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Kei waited patiently in his comfy chair as he waited for his nieces to come home from their who-knows-how-long trip. After Mio and Mayu were called in for a new remake on their game, Kei has been feeling pretty lonely since it was the only three of them in his small house. As they were off working on their remake, Kei has been working more and more on his "researching" job and has gotten into some crazy situations that the author made up for her two years of inactivity.

Wait, was she not supposed to reveal that?

Waiting impatiently, he decides to look through his list of items Junsei has ordered him to do. So far, he has explored the legendary trademarks of Himuro Mansion and Rougetsu Island, discovering some DISTURBING secrets no man should ever know. He also stalked—err, I mean studied some certain spirits, specifically the ones that came from Minakami village, and learned that they were training new moves to use on his young niece for the remake. He nearly got into some trouble at some points but there's always someone to help him out in some way. It's nice having friends all over the place!


Kei's ears perked up a bit as he heard the door opening. Kei waited in anticipation as he watches the door swing open, happy that his nieces have finally come home.

"UNCLE, WE'RE BACK!" Mio exclaimed in her strange new British-accented voice. She was wearing a long, white turtleneck with black knee socks, shades covering her eyes. Mayu was right behind her, wearing an outfit similar to her twin sister but it was a pink turtleneck with white knee socks. She had a pretty annoyed look at her sister as she was the one who had to carry most of the luggage, including Mio's.

Kei's eye twitched, remembering why he was so happy the day they left. "Oh…how I missed you two.." He said so unenthusiastically, putting his notes away.

Mayu dropped everything to the ground as she gasped for air. "You sound like you aren't happy to see us." Mayu muttered as she leaned against one of Mio's luggage.

"Yeah, what's with you?" Mio was nearby taking her shoes off before sitting on one of Mayu's suitcases. "I thought after like two or three years, you would just JUMPING for joy after just looking at us."

I was jumping for joy when you two finally left this place. Kei thought as he looked back at his to-do list. "How was recasting for the second game this time?"

Mio and Mayu groaned, not wanting to relive their experiences again. "It was so tiresome! Because this is for the Wii platform, they wanted to add a few more features to make it similar to the fourth game!" Mio exclaimed as she crossed her legs. "They also made me redo my 'supposedly girly' run into an EVEN more girly run. It was horrible, I tell you. It's like they made me into more of a girly character than I already am!"

Mayu sat down next to Mio after she caught her breath. "They made me into some kind of crazy, creepily obsessed person…like some kind of yandere? Do you know how demeaning and humiliating that made me feel?"

"To be honest Mayu, you being a little creep is nothing new. You've always been a creep."

Mayu looked at her sister's face with a dejected look before looking at the ground, feeling defeated.

Kei didn't look away, paying more attention to his to-do list. "That's nice, you two."

Mio grumbled, angry at how their uncle seemed to be ignoring them. "Are you going to even question why the both of us have British accents? It's a funny story, really—"

Kei looked at them with an annoyed stare. "Look, I'm more concerned at why you two look so…" he eyed them up and down, trying to come up something that doesn't seem so…pedophilic. "…visually appealing than you guys looked a few years ago, but whether you two merely aged or got plastic surgery, I don't really want to know."

"Well, we—"Mayu started to explain before Mio covered her mouth with her hand.

Kei sighed as he stared down at his slip of paper. It seemed that everything on the list was done except for three items:

-Interview the three female members of the MLE cast: Ruka Minazuki, Misaki Asou, and Madoka Tsukimori.

-Interview the main DCB cast, Mio and Mayu Amakura, as well as DCB's main villain, Sae Kurosawa, with the following questions:…

The man stared at the paper for a while before staring back at his two nieces, who were staring back at him. He cracked an eerie smile on his face, creeping out the twins to the point they were hugging each other for comfort.

"Do you two want to help me out with something?" he asked creepily. The twins were shaking with fear, never seeing this side of their uncle before.

"I don't see the point in this interview, Uncle." Mio muttered as she sat in one of the spots of the sofa. Mayu was sitting next to her, looking as if she wants to sleep right in the spot. "All we did was acted out the how we did when the original games came out."

Kei was staring down at the pieces of paper he had prepared as the three of them were waiting for a certain spirit to come by. "I don't want to do this interview either but it's what Takamine asked me to do." Kei looked away, his face turning red. "Plus, I don't want to face Misaki after what happened in the last two chapters..."

Mayu and Mio both snickered at the thought of the incident, greatly embarrassing and irritating the man.

"You guys…" Kei whined as he covered his face with his hands in shame. He wanted to change the subject as soon as possible. "When is that Kurosawa girl going to get here?"

Mayu made a small and obviously fake chuckle. "Haha…funny thing about that…You see, in order to get the element of fear across in this remake, Sae decided it was necessary to actually possess me as we were casting and—"

Stopping mid-sentence, Mayu stopped speaking as she fell over in her seat, greatly frightening her uncle. Mio, on the other hand, stared at what was going on with Mayu, completely uninterested in what was going on. After a few minutes, Mayu stood back and let out a loud and creepy crackle, scaring the shit out of Kei. He had never seen this side of Mayu before.

"Don't worry." Mio shouted, trying to get the message to her uncle. "This always happens whenever we're finished with filming!"

Kei made a shocked face. "WHAT?"

As soon as they know it, a ghastly girl in white came out of Mayu's back, making Mayu fall back into her spot on the couch. The girl stretched her arms out, relieved to be out of that girl's body.

"Ahh…it's been so long since I've been outside…" the girl muttered, stretching her back. Kei was too distracted by the blood splatters on her kimono to even listen to what she had said.

Mio, who was busy fanning her unconscious sister, felt it was necessary for the two to have a proper introduction. "Uncle, this is Sae. She's the main spirit of the game." Mio stated as she held a hand to Sae. She moved her hand towards Kei's horrified face. "Sae, this is my Uncle, Kei. He's one of the main characters of the third game."

Sae happily waved at the man. "HIIIIIII, it's been SUCH a thrill working with your nieces." She sat down on the couch, next to her unconscious host. "Especially Mayu. Oh my gosh, that girl reminds me so much of me towards my twin sister…well, she wasn't as obsessed as I was with my sister but her little "no-homo" crush on Mio is SOOOOOOOO cute!"

Mio stopped fanning her sister to cover her face in shame, not paying attention to her uncle's growing horrified expression. "Damn it Sae…"

After staring at Sae for a bit, Kei finally decided to look down on his questions to begin asking. "A-Alright then…Mio and Mayu, how did it feel to work with the cast from the original game?"

"Strange…replaced members…really aggressive…" Mayu muttered in her sleep.

Mio cleared her throat. "What Mayu is trying to say is that it felt kind of strange working with them ESPECIALLY since some of the ghosts had to replaced due to…issues." Mio frowned. "They weren't very nice either. It felt they were actually TRYING to kill us."

"It's a nice improvement, though!" Sae cheerfully said as she played with Mayu's hair. "Some of the ghosts in the original games were complete pansies."

Mio looked away. "You're one to talk." She muttered under her breath.

Kei took down some notes, an uncomfortable look on his face. "Right…" He took a deep breath before asking his next question. He felt like he was going to regret asking this question. "Sae, how did it feel going through the same, exact events from the original game? You know, the whole tragic backstory?"

Sae gave a very happy but creepy smile. "Oh you know, it's nice remembering your whole childhood, even though I had no friends…" Her smile was getting smaller and smaller as she spoke. "…my best friend and mother both committed suicide… my own father was desperate to the point of using both my sister and I as sacrifices… I had no friends…"

Kei raised an eyebrow. "So going through that whole Yae drama for the second time was just a breeze?"

At that moment, Mio started to regret being born in this family.

Sae's small smile turned into an intense frown, obviously pissed at Kei. "What did you say about my sister?"

At the moment, Kei started to regret his whole life.

Notes: It seemed that the company had a fallout with a couple of the original cast members and had to be replaced for this remake. As stated by…well Mayu, the replacements were known to be completely aggressive and meaner than the originals, which gave both Mio and the players a tough time to fight against.

While it didn't happen in the original casting of the game, Sae seems to have taken refuge in Mayu's body as a result of the remake casting and decides to live here with us…I don't know what to tell you to be honest but I'm absolutely terrified. I feel like I can't do anything in this house anymore without feeling Sae's presence around me.

I heard the new costumes weren't so nice as they were in the original. Mio and Mayu were wearing one of their available outfits when they came into the house and looked rather…visually appealing. They also refused as to why they now look so different than they used to look when they left years ago…I mean, we don't even age in this universe unless the companies demand it. I think its rather ridiculous they would up their appearances like that. The girls also gained British accents. Like they weren't strange enough already.

According to Mayu, they also made her into a complete yandere in one of the two new endings. To be honest, I wasn't surprised at all.

Kei is a horrible uncle. But then again, Mio and Mayu (mostly Mio) are horrible nieces so they fit well in hand and hand together.