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In the Amakura household, you would expect to find three people:

The first one to mention would be Mio Amakura, the youngest of the Amakura twins. She is a nice and active girl but she can get pretty angry at times so it is wise not to anger her. Especially by making her elder sister cry.

The second one to mention is Mayu Amakura, the elder of the Amakura twins. She is a nice and gentle girl but can get really sensitive at times. It would also be wise not to make her cry as making her upset is basically saying, "Oh hi Mio, can you beat me up?".

The third and final one is Kei Amakura, the young uncle of the twins. He is pretty much their caretaker while their mom is in the hospital so without him, Mio and Mayu would pretty much be screwed. Kei, however, is pretty much screwing himself up as he heads over to his job….

"Laid off?!" Mr. Takamine, I can't get laid off!!" the young man exclaimed, slamming a fist at his boss's desk. "I have two mouths to feed while their mom is at the hospital!"

The elderly man sighed and leaned back in his chair, looking away from his former employer. "I am sorry Kei, but I have to lay someone off and I chose the one who hasn't been doing their work, which is you."

"What?! How about Mafuyu?! He hasn't been at work for the last four games!"

"I am his mentor, I cannot fire him."


"Well, I need an editor."


"Which one?"

"The one from the first game, not the fourth."

"Oh her….well.."

There was silence between the two.

Mr. Takamine shook his head and gave a box full of things to Kei. " Well, I am sorry Kei. I give you my best wishes at finding another job."

Kei, showing a disappointed look, grabbed the box and soon headed for the door when suddenly….

"Wait Kei! There is something you could do to keep your job!"

Nearly dropping his box full of things, Kei turned and ran back to Mr. Takamine's desk. "Are you really serious?!" He exclaimed with relief. "Mr. Takamine, I will be the happiest man on Earth!"

Suddenly, a voice is heard next door. "Hey, Mr. Akamin or whatever your name is, answer the poor guy's question and go get a room with him! Make sure it isn't like the ones downtown!!"



"Who was that?

"I don't know, probably some random guy the author put in—anyway! Yes, I have something available for you."

Kei grinned with glee. "What? I'll do anything! Give it to me hard!"

Suddenly, there was a wolf's whistle.

"I need you…." The elderly looking man took out a piece of paper and gave it to Kei. "….to be my researcher."

Kei gave a confused look. "Huh?" He looked at the piece of paper given to him. "Minakami ChildCare Center….what is this? Are you some sort of child predator?"

Mr. Takamine blinked and cleared his throat a little. "No, no, no, I'm already engaged—anyway, that is not the point." He then took out a magazine with a photo of a woman in a red kimono doing some kind of crabwalk on it. "You see, I decided to quit my life as a novelist to being a…magazine creator that creates magazines with crazy stuff about those spirits," he pointed at the lady of the cover, "like this one right here."

"….Where do I come in?"

Mr. Takamine chuckled, "I noticed your role and your "hiding skills in the third game" and I need a man with those kind of skills to help me gather information so I say, what the heck?"

" So basically, I'm paparazzi?"

"The term in your case is paparazzo as it is singular, Mr. Amakura."

"Well, screw it then! I won't be paparazzi just to keep working under you!" Kei turned and walked back to the door once again. "I bid you, good day!"

Mr. Takamine sighed, "Ok then. I just hope you are able to find a job…."

Kei turned the knob…

"…and not resort to lower forms of getting money such as maid service….prostitution—"

"Mr. Takamine, I say I am glad to work under you." Kei said, suddenly appearing in front of Mr. Takamine, his hand motioning for a handshake.

Takamine chuckled a bit and shook Kei's hand, "And I am glad to have someone like you working for me."

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