Title: Plan of Action

Genre: JONAS

Rating: K+

Theme (s): Summer, How, Trust, Home, Ending

Author: angellwings

Summary: Macy doesn't think that the Lucas Brothers consider her a friend, and they set out to prove to her that they do.

Plan of Action


"Seriously, Mace, Kevin actually said he missed ducking athletic equipment," Stella said with a chuckle.

"Well, that was sweet of him…I think," Macy said with a chuckle of her own

"Joe offered to whack him with a cricket bat if it would make him feel better."

Macy heard Stella giggle and then sigh over the phone, "You have no idea how weird it is without you here."

"Come on, Stell, it can't be that weird. I mean maybe it is for you but to them I'm just their best friend's best friend," Macy told her seriously.

"You really think that?"

"Well, why wouldn't they think that? All I do is beat them up and freak out," Macy told her in a discouraged tone.

"They do not think that," Stella insisted.

"Maybe," Macy answered ambiguously. She knew Stella would persist until she agreed so Macy had learned to concede early. "I've got to go Stella. My break is over."

"Okay, I'll talk to you later," Stella said in a distracted tone.

Macy had gotten a job as a "Cabin Leader" (also known as Camp Counselor) at Camp Mar Vista on the North Carolina coast for the summer. It was an all girls camp with an all girls staff, and the girls she worked with were all very nice. It was a 24 hour a day, 5 days a week camp. The campers came in on Monday morning and left at lunch on Friday. The staff had the weekends off until Monday at 8 AM. They had an hour break for phone calls and internet each day and they had an extra hour off one night a week. Macy was really surprised to learn that a bunch of the staff visited her fan site regularly. It was strangely relaxing to be in a place where Jonas were once again distant stars on the horizon. When she was at home she had to admit that it felt strange to host a site about school mates. It was much more relaxing to be able to detach herself from them. Although she did think it was depressing that she saw them every day and couldn't really consider them to be friends. Sure she went to school with JONAS but did Kevin, Joe, and Nick really consider her a friend? Did she even consider plain old Kevin, Joe, and Nick to be friends? She wasn't exactly sure. Every time she saw them she couldn't seem to see past JONAS. She sighed and stood to put her phone back up in its cubby. Suddenly her phone began blaring "Single Ladies". It was her texting tone. Kevin had changed it during one of his daily strolls through the atrium. He had sat down between her and Stella to chat. Macy had been shocked into silence and barely noticed when Kevin randomly stole her phone. When he had given it back to her five minutes later he had changed her text tone, ring tone, and added his number to her address book. She had fainted not long after he left. She glanced down at her phone expecting to see a text from Stella, but her eyes grew wide when she saw it was a number that she didn't recognize. She froze as she read the text.

"Hey, Macy, it's Joe. Just wanted to know if you had any tips on the best piece of sporting equipment to hit Kev with…"

She gulped and stared at the words. Joe of JONAS had texted her, and yet she wasn't sure how to take his text. Was he joking with her or picking on her? She bit her bottom lip and decided to be optimistic. He wasn't making fun of her…he was just joking. She quickly typed a response.

"Well, he really didn't like it when I dropped that bowling ball on his foot…you should try that ;)"

She decided to risk extending her break to wait for a response. Luckily for her one came quickly.

"Ha ha, good plan…hope you're having fun at camp. I'll ttyl!"

Macy grinned excitedly as she typed another response. He had been joking after all!

"K, tell the guys I said hi!"

She quickly turned off her phone and placed back in its cubby before sprinting out of the room with a giddy smile on her face. She squealed excitedly. She had managed to actually TALK to a JONAS.

Alright, so this was supposed to be a one-shot, but after I started writing it and got a look another look at LaPaige's Challenge (I used Summer to base this first part on before it became a five part story) it suddenly became much longer. I hope you guys like it! Thanks to JDPhoenix for looking over this for me!