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"Speech." - Japanese

Chapter 13

Edward Elric grinned happily at the changes he'd just made in his classroom as he rested his hands on his hips. The total effect of the new statues and drapery reminded him somewhat of what he'd seen of Alex Louis Armstrong's family manor. It felt completely different from the rest of the castle and that's what he'd been going for. He was about to sit down and grade his last papers for the night when he saw a masked man lope by with a small white haired man thrown over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes. He raised an eyebrow but decided to tag along for curiosity's sake anyway. He also recognized the style of mask from the Japanese guard that had come with the exchange students.

"Hey what's going on?" He asked once he'd caught up to the guard.

The masked man said nothing, merely continued his pace and kept his head forward.

"If you need an empty classroom mine is available." Edward shrugged as he kept following. The man stopped in his tracks and gestured with a hand to lead the way. "Man of few words I take it." He examined the man's mask as he led the way back to his classroom. "Where are the eyeholes on your mask?" He asked in astonishment. He was sure he felt the distinct feeling of amusement emanating from the lithe man. He had experience reading emotion only through voice.

"I don't need holes to see through." Was his cryptic reply.

"Okay…" The blond shrugged and opened his door. "Here we are. Do you need anything?"

"A chair to hold him would suffice."

Ed smirked as he clapped his hands and placed them on the ground. It rose up around the man and created a crude chair that immobilized the feet and kept him upright. He could feel slight surprise from the other man but decided not to call him on it.

"There." He gestured with his hand and chuckled. "What did this guy do? He seems a little timid to have tried to do anything bad."

"He attempted to kill several students on the grounds less than an hour ago." The masked man replied. An indignant scream came from the bound man.

"I've done nothing!" The man cried.

"Guess he doesn't speak much English… sounds Asian to me." Edward shrugged.

"He's speaking Japanese."

"Oh, what a lucky," Edward started and was cut off when another masked man appeared with a poof of smoke next to the chair.

"There you are. Troublesome…" The other masked man glanced quickly at the blond.

"He is providing his classroom for our interrogation."

The other man merely sighed and looked at the man in the chair.

"Who are you?" The dove masked man folded his arms across his chest.

"Ren Shi. I am a student of the Japanese Wizardry School." His tanned and tear stained face peeked through silvery white locks.

"Do you care to explain why you attacked those students?" He asked in a more stern tone of voice. The young man visibly shivered.

"I don't know! I was studying a scroll in the library and I then I was suddenly tied up over your shoulder! I haven't done anything!"

The two masked men looked at each other in askance. The dove masked man merely shrugged.

"His chakra system didn't change once while he spoke. He's not lying."

The white haired man suddenly looked up at the masked men in shock. His gaze lingered on the eyeless dove mask.


A stunned silence filled the room. The first to speak was the blond man.

"What's Hyuuga mean?" He asked as he looked at the bound man.

"It is a clan of very skilled warriors in our village." The ponytailed man sighed heavily. "Troublesome…"

Dove-san lowered his mask so that only his eyes showed when he looked at Shi. The veins around his eyes stood out as did his white pupil against his white eye. They ignored the surprised 'oh!' from Edward.

"How do you know of the Hyuuga?" His voice was deadly.

"A pure blood clan boasts that it was descended from the great Hyuuga clan… A clan and a warrior lost in the last great war of our country." He replied in awe. "I only know one man who has eyes like yours… but they are still different."

"It seems we must wake up McGonagall-san after all and inquire about Japanese wizards…" Dove fitted his mask securely back on his face.

"I am already here." The tall woman entered seemingly still dressed from the day before. "And I would like to know why you have detained a child under this roof." Her tone was unimpressed as she gazed at the ANBU before her.

"This 'child'," Deer-san replied sarcastically, "was caught trying to harm several students who were out on the grounds earlier this evening."

The woman's eyes widened and she looked at the silver haired boy with more caution.

"He says that he does not know what happened. He was studying and came to after we had tied him up."

"Imperioused?" McGonagall rubbed her forehead angrily. "When will these rebellions stop?"

The two ANBU looked at her thoroughly confused. She shook her head and pulled out her wand.

"Diffindo." She murmured as she pointed the wand to the ropes around Shi. They appeared to cut themselves and fall off. For the chair still wrapped around the student she looked to Edward. He clapped his hands together and touched the chair with his automail hand. It bent and twisted back into the shape of the original chair. She once more pointed her wand, this time at the boy's throat.

"Where is your wand?" She asked the lightly trembling boy.

"I don't know… I must have dropped it…"

Dove-san pulled out a long white wand and handed it to the woman with no explanation.

"Until we are sure of what to do with you, you will be placed in a room that you cannot escape. You will be fed and cared for. Any attempt to escape however, will be taken as guilt and you will be bound once more and brought before the wizarding court."

The young man nodded and allowed himself to be led out of the room by a small group of house elves.

"I believe you require another explanation Deer-san." The woman sighed. "Please come with me."

Deer-san waved to Dove-san noncommittally as he slouched off behind the witch. The longhaired man decided to vacate the room as well. He nodded in parting to the blond teacher and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Back to grading papers I guess…" He muttered sadly.

"These are good!" Naruto grinned at the half-giant man taking up half the cabin kitchen. He ignored the looks of shock on his friend's faces and contentedly continued to munch on the rock hard biscuit. "Way better than ration packs anyway. These have some taste at least."

Hagrid's smile widened at the compliment. "No one's ever said somethin' so nice 'bout my cooking before!"

Harry, Ron and Hermione had the decency to look sheepish as they each reached for a biscuit themselves. Still as rock hard and bland as ever they bravely tucked in with disbelieving glances cast Naruto's way. The blond merely grinned at them in his fox-like way.

"Hey Naruto, I've been meaning to ask…" Hermione finally spoke up. "Those whiskers on your cheeks… are they from…?"

Naruto interrupted her midsentence with a nod.

"Yeah, I have whiskers; my friend who used to be the One Tailed Jinchuuriki had black tanuki markings around his eyes. Though… he never slept so that really contributed to the black markings."

"What do you mean used to?" Harry asked excitedly. "Do you mean your demon could be removed?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow. The kid was pretty sharp.

"Believe me… if we could, we would. The last time it was removed from the host my village was almost destroyed and hundreds of people lost their lives. My parents included." He shrugged. "The only way for it to be destroyed is if I die after using all of its chakra along with my own. And believe me… that's in no danger of ever happening either."

As the blond trailed off they noticed for the first time Hagrid's confused look.

"He's got a demon inside him?"

"Long story short yeah." The blond smirked. "When I get made I start to look like a fox. My eyes go red and I get fangs and sharp nails and stuff. It's pretty cool sometimes."

The grin that came from Hagrid almost frightened the students. He leaned closer as he drilled the blond ninja for answers. Finally when Naruto was almost beet red from all the questions they were interrupted by a poof of smoke carrying a white eyed brunet into the cabin.

"Neji!" Naruto cried as he latched onto the man. "Save me!"

The group around the table chucked at the man's confusion and moved around so that he was able to sit with them.

"I must politely decline." He said with a short bow. "Naruto, you are needed elsewhere."

"Wait!" Hermione gasped. "What about the guy that tried to kill us?"

After the unpredicted uproar from Hagrid and several minutes spent to calm him down the two ninja left the group with a few Naruto clones and went to patrol the perimeter of the castle. They spent several moments just relishing the alone time they had not had for days. When Naruto suddenly flinched out of nowhere Neji raised an eyebrow at him.

"Oh… One of my clones just disappeared." He calmed the brunet. "I guess Hagrid's biscuits really are that awful…"

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