I noticed there are few well written Naruto and Harry Potter crossovers. So I decided to try write one. It takes place after the Deathly Hallows. Confused? You'll see. Also… there will be yaoi, but only really concerning the Naruto portion of the story. As much as I love Harry slash, I'm trying to keep with the actual story line. Since Harry eventually has kids and whatnot… I don't think I can marry him off to Draco or some such thing. Too bad. Well, hope you all like it. My first Harry Potter fic EvAr. Also… I'm up to chapter 404 in Naruto. There will be some spoilers since I'm aging the kids to about 17 or 18. Sorry.

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Chapter 1

"I wrote to Professor McGonagall Harry."

The bespectacled man looked to his friend with a questioning look.

"We're to go to Hogwarts this year to make up for the year we took a vacation." She grinned at him to hide the mirth in her voice.

The man merely nodded and slowly let his eyes drift towards the wall where he knew someone had placed a listening charm.

"I rather liked Australia myself… Too bad Ron contracted Spattergoit right before we left."

"Yes… seems he's recovered though. I can't imagine being bed ridden for a year…"

Hermione allowed herself a small smile and glanced quickly at the wall and away again. They both turned to look at the nurse who wandered into their room, steaming trays of food floating in front of her.

"Hello there. Lunch is ready!" She smiled.

"Oh thank you." Hermione answered for them both. "It looks delicious."

"I'll send your compliments to the house elves then." The woman nodded politely and turned around to leave.

Harry looked at Hermione to see if the news had affected her.

"Oh come off it Harry. I know most places use house elves. St. Mungo's couldn't run properly if it didn't have some one to regularly cook and clean. I think that will be my first order of business when I finish my lessons." The witch clucked her tongue. "And the ministry complains that there aren't enough jobs to go around." She shook her head.

"Hermione, if there's anyone who can convince the ministry that it's backwards it's you."

The witch blushed but said no more.


Laughing eyes, a bright smile, and a ruggedly handsome face. The portrait of Jiraiya stared up at Tsunade. She sighed softly and wrung her hands carefully. Even now, years later, there was so much that reminded her of him. So many places, times, days and people. Looking at Naruto made her sad. But hope also filled that void that Jiraiya had left. Hope for the village and the future. She grasped the portrait firmly and held it to her chest.

"Tsunade-sama?" Shizune questioned her from the other side of the door. "May I come in?"

The blonde shook her head to disperse the past that had settled around her like a thick fog. The picture found its way back on the wall and the Godaime sat back down at her desk.

"Come in."


"Minerva… I do think that it is for the best…" Kingsley comforted the elderly witch. "With all the confusion and the fighting still going on…"

"That will do Kingsley. Thank you for your kind words." She mopped at her eyes with a white linen handkerchief. "Without the aide of Albus' magic strengthening the wards… I agree that we do need some sort of outside help…" She looked despondently at the portraits of the deceased headmasters of Hogwarts. "Albus, what would you suggest?"

The painting of the previous Headmaster opened his blue eyes.




The forest shook with the exuberant yell of one Uzumaki Naruto. Birds flew in all different directions and began to chirp in a scared frenzy.

The blond ninja whooped once more before speeding up his already sprinting run.

"SLOW DOWN NARUTO!" Sakura cursed as she lagged behind the blond. She would have sent more chakra to her legs and feet for increased speed, but they hadn't had a chance to rest after the last mission and Naruto had taken off towards the village the moment it had been completed.

"He sure seems excited…" Sai smiled at Sakura as he ran next to her. She could tell that he was slowing his pace to match hers.

"Yes… I think he knows something is about to happen… Tsunade-sama sent me a Katsuyu clone to tell me that we'll be leaving on a mission straight away again." The pink haired woman sighed. "I was so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow."

Sai smirked. "Well, we could always bring Ino instead of you…"

The artist-nin ducked a punch he was sure might have severely injured him if not killed him and sped up. The medic-nin growled and accelerated her own speed to catch up with the dark haired man.


"That…" The pink haired kunoichi muttered as she gasped for breath. "Was… low…"

"But it got you here faster didn't it?" Sai smiled kindly and watched Sakura carefully. He didn't feel like getting punched in the face again. The first time she had ever done it was bad enough.

The pink haired woman only glared at him from beneath her bangs before she straightened up and looked him level in the eye.

"We better report to Tsunade… Where did Naruto go?" She looked for a familiar blond head but found none. The entrance to the village was occupied solely by them and the ANBU guarding the gates. Even if you couldn't see them.

"I think he went to Ichiraku's… Should we fetch him first?" Sai trailed off as he watched the other ninja begin stalking into town. Her look booked no argument so he followed her quickened pace.

'You owe me Naruto…' Sai sighed.


"Hey Neji!" Naruto swung through a large window and landed nimbly on his feet.

The ninja in question turned his pale eyes up to the blond.

"Welcome back." The dark haired man replied.

"Thanks." Naruto leaned closer to the Hyuuga and captured his lips in a light kiss. "It's great to be back. I mean, I love other countries and all… but the Leaf will always be home sweet…" Naruto was silenced by Neji placing their lips together once more.

"You talk too much."

Naruto grinned goofily but nodded his head. Neji was a creature of quiet and solitude. He understood that.

"Have you reported in to the Godaime yet?" His lovers pale eyes bored holes into his face.

"Uh…" Naruto grinned once more.

"I suggest you go do that…" The man turned his back, once more concentrating on the paper and brush in front of him.

Naruto delivered a quick kiss to Neji's cheek and jumped back out the window.

"By the way, Sasuke says 'hi' and that he'll be back from his mission in about a week."

The blond halted so quickly that he was forced to use chakra on the bottoms of his feet and hands to still himself on the window sill.

"He's coming back?"

The mission Sasuke had been on was intended as punishment and had been a very long and drawn out ordeal. Since he had finally been brought back after the eventual defeat of the organization Akatsuki he'd been an undercover spy in the ranks of several anti-government organizations that had popped up. To say that he was a member of the village was a joke. He hadn't been back since his original surrender and subsequent house arrest. Tsunade had kept him under watch for about a month before deciding that he was harmless enough to release back into society. She even stated that he seemed calmer somehow.

"Yes. He finally got sick of the whole thing and single handedly destroyed over half the organizations. He was supposed to wait for back up… but apparently some old friends helped out…"

Neji smirked as he referred to Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo. They'd come with Sasuke and had surrendered along side him. Karin had taken up residency at the hospital as a healer, Suigetsu with Sasuke in his old apartment, and Juugo was currently living in the hospital letting Tsunade poke and prod him. After finally admitting defeat for Sasuke's affections Karin had turned to a new love in the form of a pink haired Kunoichi. Her newest passion was bugging the crap out of Sakura any chance she got. Suigetsu had actually collected the swords from the Legendary Swordsmen and had been content with that. After all, each sword was proof that he had conquered a great swordsman. What more did he need to prove? Juugo was content with living at the hospital and allowing Tsunade to try and cure him. He had a feeling she was closer to doing it than Orochimaru had pretended to be.

"The rest of Hawk helped out then…" Naruto grinned. Sure Sasuke's friends were weird, but who was he to judge?

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Neji raised an eyebrow delicately.

The blond looked confused for a moment but when it finally registered in his brain that he was currently in Neji's window sill he blushed.

"Right. I'll come see you again after I report in to Tsunade."

Before Neji could reply Naruto had disappeared in a cloud of smoke and leaves. He smirked and looked back at his paper. He raised the brush and began writing once more.

'He's just fine. A bundle of energy as usual. He's really excited to see you. Thanks for finishing up so quickly for him.'


So… that's chapter one of Relearning the Steps. This chapter gave a rough feeling for the pairings I'm going to be instilling… Not quite sure if I want to put Sakura and Karin together… I could… but I might not. If you're kind enough to leave a review, let me know what you want! Not all pairings suggested will be written, I just like to have a feel for what the readers want. Hope you all enjoyed.

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