I really did like him, I liked Sora. He was everything to me, and he didn't know. No one knew.

Well… if you didn't count a stupid, persistent… adorably, annoying blond. I mean seriously, you'd think I'd do a very good job hiding a secret crush, but then this weirdo bursts my bubble by sneaking his hands and stealing it right out of my mouth!

Not that I didn't mind, considering the fact that the secret wasn't the only thing he stole from me.

Anyway, the point is, answering my earlier questions:

No, I don't necessarily think it was wrong of me to wish Namine was blasted off this earth or wish she never existed. I know it sounds wrong right now, but in all honesty without going through that stupid jealousy raid I wouldn't have – well – fallen for Roxas. Because he wouldn't have had the courage to take me before Sora did (but don't tell him I told you).

Great, he's giving me that look again. Sometimes it's like he can read my mind… and I hate that… So much.

Now he's looking away… And I hate that more.

Oh, I see what he's looking at now. I should tell you now, that after vacation was over Xion met my cousin Axel, showed her his fire trick… and bleh. I don't see what they see apparently.

Oh, oh, his eyes are back on me and he's – oh god – not another one of those stupid notes.

Your place ;)

As if the winkie face makes it any more innocent. I know I'm blushing because he's smirking now…

And….. my thoughts have now reverted to things not entirely PG-13.

But I guess that's a whole other story.


The End.