown female vampire pursuing her had hair as red as the eyes of a newborn vampire.

I could tell she was messing with the human child. If it were her wish for the child to experience a quick death, she would be dead by now. The vampire was playing around with her. Torturing her before she kills her.

The child was small, pixie-like, with long raven black hair. The vampire was a stark comparison. She was sharp, angular. Evil.

She flared my instincts to protect the girl. So I grabbed the redhead around the throat and screamed at the girl to run. If it was not for my heightened hearing, I would have missed the gentle 'thank-you' she said before she ran away.

Killing the vampire was easy. She put up barely a fight compared to me.

But there was something different. Over my life, I had saved people by killing vampires before, but somehow this time was different. Was it the quiet 'thank-you' I heard?

Vampires always underestimated me, so it was incredibly easy to kill them.

And by killing them, I saved humans.

As I watched the sun rise, I had my epiphany. I was going to rid the world of vampires. Even if it took all eternity.


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