Chapter 12--- Starry night proposal---

It's been almost 3 whole seasons since we have been dating. We have had a lot less fights but, things still get a bit hectic between us.

"Claire! I can't believe you've actually have kept a steady relationship with Gray!" Ann announced loudly.

"Is that supposed to be an insult directed toward me or Gray? I asked angrily.

"… Which ever one I say your going to get mad, right?" Ann muttered.

"Yes, yes I will." I smirked.

"Well then forget what I was saying then." Ann responded. "Anyway, today is the Starry Night festival, what are you going to do?" Ann asked.

"Well… I don't know!" I groaned. "I'm not good with these kinds of things!"

"I guess Gray will have to do everything…" Ann said.

"What is that supposed to mean?" I hissed.

"No-Nothing!" She shouted.

"That's what I thought." I smirked. " Well let's just see how tonight goes." I said, pushing out my chair and heading out the door. "See you later!" I yelled.

I walked down the cold winter street. It was beautiful but, it was so cold that I wanted to run and get the sun. I saw someone walking down and I quickly ran towards them.

"Gray!" I yelled, lunging toward his waist.

"C-Claire!" He yelled, blushing. "Get off me!"

"Oh, you don't want me to get off!" I yelled back.

"Can we go hug somewhere… less cold?" Gray asked.

"…Fine, party pooper." I muttered. "To my house it is!" I grabbed his hand and pulled him toward my house.

We got there in a matter of seconds and ran inside my house.

"Wow, it's cold out there." I muttered. Duh it's cold it's winter! Am I stupid. Think Claire, think!

"I guess." Gray replied. "Do you just want to stay here since tonight's the festival?"

My heart started to beat fast. "Y-yeah, sure!" I said. "Crap I'm supposed to make dinner!" I ran towards the kitchen.

"I'll help you." Gray said.

We spent the whole afternoon making something to eat. We failed a couple of times since we weren't really focused on what we were doing. On the last try we were actually focused so we did good. We sat down at the table and ate out food.

"Wow, it's really good!" Gray said.

"Yeah! It is!" I replied, taking a fork full and shoving it into my mouth. We finished in a matter of minutes and then we were sitting at the table in a awkward silence.

"Um… Claire?" Gray asked.

"Huh? What?" I asked.

"……… Well ah…." Gray stammered.

"Spit it out." I hinted.

"Okay… This is so, so very stupid but, here I go." He got on knee in front of me. Then he started to search though his pocket. "Darn it where is it…. Ah!" He muttered. He pulled out a diamond ring.

"Wow! What's that for?" I asked.

"I… Ahh…." He stuttered.

"Continue…" I encouraged.

"Will you…" He paused. "marry me?" His face was beat red. I looked at him surprised and at a lost for words. "Are you going to say anything?"

"I… Yes."

"Yes, you'll marry me or yes you'll say something?" He asked suspiciously. I hit him on the head.

"Which one do you think!" I yelled, taking the ring out of his hand. I quickly put it on my finger.

"Claire, as much as I think that's how it goes… It doesn't." Gray nagged.

"Oh yes, the kiss!" I yelled. I leaned in really fast and gave him a peck on the lips.

"Okay, I'll accept that."

"You better." I laughed.

Epilogue----(Short and sweet)

Claire and Gray did get married and had two kids a girl named Jill and a boy named Mark. They are still happy with frequent fights but, they always make up! And of course all the other Harvest moon couples got together!

Well that's all! I hope you liked it! If you didn't then…. What ever. Review! Oh and I'll give you a little hint. I review when I get reviews!