ASG Olympiad Contest

Challenge: Conflict

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Xena: Warrior Princess, they belong to MCA Universal Studios.



Lady Razeli

Here they come over the horizon they're coming for me, my village, my family. Another minute or so and I'll be able to see them all clearly. I'll see more than the just the glare of the morning light off their armor. I'll see men, hardened warriors. I'll see the breath of their horses, color of their face, the bloodlust in their eyes. I see this all now as they have run closer to us now. My sword feels heavy and slippery in my hand as I nervously wait to clash with this warlord's army. I grip my sword more tightly with determination; I can't listen to my instinct to run now. I have my village to think about, if no one stands up to these bastards than we're all dead, it was that simple. I had to fight for my mother, my brothers.

There now, not even a mile away. Lyceus, my younger brother shifts nervously next to me like the others. They too are afraid, but know that death is only a small price to pay for our families. It's time to give the order to charge, but my throat is dry. I have to give the order if I do not they'll over take us and we'll never recover. They'll run us over like a rabbit caught under the feet of a galloping stallion. No chance at life and for our defiance, the ones we leave behind will be punished. Suck it up! I yell in my head, you are the daughter of the Great warrior Atrius and Cyrene, command your army!.

"ATTACK!!!" I scream. In one movement we all surge forward charging at warhorses with experienced horseman on their backs and foot soldiers who've claimed more lives than I cared to find out. And what about me, aren't I about to claim a man's life with my own sword? No, not my sword, my father's sword, he had left it behind so long ago. No I can't think of him right now, I have to think about the battle or I will fail. But can I take a man's life, can I end it?

The sound of swords clashing and fleshing being cut immediately met my ears as our two armies collided with one another. Us, young, inexperienced teenagers use to practicing in the woods, and role playing games of soldiers and them murders. The adrenaline rush I get as I parry and block repeatedly with one man, and the feel of my brother at my back excite me and for a moment I no longer worry about what I am about to do, what I have to do.

Than I do it without a second thought, without remorse I run my sword through his armor, through his flesh, into his heart. Blood, still warm rushes onto my hand and I stare into the eyes of my first kill. In one moment I memorize his face, in one moment I take his life. And when I lift a boot up and use it to push him off my sword, I do so sloppily and blood splatters onto my face and into my tongue. In one moment I tasted his blood, and in one moment I am Intoxicated.