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Chapter 11

- With the Cullens -

"I can't believe they just left," Rosalie hissed as she paced around. "We couldn't have protected them? They had to go off with just the two of them when there was so much more protection here?"

It had been two months since Jasper and Bella or Mist or whatever her name was had left them without any contact. They didn't even know if the two were still alive thanks to Mist blocking out Alice's visions of the two of them. Ever since Mist had sensed her "sisters" and Alice had that vision about some vampire, they had disappeared. They didn't even know who this vampire was, just that Mist was afraid of them and Jasper seemed on edge about it too.

"They're fine," Carlisle calmly stated. He was the only one who didn't seem to worry about the two being off on their own. "We would know if something happened, trust me."

Just then, a woman appeared in front of them. She had long, black hair that was tied back into a ponytail and her eyes were an icy blue shade. She had on an amazonian outfit with a large aquamarine pendant connected to her choker. She had a hand knife sheathed on her side and a bow and arrow strapped to her back.

Everyone went on alert, when the woman glared at them. "I'm not here to harm you," she coldly stated. "If I wanted to do that, I would've brought my sisters."

"Then who are you?" Emmett asked.

The woman sighed, "My name is Hildr. I have come looking for my sister."

"She's not here," Rosalie said coldly. "She and our brother took off two months ago."

The woman didn't look at all surprised. "I'm surprised they didn't leave earlier." That caught their attention. "I need your help finding my sister and your brother. If the others find them, they will not hold back. Both will be killed."

"Forgive me for asking," Carlisle spoke up. "But why do you care so much about what happens? I was under the impression that Valkyries did not associate with vampires."

Hildr sighed, admitting, "Normally we don't. However, my sister does not follow that rule as you may have guessed. I was with her when she first met your brother. It was my assignment to collect his father. He was...intriguing to say the least. My sister cares for him and I can see that it is love, not the lust that we usually have with the warriors."

"What will happen if your sisters find them?" Esme asked, worry in her voice.

"They will kill Jasper and take my sister back to Valhalla and she will be imprisoned there."

There were gasps from everyone. "What can we do?" Esme's voice was shaking. "Is there any way to help my son?"

"There is...one way," Hilder looked reluctant to tell them. "If a Valkyrie is bitten by a vampire, they become one. My sisters know that I will not turn against Mist so they refuse to tell me where she is. However, I know my sister better than anyone. I know where she will take him. We must hurry."

No one noticed that Alice had slipped away. They were too caught up in finding Jasper and Mist to worry about what she was doing. She ran through the forest until she saw someone standing in one of the clearings. It was a young girl with long black hair and a Mexican look to her. She had been young when she was changed, but not too young. Her eyes were bright crimson, the color that most vampires had.

"Excuse me?" Alice asked, getting the younger vampire's attention. "You're looking for Jasper, right?"

The girl nodded. "Yes," she quietly answered in a Hispanic accent. "He's my step-brother. Our parents were married when I was very young. My parents told me that he died from malaria, but I couldn't believe it. A few weeks ago, I ran into someone who told me that he was around here."

"He left," Alice told her, smiling. "But I can take you to him. I think he'll be thrilled to see you again."

The girl smiled. "Oh thank you." She really did look genuinely happy. "I'm Marie by the way."

"Alice," she replied.

The two girls headed off together, but Alice didn't see the evil smirk that plagued the younger girl's face. She didn't realize that this was the girl that Mist had been so afraid of for Jasper, that this was the person Jasper had run away from so long ago. Then again, how could she? She couldn't see the outcome of the meeting, especially with Mist's powers blocking her ability.

"So, how do you know Jazzy?" Marie asked as they walked.

Alice smiled. "He's my husband. I can't believe he didn't mention you."

Marie looked saddened by that sentence, "Maybe he doesn't remember."

Alice just smiled and said, "I think that once he sees you, he'll remember. You're so cute, I don't know how anyone could forget you."

"Where are we going?"

"To Texas."

Marie got an evil glint in her eye. That worked perfectly for her. Once she got her God of War back, she would once again rule the south. No one would dare stand in her way again, they all feared him too much. That monster that she created and would gain control of once again.

"Thank you, Alice. You don't know how much this means to me."