The places Spock wouldn't have thought to go… unless Uhura was there.

Duck Park

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"Hey professor!" Uhura said excitedly as she entered his office. In the Study of Alien Anatomy and Physiology class he was teaching, they were studying the rudiments of the Andorian anatomy, which was one of Uhura's favorite alien species.

She never actually met an Andorian, but she would often watch movies with fascinating Andorian actors. Some comedies would make fun of their lack of balance when their antennae was misplace. (None of the comedies with this skit actually used an Andorian.)

"You appear to be excited Cadet. Do you have an inclination for Andorians?" He asked. He'd never met anyone to become excited over the species. Vulcans found them very illogical.

"I love them! They are so unique, but then of course, what species isn't?" Uhura said sitting in front of his desk, the usual.

"Cadet, I know you are excited, but I find it to be illogical. We are not going to have a discussion over the Andorian culture or their anatomy. You are here to help me with the lesson plan and the species' project I give the students at the end of the section."Although Spock had no interest in teaching a medical class, he had much experience in the field and decided in the past to take a class referring to the anatomy of many species.

"Oh, yeah of course." Uhura said a bit upset.

"You seem...disappointed. We can converse about them if you would like." Spock said, lifting her spirits.

"No professor, I am here to help you so let's get started." Uhura said taking out her PADD from her bag.

"Well... I'm sure you have already sent the Cadets their assignment via email." Uhura said after a couple of moments of awkward silence. Spock was a bit surprised when she looked up from her work and found him staring as helplessly as a Vulcan could at her.

He knew she held no affections for him, but it was amazing for her to be with him for so many hours a day. He couldn't help but steal some gazes without her suspecting anything. He cleared his throat to clear some awkwardness.

"Yes. I have. The Cadets will be learning of their build first. I believe after they are finish with their bones and muscles we should proceed to their blood. Because of our limited time for each species we will not get into details for each system, but I will explain why their blood is blue along with their epidermis. What I am anticipating is speaking with the class about their antennae. Their reactions may be hysterical." Spock said writing down what he just explained to the cadet in front of him.

Spock has a sense of humor? Uhura asked herself. Although she enjoyed speaking with him on the subject of linguistics, he hadn't got any of her jokes, or innuendos, or puns. He often asked her what she meant by her words, but still didn't acknowledge the hilarity in them.

"That's good. And for the project?" Uhura asked suddenly wondering how he would approach teaching them of Vulcan A and P. Human anatomy and physiology wasn't taught in his class since so many medical cadets in this Starfleet command already studied it... them being on earth and human and all... But there was still an Anatomy and Physiology of the Human Body class taught, by Professor Clark.

"I am not too sure of what they may be assigned." Spock answered, knowing most likely they would write some sort of paper. He wasn't really into displays or group work. Group work seemed inefficient when examining progress. Individually he would be able to see who was progressing and who was lacking in skills. Sure he doesn't know. Everyone knows he's going to assign some fifty paged essay on how temperature affects the metabolism of an Andorian.

Uhura didn't have much grading to do that day since she finished most of it yesterday, plus there was a test on the last chapter a few days ago, leaving not much work to grade anyway. Uhura yawned, showing her boredom as Spock researched on his computer.

"Are you fatigued?" Spock asked turning towards her.

"No. I'm just bored out of my mind." Uhura exaggerated.

"Well, if you find me boring, you are not needed for services today, you may leave."

"Oh. No. I didn't mean you are boring, I meant I am bored because I am anticipating...leaving." Uhura said without thinking. Damn it.

"I wish not to be redundant, but you may leave." Spock offered, motioning towards the door. He'll hate me forever.

"I'm so sorry professor. I did not mean anything offensive. It just I am ready to relax and go to the park. And, ugh let my hair down!"

"I don't mind you 'letting your hair down' as you say, in my office. And I can put on some soothing music if you would like." Spock said opening his mouth to command the computer to play some of his music but was cut off.

"Professor, would you like to go to the park? You should relax too... and let your hair down." She laughed loudly at her nonsensical joke.

"There is no need for me to turn down your first offer, but if what I believe your words are implying about me 'letting my hair down' mean taking a band out of my hair and letting it flow free as of what you are going to do, I would have to turn down that offer. Plus it is illogical, my hair has never been in a band and I am not planning on ever having it in a style of such." Spock said standing and turning of his computer.

Uhura let out a shriek of laughter as he finished his speech. She couldn't stop herself from laughing at how literal he took her offer.

"I was kidding Spock." She explained as he walked out of the door behind her.


His eyes studied her body as she walked, but went nowhere innocent eyes wouldn't go. She walked gracefully and with purpose, not slowing down for Spock. It wasn't as if she had to slow down anyway, his long strides almost were too fast for her usual pace.

"You find the park alleviating?" Spock asked finally breaking the silence. There was a park a few blocks from the school students often traveled to, to do homework, or just to relax.

"Very. I love it. My friends often meet me there, but today I decided to go alone. With you as an exception." Uhura said.

"I apologize if I am intruding. I will leave you to your own if you would like me to." Spock stated.

"No!" Uhura yelled a bit too loud. She winced at her reaction and stopped walking, turning to face him. Of all her friends... She was surprised to be referring to him as a friend, but they did often have many conversations. But, of all her friends she enjoyed his company the most. Her was smart, attractive, and funny... well, maybe not funny, but he definitely accidentally was funny at times and rarely on purpose.

"I mean. I want you to come. I enjoy the park and I would like you to have some place other than your office, quarters, and classroom to go to relax." Uhura said.

"I do not only go to those places. I can admit that I have never been to a human park, but I have been to many restaurants that were aesthetically pleasing and held up a soothing atmosphere." Spock said. After continuing walking for another five minutes they finally reached the park.

It wasn't anything special. A few benches, sidewalks for runners, and a small pond that consisted of ducks and fish, but Spock could understand why she found it a placid place. The flowers that attempted to grow gave the park a pleasant smell, along with the pond water and trees. Not only that, everything was vivid and the people, who were still out as the sun set, were so happy. Where the heck was he?

I hadn't even noticed that there was a park here...

Uhura quickly walked to a bench in front of the small pond, seating herself. Spock found himself doing the same, he wanted to avoid being alone here, and he had not known what else to do.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Uhura asked looking over at Spock who sat frozen on the bench, staring at the sun set.

"What are you referring to?" Spock asked.

"The pond. The ducks. The park." Uhura stated holding out her hands dramatically and pulling her head back to take in an absolutely unnecessary deep breath. Spock blinked.

"I have to agree with you on the matter of its beauty, but I do not understand your actions." He watched her as she removed the band from her hair, parting a quarter from the left and leaving at that, not caring if it was sloppy or not. She was at the park, no one cared, but Mr. OCD.

"Cadet, there are many strands of your hair that are out of place. It is not in my place to correct your appearance, but it bothers me to see something so, unnecessary." Uhura quickly stroke down her hair, running her fingers through.

Spock marveled at the length of her hair and its beauty. Her usual dark hair appeared to be a lighter brown as the sun reflected off of it. He noted that.

"Your hair is beautiful." Spock blurted out, unable to control himself. Uhura blushed when she saw him staring at her actions. This is embarrassing.

"Thank you." Uhura said standing up to walk to a duck that has been quacking for the past ten minutes.

"Hey little guy!" She kneeled down as the duck ran from her. She sighed; she should have expected that though.

Spock watched curiously as she ran her fingers through the soft pond water, scaring away many beautiful, colorful fish.

"May I inquire as to what you are doing?" Spock asked.

"I am enjoying my time at the park," Uhura started. "Why don't you find something to do or join me?"

"I am…serene… where I am. Thank you." Spock said looking up at the sky as stars speckled across the barely lit sky. The sun and moon were fighting a war as to which would light the sky tonight, and the moon had almost defeated the sun. The stars became more defined as time went on and Uhura finished talking to the fish.

"What are you doing?" She asked him, flopping down too close for him to be comfortable.

"I am currently looking at the sky." Spock admitted, turning his head to a more comfortable position.

"You know, we can lie on the floor to watch the stars." Uhura offered. A quizzical expression would have come across Spock's face if he were human, instead his expression remained emotionless.

"We? I thought you were finding comfort in the pond." Spock told her.

"Now I want to find comfort in looking at the stars." Uhura stood up, talking Spock by the hand. His eyebrows rose at the gesture as her fingers burned into his skin. He stood up and snatched his hand away as if she burned him.

"Sorry." Uhura said.

"There is no need for apologies. I am a touch telepath; I'd prefer not to make contact." Spock asserted, lying down on his back in the area Uhura chose.

Uhura closed her eyes, defeating the purpose of 'watching the stars' and drifted off to sleep. Spock hadn't noticed her deeper breathing until he felt a tiny breath of air against his cheeks. Uhura turned over in her sleep and now was facing him.

He took this moment as a perfect time to watch her features soften and without judgment from her.

Spock came to the realization that it was late in the evening and gently tapped her, waking her up.

"It would be wise if I were to escort you back to your quarters." Spock told her as she stood up drowsily. She nodded as he walked towards the school grounds.

"Wait…you walk too fast." Uhura said in a exhausted voice. Spock turned to find the Cadet ten feet behind him. He walked back towards her.

"I'm just so tired." Uhura announces yawning. "Excuse me."

"If you need assistance with walking I am more than glad to help." Spock said. She surprised him once again as she wrapped her arm around his waist, leaning against him. Don't worry.


"Thank you for the pleasant experience." Spock said as he walked her to her door.

"You're welcome." She giggled. She didn't give him the experience. It was his choice.

"Thanks for coming." Uhura said smiling at him for the last time that night and lighting up his eyes for the last time that night. She waved at him as her door slid close.

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