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Technically, Fallan didn't dump Sui.


That wasn't new to my ears, and when I heard her ask the man out, I simply rolled my eyes.

Because Fallan was stronger than her, of course he is her ideal man. Of course she's in love already, and of course she would ask him out.

"I'm busy."

Ah, he is busy indeed. Fallan didn't look the least baffled with her sentence. He just stared down at her - she barely reached his shoulders - and frowned and told her his answer, then turned back to us, instructing Elle and me to keep on with our training.

She could have been his little sister.

Or moreover, possibly his daughter.

Yet, when Elle nudged me to go on, I did. And in my peripheral vision, I saw Sui tugging on his sleeve and telling him to JUST. GO. OUT. FOR. ONCE - because it's fun and maybe she can beat him for real.

As if.

But she'll kill me for that.

He ignores her. He doesn't look pissed off, doesn't reply, doesn't shove her away from him and his poor sleeves.

She offered him flags and kiddie meals and a pet kitten and he stands tall and strong, and continues to instruct us, even though he seemed distracted at the mention of 'pet kitten'. She offered some cherry and an assurance that she will love him forever and ever amen, and that he wouldn't be an old single man.

Like I would believe. And like Fallen of all people would believe.

Elle cast me a wary glance, silently telling me not to be so skeptic, and that we should tolerate Sui for once in her whims. Give her a chance, maybe she's serious this time.

"I told you, I'm busy. Go play somewhere else."

He told her that he couldn't. Not that he wouldn't.

Fallan should have known better - Sui was stubborn like that.

"Busy, so.. what about tomorrow?"

"Training. Maybe next time."

So technically, he didn't dump her. He turned her down two time but he didn't dump her.

Ah - Fallan should be careful of his words.

Elle was smiling now. And I could tell that she was pleased.

We keep dancing and training, pretending that we didn't hear, see or care.

But in our peripheral vision, we see Sui in slightly disappointed glee and Fallan in infinite tolerance.

I wished the man good luck because he's gonna need it.

But then, Elle was more than assured. And I could tell what she's thinking right now. If there's a man who could tolerate a manic Sui and bring her down on the floor singlehandedly along with her seemingly lost senses, that would be Fallan.

So perhaps it works.


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