Rave Party

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Rave Party

It seemed a Cadet decided to hold a party at a venue blocks away from the academy. She or he was holding it for the end of the semester/midterm ending celebration.

"Nyota, may I ask you a query?" Spock said turning towards her as they past one of the 'Academy Happenings' bulletin boards. They were headed towards his office to grade some midterms.

"Yes you may." She answered.

"What is a rave?" Spock asked. She laughed. Does he know anything about human social events?

"Is something amusing about my question?" Spock asked.

"No. Anyway," Uhura started not wanting to get into a small argument over her laughter, "A rave is a party where the disc jokey plays techno or house music and the host usually sets up strobe lights as decoration. The party is based around dancing, thus the perfect rhythm of techno music and the flashing lights. Many people find it better for the mood of the party to wear neon colors." Uhura explained. "I'm sure this party won't have any drugs though, since the dean has allowed it to be thrown."

Spock tilted his head.

"Why would you want to attend 'a rave'?" Spock asked confused as to why someone would find flashing lights enjoyable instead of annoying. "Are not flashing lights insufficient when attempting to properly light a room? If I were in such a situation, I would come to believe that strobe lights are annoying and unnecessary."

"About the strobes, you should give them a chance before drawing your own conclusions. And for the party; it's fun to just let loose a dance like you've never danced before. Have you never done that before?" Uhura asked.

"I do not 'dance' Cadet." Spock said. Oh yeah.

"Well, now you are going to. We are going to the rave. Oh and look, it's in two days, enough time to teach you all the random flailing of limbs movements we humans call dancing." Uhura said.

"A teaching session would not be necessary; I will not be attending such a party." Spock said.

"Spock, don't be such a party pooper!" Uhura teased. Spock's eyebrows rose at what she just said. He wasn't going to comment on this.

"As of party pooper, I mean someone who doesn't enjoy parties and usually ruin the parties by being overly boring. Not that you are boring or anything. It's just that you need to relax, after this semester being so… BLAH!" Uhura said stepping into his office, her 'BLAH' echoing off the walls.

"So one may find tranquility in a party such as 'a rave'?" Spock asked.


"You said I need to relax and implied that going to the party can a possible remedyto relieving stress." Spock said walking behind his desk.

"Well, some people may find it comforting. I don't know if you will. I am just going to relieve stress and to get you out of that shell of yours. Did you notice that all of the places we went out together were quiet, or peaceful or not many people were there? You need to congregate. You need to get out of this place and just go crazy!" Uhura exaggerated.

"I am sure rave parties are not necessities when it comes to living." Uhura sighed an over dramtic sigh at him taking her words literally.

"You just aren't going to get it are you? Fine, if you don't want to go, then don't. I am sure I will see many of my other friends there." Uhura said.

"I will go. A little congregation couldn't be too bad." Spock said commencing his grading. Uhura also began to grade.

"Thank you."


The lights and music were overwhelming when they first walked in, but it was something attendees would get used to it. Spock was dressed in dark clothing, black slacks and a gray long sleeve shirt. Uhura wore a bright yellow dress, her outfit contrasting Spock's. Her hair was let down in curls. She decided against straightening her hair.

There were other instructors sitting at the bar; some out on the dance floor, but Spock insisted he stayed in a corner, sitting in an uncomfortable chair. Uhura joined him, not wanting to leave him alone. He might become overwhelmed to death. She laughed to herself.

"Why is the music so loud?" Spock asked.

"That's how it's supposed to be. Would you like anything to drink?" Uhura asked.

"No. Thank you. It looks like someone's here to see you." Spock said scolding himself for stating the obvious and watching as a clearly intoxicated Kirk walks up with Gaila hanging off of his arms.

"You having a great time? I'm having a great time. WOAH! Time is great!" Kirk stated as he dramatically looked at his watch.

"It's okay." Uhura said.

"Hey Nyota!" Gaila said taking a few seconds to hug her friend she saw earlier. It was pointless, but they were at a party, people did that.

"You look hott." Gaila told Uhura.

"Thank you."

"I agree." Kirk announced, looking over at Spock.

"You look like a commander, commander." Kirk said pointing at Spock.

"Come one Jim, let's go dance!" Gaila said taking his hand and leading him to the dance floor, where a group of people stood swaying back and forth to the music.

Uhura sat in the chair that was in front of Spock's, inches from him. Their knees nearly brushed against each other.

"I don't find this place relaxing at all." Spock said.

"Well, that's because you are just sitting here. What you need to do is dance." Uhura said, scooting her chair closer to his so their legs would barely be in between each other. Spock noticed this and avoided contact. Need? Why does she insist on using the word 'need' so illogically.

"Are you sure you don't want anything to drink?" Uhura asked gently placing her hand on his knee.

"No. It's okay. If I want a drink I will get one for myself." Uhura scanned his body.

"You look very handsome tonight." Uhura complimented him.

"Thank you. You look quite attractive yourself." Spock said, forgetting about the hand tightening on his knee. Attractive? What are you implying? That you are 'attracted' to a Cadet. Spock thought missing her appreciation for his compliment.

"Thanks." Uhura said, not able to suppress a ridiculously large smile. Someone walked by walking and dancing at the same time. He roughly bumped against Uhura's chair, pushing her forward.

She caught herself on Spock's thighs, quickly sitting back down. His eyes shot up to hers as her face lingered inches from his. She finally grabbed hold of reality and let go of his legs. Spock's eyes traveled to his leg and he took a moment to collect himself from the accidental contact.

"I am so sorry." She said feeling quite embarrassed.

"Don't be. It wasn't your fault." Uhura closed her eyes, taking in the music instead of the strobe lights. They are annoying like Spock thought they would be. The whole time the DJ played modern day techno, but then an unfamiliar song from came on.

I like… where we are…

When we drive… in your car…

I like... where we are... here.

'Cause our lips can touch...

And our cheeks can brush...

Our lips can touch...

And our cheeks can brush... here.

Uhura smiled. She knew this song, but was sure no one else would. She slowly began to sway with the music nodded her head softly.

Spock watched as she danced like the others, except less jumpy.

"If you would like to move ontothe dance floor, I would be completely fine here alone." Uhura opened her eyes. She would not let him get away with not dancing. She reached out, grabbing his hand. Once again, burning into his skin. He breathed in deeply when he felt her cool hands against his burning skin. Oops, I forgot, do not make contact. She quickly let go of his had, finding his sleeve clad arm.

She led him to the dance floor, but not too close to others, they were a bit wild in the middle. That was where most of the aggressive dancing was taking place.

Uhura threw her arms above her head and began swaying her body. Spock watched as this happened.

She noticed him watching her and not dancing. "Spock, dance!" She yelled over the music.

Spock breathed in deeply once again. He tapped his foot to the beat, a motion that went unnoticed to others, but Uhura could see he was attempting to dance. She smiled at him, continuing her dancing.

"I love this song!" Uhura said.

"Excuse me?" Spock asked. Uhura moved closer to him, standing on her tip toes to talk in his ear.

"I love this song." Uhura said. Her hands moved to his shoulders. His hands laid flat against his sides.

"Spock, put your hands on my waist." Uhura said.

"I don't think that would be a prudent move. Would not that make us appear to be romantically involved?" Spock asked. Romantically involved? Uhura controlled herself enough not to laugh at his terminology.

"No, because we are dancing, don't you see other teachers dancing with students?" Uhura said, taking his hands and placing them on her hips.

"Your observation is valid." Spock announced as she placed her hand back behind his neck, swaying her hips more prominently. His hands were loose on her.

The song finally changed and Uhura sighed, disappointed. Back to modern day techno.

"You seem to be dissatisfied. Was it something I did?" Spock asked.

"No. Of course not Spock. I just really liked that song." First memory of your hands on my hips. And definitely not the last.

"Does the change in music mean imply that we stop dancing?" Spock asked; a bit disappointed himself.

"Of course not Spock!" Uhura seemed to be repeating herself lately. Uhura suddenly turned around; bring her arms his neck and still swaying. He guessed he was to return his hands to her waist. Their dancing wasn't as provocative as other people's, but Spock found it a bit profound.

He hadn't noticed her proximity until her leg brushed against his. He quickly let go. He felt his fitted pants become a bit more 'fitted'.

"What's wrong Spock?" Uhura asked turning and stepping towards him.

"I have to go meditate. The lights, the music, it's all making me disoriented."Spock said walking towards the exit. He made it out of the building and leaned against a wall, recalling what just happened.

Uhura went after him without hesitation. She found him against the wall.

"What's wrong Spock?" She asked. His was sweating like crazy, but then again he was in the hot rave party, almost dancing.

"You do not have to worry about me. You can continue to dance with someone else." But I'd prefer to dance with you. Uhura thought.

"I can walk you home if you want me to." Uhura said now standing in front of him.

"As long as we don't make contact." Spock said walking towards the direction of his quarters.

"Okay." Uhura said a bit confused. Maybe she freaked him out by dancing with him. Or maybe touching his thighs, or placing her knees between his... Or all of the above.

She regretted doing 'all of the above'. It wasn't like she would have done it anywhere else, except the dancing, they'd done that before. Maybe it was the heat of the moment.

They walked silently for two minutes. His quarters had to be at least a twenty minute walk, so she would ask him about how he was when they made it back. For now she would go easy on him.

"Did you have fun?" She asked, walking a few feet behind him. He wouldn't let her keep up.

"I enjoyed myself, yes. Although I did not find it 'relaxing.'" Spock said slowing down a bit.

"That's good." Uhura said. He seemed normal. Why did he leave if he was having fun?

"And you?" He asked in return.

"Huh?" Uhura asked almost getting lost in her thoughts.

"Did you find the party pleasing?" He asked. Well we were only there for about an hour. But I guess that's the longest anyone has ever gotten you to a party.

"Yes I did. I have to remember to look up that one songif I can remember it's name." Uhura said.

"I can find the name. I remember the lyrics. You are the one, the one that lies close to me. Whisper's 'Hello, I've missed you quite terribly.' I fell in love, in love with you suddenly. Now there's no place else I could be but here in your arms." Spock repeated the song, without actually singing. "It's a bit of a redundant song. But I have to agree with you that it was quite...pleasing."

Uhura was enraptured by the words of the song repeated through his mouth. It was so perfect, even if he wasn't really talking to her. He hadn't noticed her floating. But she didn't respond for some time.

"Nyota?" He asked turning towards her.

"Sorry... I was just thinking... about the song." She said.

"You apologize more than required." Spock said. The effects she had on him faded with the party.

"Spock?" Uhura said, but decided against telling him what just happened.

"Yes?" He asked.

"Nothing." She said simply.

"That's odd. Why would you call my name if you did not have a question?" He asked. Oh, for so many reasons that you wouldn't even think about.

"Must be the after effect of the party." Uhura said.

"That's illogical. You hadn't indulged in alcohol. You only danced, unless the music gave you a headache." Spock said.

"No. Spock. I do not have a headache. I am just... I don't... I can say that this has been probably the best night I have had in a while though." Uhura said.

"I am glad to be here to share your most preferable night with you." Spock said not knowing he was the cause of it.

Uhura silently cadenced her favorite part of the song. Spock tilted his head, and then turned towards her.

"You voice is very pleasant. I believe prefer it over the artist of the song." Spock said, returning his eyes on the sidewalk in front of him. Uhura slid her fingers in between his and closed her hand around his.

She was surprised to feel his hand tighten around hers also. She smiled. She expected him to look at her. Or tell her this was inappropriate, or something. But he just kept walking and holding onto her hand.

She almost died. Almost.

They walked next five minutes and thirty-six seconds in silence until they reached his quarters.

"Thank you for coming." Uhura said, her hand still holding his, but she took his other hand in her other hand.

"Thank you for inviting me." He said, taking a tiny step forward, suggesting they kiss.

He was still a foot from her though. Their hands dangled back and forth as they stared at each other. Uhura's features were calm and pleasant and a hint of a smile was on her lips, same with Spock.

She leaned in and placed an innocent kiss on his lips. Spock let go of her hand and slid his hands around her hips, pushing her to him. Her tongue brushed across his mouth, begging for entrance as her parted his lips for her. Their tongues met with a passionate crash as her hands slid into his hair, her finger's tracing his ears.

A ding sounded at the lift, alerting them that someone was coming. He wanted more than anything to push her into his bedroom and mount her then and there, but that wasn't allowed. It wasn't as if kissing was allowed either, but in a way kissing was more allowed than what was on both of their minds.

Uhura broke off the kiss before a teacher passed who was obviously coming from the rave because of the neon glow sticks around his wrists and neck. He was holding hands with a Cadet, but she was most likely not his student, unlike Uhura. Jealousy of their relationship came across Uhura as she turned back to Spock, still inches from him.

The two were too involved with each other to even noticed Uhura's proximity to Spock.

"See you later?" Uhura asked, hoping he would know it was a question.

"Yes. I will see you later." Spock said glancing down the hall to see if the couple were gone. Their backs were turned, so he took her into his arms giving her an even more passionate kiss than before.

She stepped back and smile at him.

"You know earlier when I said your name. I thinking about the lyrics of the song you sang, pretending like you were referring to me. I was actually hoping the lyrics were directed at me." Uhura said.

"I know." Spock said turning and stepping into his quarters, closing the door.

"Bye." Uhura called. She waited a few seconds before she heard him respond saying good night.

No. Great night.

So I totally got this idea from the rave party I went to a week or so ago... It was actually what sparked my idea for the whole 'places Spock wouldn't think to go' idea. Anyway... Flere nu bo. (That's here you go in gibberish.)