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Summary: What if things went a little differently when Ichigo's mom died? What if there were others who died that day, including Ichigo? Follow Ichigo and company through their evolutions from hollows to arrancar. Ichi/Ori/Nel.

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Chapter 6:

Historia y Bounts

(History and Bounts)

Isshin Kurosaki didn't really know what to think of his life. Was he failure or a success? Of course, one had to analyze it from the very beginning.

He came from a noble family. Not too noble, at least, not like the Kuchiki's or Shihouin's, but a wealthy family, with a decent amount of influence. In fact, with some years, it may have become the Fifth Great House of Soul Society. But it wasn't meant to be. It was tradition within the Kurosaki Clan to become Shinigami, so the Clan was very small, due to premature deaths. Then it happened.

Isshin was the clan prodigy. He graduated Shinigami Acadamy after one year, with top marks. He mastered his Shikai in record time and, within a year of releasing it, was already working on Bankai. He had even been promised the Lieutenancy of Squad One, directly under General Yamamoto. He was handsome, and many Noble women were asking for a "Clan Merging", in other words, marriage. But all was not well. Isshin's first cousin, Okayaki Kurosaki, was full of nothing but murderous envy. That was all it was, envy. That is, until the Clan Council decided to name Isshin heir. Okayaki could not accept that his baby cousin would become the Head of the family. There were many attempts to overturn the Council's decision, but they remained adamant in their choice. In insane rage, Okayaki slaughtered the Kurosaki Clan. Young Isshin was shocked to find the remains of his small, but proud, Clan in a bloody mess. When confronted, Okayaki continued his assault on Isshin, intent on becoming the sole member, hence becoming sole owner of the Clan's status and assets. The battle was difficult, not because they were equal in strength, but because Isshin couldn't bring himself to kill the only family he had left. In the end, Okayaki made it clear that he would not stop until Isshin was dead, so, with a heavy heart, Isshin killed Okayaki. Isshin buried the entirety of his clan. A part of him could not hate Okayaki. Insane jealousy drove him to commit these sins. Such emotions can lead people to do unspeakable things. Isshin hated Okayaki's jealousy, not Okayaki himself.

After the clan genocide, Isshin sold everything. He kept several family Heirlooms, and historical documents of his clan, but the manor, the servants, he got rid of everything. The money he made, plus the money his family was worth, made Isshin Kurosaki one of the wealthiest men in Soul Society. But, he didn't want it. He opened an account in the Seireitei Bank, and deposited all of the money and assets in the bank. He closed off the world from himself, only opening up to a handful of people. One of whom being Kisuke Urahara. Kisuke was one of Isshin's closest friends. He usually hung out with him, Yoruichi, and Tessai. After a while, everyone pretty much forgot about the Kurosaki family, they weren't really discussed anymore. As a Noble family, they were forgotten.

That was his life. Lieutenant of Squad One. Hang out with Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Tessai. Sleep, then repeat. Then everything took a turn for the better. At least, it looked like it did. Yoruichi united the Special Forces Unit with the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. She became Captain of Squad Two, and squad two was converted to the Assassination Squad. Tessai became the Captain of the Kido Corps with Hachigen Ushoda as his Lieutenant. Kisuke was put in charge of the Maggots Nest, then later promoted to Captain of the Twelfth Division. He later converted the Twelfth Division into the Department of Research and Development with Mayuri Kurotsuchi as his Co-founder and Second in command. Kisuke was a true genius. Isshin was a Shinigami prodigy and was very intelligent, but Kisuke was a genius through and through. He was a Shinigami prodigy, an incredible tactician, and he was very good with his hands. He was always coming up with amazing theories and inventions to aid the Shinigami. There were few who could match his intellect, and even then he could still overpower them with his natural fighting talent.

One day, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads got wind of a series of strange deaths in Rukongai. Squad Nine was sent to Investigate. All hell broke loose. Four Captains, Shinji Hirako, Love Aikawa, Kensei Muguruma, Rojuro Otoribashi; and four lieutenants, Mashiro Kuna, Hiyori Sarugaki, Hachigen Ushoda, Lisa Yadomaru, were all attacked and subjected to a hollowfication experiment by Sousuke Aizen. Kisuke and Tessai were able to interfere before the Hollowfication process could be completed. Kisuke subjected the eight victims to a substance he came across while trying to strengthen the Shinigami's soul. This substance was called Hougyoku, or Distortion Orb. Kisuke theorized that if he exposed a soul that was rapidly decomposing into a hollow to a substance that shattered the barrier between hollow and shinigami, the soul would stabilize. His assumptions were correct. Though, before Kisuke could sneak the newborn Vizards out of Soul Society, Central Forty-Six was tipped off by Aizen that Kisuke was conducting forbidden hollowfication experiments. However, before Central Forty-Six could even decide a sentence, Isshin and Yoruichi incapacitated the guards and managed to retrieve all the Vizards. Isshin decided to stay behind so that he may keep an eye on Soul Society in case they decided to go after them. No one was any wiser.

Isshin was promoted to Captain of Squad Three. His Lieutenant was Gin Ichimaru. Isshin was very careful not to tip Gin off on the fact that he knew what Aizen was up to. Aizen was promoted to Captain of Squad Five, Kaname Tousen was promoted to Captain of Squad Nine, and Sajin Komamura was promoted to Captain of Squad Seven, Soi Fon took over for Yoruichi Shihouin as Captain of Squad Two, the Special Forces Unit, and finally Mayuri Kurotsuchi was named Captain of Squad Twelve and the President of the Department of Research and Development.

As promised, Isshin fed Kisuke information about Soul Society. He made sure to tip them off every time Soul Society was setting out a search party, until they finally gave up. Finally, Kisuke's group settled in a small city, Karakura Town.

Eighty years went by.

Isshin requested an extended overseeing mission over Karakura Town, Japan. Soul Society, remarkably, granted him his request. They gave him full authority over Karakura Town, and gave him one year as it's resident Shinigami. They had no idea he requested Karakura Town for the simple fact Kisuke, Yoruichi, and Tessai were hanging around there.

In that year, Isshin made some friends. One being a, once thought to be extinct, Quincy. Their relationship started out very rocky, but, eventually, they became extremely close. They were best friends, Isshin was the only Shinigami Ryuuken could ever trust. Then there was Her. Isshin saved a girl from being devoured by a hollow, and she was the most beautiful being he had ever laid eyes on. She even had some power. Masaki's spiritual awareness was so great that, not only could she see and hear spiritual beings, she could fully interact with them. Needless to say, it was love at first sight. They started spending a large amount of time together. They became so close, he told her everything about himself. He told her of his origins, about Soul Society, about Shinigami, about Hollows, everything, including his Clan. Masaki couldn't believe how horrible his life has been. He went from a wealthy, powerful man, and was reduced to empty, workaholic, husk. He still had money, and power, but people never understood that those things don't bring happiness. This poor man was a prime example. She told him about herself as well. About how she was orphaned at a young age, about how she was taken in by her Aunt. She suffered a great loss, like Isshin, but she was taken care of by a loving family. So there was really no comparison.

There was only two months left in Isshin's mission. But he couldn't leave. For the first time in years, Isshin was truly happy. His best friends lived near, and the woman he loved was here, in the world of the living. He stayed. He had Kisuke build him a permanent Gigai. He specifically asked for it to seal his powers, and to make sure none of his spiritual pressure was released. Eventually, Isshin bonded with the gigai, and, as promised, Soul Society could not locate him.

The years went by and Isshin, Ryuuken, and Masaki all attended Medical School, becoming Karakura's best Doctors. Finally Isshin and Masaki married and wasted no time starting a family. Ryuuken met a woman as well. They, too, had a child, within months of Isshin and Masaki's. However, Ryuuken's wife tragically passed away on the birthing bed. She suffered a Brain Aneurism, leaving Ryuuken to raise little Uryuu. Ryuuken became rather cold. Isshin didn't think he ever told Uryuu he loved him, not even once. His own son.

Things were pretty good though. Soul Society forgot about Isshin, opting to promote Gin Ichimaru to Captain of squad three. Isshin knew he would eventually have to face Soul Society. After all, one day, Masaki would die, and so would Isshin's gigai.


Everything was perfect. Isshin had a booming career, he had a beautiful and loving wife, an adorable little boy, and another child on the way! Well, actually two, but that was an amazing surprise. Three years after Ichigo was born, Masaki gave birth to Karin and Yuzu, two beautiful girls. They weren't identical twins, but fraternal. They were a real loving family.

Then it happened.

Six years after Karin and Yuzu were born, Ichigo and Masaki were killed. Masaki had gone to pick up Ichigo from his Karate training, when they didn't return Isshin became worried. He went to investigate, leaving his two six-year-old daughters with Kisuke. He found Masaki and Ichigo dead, along with a little girl. He was an ex-Shinigami Captain, he was used to death. When he saw their bodies he nearly lost it, but he could sense it. A hollow's spiritual energy lingered about, but that wasn't all. Along with the bitter scent of a veteran hollow, Isshin could also sense four new hollow signatures. He knew what happened almost instantly. Somehow, this girl got the attention of Ichigo and Masaki, then a hollow attacked them. He also guessed there was a plus with them. They were turned into hollows.

Isshin didn't know how to describe it, it felt like his very soul was slowly and painfully torn to shreds. They were dead to the world of the living, and even worse they were hollows! Being a hollow is an abominable fate, forever subjected to hunger and instinct. But he couldn't let himself break down, Ichigo and Masaki were gone, it was painful, but he still had two beautiful daughters. He had to stay strong, for them.

Isshin alerted the authorities to the bodies. The sight was gruesome and it shocked them to no end. The whole city was engulfed in fear of some sort of Jack the Ripper copycat. Isshin let them believe whatever they wanted. They'd probably lock him up in an asylum if he told them what happened.


Six years went by, and life was…comfortable. Isshin managed to bury his heartache with lots of jokes and idiosyncrasies. He resorted to acting a fool. Karin and Yuzu took a slightly darker turn. They became serious and calm, becoming tomboys. They both cut their hair short, and they joined the school's soccer team. They were the star players. Yuzu was more effeminate than Karin, for she took on cooking, cleaning, and sewing as other hobbies. They were growing into beautiful young women. Yuzu took more after her mother, with her brown hair and expressive eyes. Karin took on the more traditional looks of a Kurosaki woman. Karin had jet black hair, and her eyes were a bit narrower, more calculating, though still very enticing. They would both be much prettier if they smiled more often. Regardless, they were obviously going to have lots of guys after them in a couple of years.

Alas, they weren't normal. Karin and Yuzu's sixth sense was very potent. They could see, hear, and interact with ghosts.

Then she arrived. A Shinigami appeared. At the time, a hollow was attacking the Kurosaki Household/Clinic. Probably drawn by the family's immense spiritual pressure. For the second time in his life, Isshin felt totally and utterly useless, incapable of defending his family. When the hollow attacked the building, Karin and Yuzu were engaged in a conversation with the Shinigami known as Rukia Kuchiki. During the initial attack, Yuzu was injured and incapable of moving, so Karin attempted to protect the home, resulting in the Shinigami getting hurt as well. In an act of desperation, the Shinigami decided to transfer half of her powers into Karin. This decision would have drastic effects.

Twins were an anomaly, not in the world of the living, but for spiritual beings. When a child is conceived, there are two ways it gains a soul. One way is that, during intercourse, the spiritual energy of both parents fuses together, then bonds to the fertilized egg, resulting in the embryo having a soul. Another way is the flow of rebirth. When humans die, their souls go to Soul Society then when they die in soul society they are wiped clean. They have no memory of past lives, then they are reborn into the world of the living. After conception, a soul, fresh out of the cycle of rebirth, bonds to the child.

This is why twins are considered an anomaly. Two souls cannot bond to the same body, so both fraternal and identical twins, in essence, share a soul. Whether there is more than one egg at the time of fertilization, or if the egg divides, twins share a soul. This isn't permanent. At about age fifteen, the soul matures in the body, becoming unique in its own way, and the spiritual connection between the twins is broken. Resulting in both twins having their own soul.

Karin and Yuzu's soul hasn't severed the connection. When Rukia charged Karin with her power, the power was channeled into Yuzu as well, converting them both into Shinigami, and Rukia losing all of her power. When they transformed into Shinigami, their soul was forcibly matured, and their connection broken. Karin and Yuzu no longer shared a soul. They were completely separate individuals in body, mind, and soul.

Isshin watched, incapable of doing anything, as his daughters fought hollows alongside Rukia. He cursed himself for sealing his powers too thoroughly. But, after some time, the seal began to weaken. He could not escape his gigai, but he could feel his power returning. Having two massive spiritual pressures in the house weakened the seal on Isshin.


Once again, Soul Society reared its ugly head. Seems they had the compulsion to be the bad guys every once in a while. They sent the captain and lieutenant of squad six Byakuya Kuchiki and Renji Abarai, respectively, to retrieve Rukia. Their mere presence created such a large influx of spiritual pressure that, even miles away, Isshin's seal shattered.

When he arrived at the scene, he was too late. Rukia was gone, his daughters had their Soul Chains and Soul Sleeps cut, stripping them of their Shinigami status. And Uryuu Ishida was severely wounded as well. Acting quickly, Isshin took them all to Urahara's Shop to be healed.

He had the most awkward conversation with them that day.


After dressing his wounds, Uryuu went home, no doubt determined to train. Currently, Isshin was explaining everything to his daughters. He held nothing back. Even telling them the truth about their mother and brother, how they were hollows now.

"So," Karin began. She seemed calm enough, but she had a tick on her eyebrow. "You knew the whole time AND YOU DID NOTHING TO HELP! WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU, YOU OLD GOAT!?" Ah. There was the Karin he knew.

"How could you not tell us what we were, and what really happened to Ichigo and Kaa-Chan?" This time it was Yuzu who spoke up. She did not scream or get angry, she asked in an empty voice. Karin was staring at him intently. Isshin looked up, as though recalling something.

"I wanted you to live as normal life as possible. There would be plenty of time for hunting hollows and gaining power in the afterlife, but right now your priorities are very human, or, at least, they used to be." He stated. He looked very serious all of a sudden. "Now that you all know everything, do you still want to save Rukia?"

The girls were taken aback by his sudden change in demeanor, but nodded nonetheless.

"Good. Come with me." He led them to the back of the shop, and down some stairs that seemed to lead towards the basement. When they reached the bottom, well, they were speechless. It was huge! It was like a mountainous landscape was under Karakura town!

"How the fuck does the city not collapse on top of this?!" Exclaimed Karin. Due the nature of this new situation, Isshin decided to let the foul language go.

"It's suspended by a large amount of spiritual energy." Isshin explained. He led the girls to Urahara. Of course he was as eccentric as usual, covering his face with that little white fan.

"Welcome to my humble training grounds!" He exclaimed. He suddenly became serious, putting away his fan. "We will begin by activating your dormant Shinigami powers. The powers you two had before were merely borrowed from Rukia Kuchiki. In order for you two to truly become strong, we will need to activate your true powers."

With that, they began.

XXEnd FlashbackXX

With that, they sent a small force into Soul Society to retrieve Rukia. It consisted of Yoruichi (whom was in her cat form), Karin, Yuzu, Yasutora Sado (otherwise known as Chad), and Uryuu Ishida. The mission was a success. I went without saying that Isshin was immensely proud of his daughters' strength. Even without utilizing Shikai, they both managed to stand their ground against Kenpachi Zaraki. Karin fought him first, then, after leaving to recuperate, Kenpachi confronted Yuzu. The fact that they were both able to hold their ground in Zanjutsu (Sword Play) against Kenpachi spoke volumes of their talent, especially if they only had their Shinigami powers for three months.

Kenpachi was widely feared, not only because of his wild enjoyment of battle, but also because of his talent. Kenpachi was the only captain who could not use bankai or even shikai. He was so powerful he could outright defeat some of the captains, whom could use shikai and bankai. His freakish abilities did not end there. The strength of his spiritual power was so great it had to be sealed away. His seal took the form of an eyepatch. Not only was the majority of his power sealed, but he intentionally handicapped himself by completely obstructing the sight of his right eye. The frightening part of Kenpachi was that, even with seventy percent of his spiritual power sealed, it was still strong enough to bring even some captains to their knees.

His daughters were powerful, no doubt about that, which is why he decided to relocate the family to Soul Society. After they stopped the execution and Aizen betrayed Soul Society with Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen, Isshin and Kisuke got in contact with General Yamamoto. After explaining everything, about Aizen and the Vizard situation and the circumstances of their banishment, the General decided to allow Kisuke, Isshin, Tessai and Yoruichi back into Soul Society no questions asked, if, however, they fill in the empty spots in the captaincies. Tessai rejoined the Kido Corps, but as a member, not the captain.

Déjà Vu was the only feeling that described being back in Soul Society after so long. His daughters reactions were rather comical.


It's been a week since the execution of Rukia Kuchiki was averted. It has been a week since Sousuke Aizen, Gin Ichimaru and Kaname Tousen betrayed Soul Society and obtained the Hougyoku. Everyone was resting, healing their wounds. Isshin was confronting his daughters about their new life.

"So, we're gonna be Soul Reapers full time now?" Asked Karin.

"Is that really the best? I mean, we have friends and a life in Karakura Town." Yuzu added. Isshin could understand their apprehension. It wasn't easy to give up an entire life in favor of a more complex one, but Isshin knew it was for the best.

"We have to. The three of us are Captain-Class shinigami. Our mere presence in Karakura town will attract large amounts of hollows. We can't put the citizens of the city in harm's way." He made a good point, much to the twin's dismay. "Besides, thanks to you girls, we'll be treated like royalty! Thanks to the two of you uncovering the conspiracy set up by Aizen, you've put the Kurosaki Clan back on top. We were rich before, but now we'll have tons of influence as the Fifth Noble House of Soul Society!" Isshin exclaimed. His ancestors would be proud of them. "Of course, this means you girls will have to take classes on etiquette and politics, and I'll have to teach you the history of our Clan."

"WHAT!?" Karin and Yuzu exclaimed simultaneously. The look on their faces was priceless.


One month after the aversion of Rukia's execution and Aizen's defection, General Yamamoto called a meeting of all the captains and the ryoka. They met in the grand hall of the first division. The current captains stood in their normal spots, leaving three vacant areas.

"Due to the declaration of war from former 5th squad Captain Sousuke Aizen and his followers, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads have been severely weakened. However, we have three very powerful individuals who have come and reassume responsibility for these empty seats. Isshin of the Kurosaki Clan will be taking over Squad Three." Isshin, donned in a white haori with the Squad three insignia took his place between Soifon and Retsu Unohana. "Yoruichi of the Shihouin Clan will be taking over Squad Five." Yoruichi, in the haori of Squad five, took her place between Byakuya Kuchiki and Retsu Unohana. "And Kisuke Urahara will be taking over Squad Nine." Finally, Kisuke, wearing the Haori of Squad nine, took his place between Shunsui Kyoraku and Toushiro Hitsugaya. The Thirteen Quart Guard Squads were complete once again.

The General continued. "Also, these Ryoka who put their lives on the line to save a comrade, and stood up to the entirety of Soul Society will be made honorary shinigami, and will receive a full pardon." The majority of the room looked upon the ryoka with admiration. For a human and a quincy to take on an entire military force and come out alive, well, it's self-explanatory. Chad and Uryuu were given Soul Phones, that way they could stay in touch with Soul Society and report anything strange. No one noticed that before the left, Uryuu exchanged soul numbers with Nemu Kurotsuchi.

XXEnd FlashbackXX

After a while, things returned to a sense of normalcy. Isshin educated his daughters in etiquette proper of a noble. He taught them calligraphy, history, and politics. He even had some of the captains stop by to properly train them. Yoruichi became the head of the Shihouin Clan (for the second time), and was still resettling into a noble life. The Kurosaki Clan didn't have to do much to be recognized as a noble clan. The Shihouin and Shiba clans already supported them thanks to Karin and Yuzu. The Kyoraku Clan welcomed the new Clan with open arms. Even the Kuchiki Clan gave their blessing (though, Byakuya refused to associate himself with Karin or Yuzu until they completed their education, due to their "still unrefined behavior that is unbefitting of a noble.").

But, as quickly as the sense of normalcy arrived, it went. Not one month after everyone got settled, a new threat showed up. An ancient tribe known as the Bounts have returned for revenge. Karin and Yuzu were the first choice in sending as backup, due to their familiarity with the geography of Karakura town. But alas, the Bounts were smarter and more powerful than anticipated, leading to their successful invasion of Soul Society.


The Captain of Squad Three, Isshin Kurosaki entered the grand hall of the Squad One barracks, taking his place between Soifon and Retsu Unohana. With everyone gathered, the General wasted no time in getting started.

"We are under attack. The Bounts have successfully infiltrated Soul Society and are somewhere in West Rukongai. We do not know their current abilities, and so we must prepare ourselves for any and every circumstance." General Yamamoto's voice was deep and clear, making it sound like an order than an update.

"This is what happens when you send a pair of amateurs on a high-class mission." Byakuya's voice rang out. Stiffening, Isshin wasted no time in responding.

"Are you suggesting that it is my daughter's faults that the Bounts succeeded in invading Soul Society?"

"I am merely stating that a more experienced officer could have handled the situation better." Byakuya said.

"Whoa, whoa, it just got several degrees colder in here." Kisuke's voice rang out. He was pretending to shiver, obviously playing everyone. "I mean, any colder and---" He was suddenly interrupted by Yoruichi.

"SHUT UP! We are Captains, there is no reason for you three to be squabbling and acting like children. I believe General Yamamoto was in the middle of briefing us." The effect was immediate. Isshin and Byakuya stepped back into place and Kisuke merely bowed his head in submission, readjusting his green-and-white striped bucket hat (A/N: Kisuke's bucket hat kicks ass!). Nodding in thanks to the 5th Squad Captain, General Yamamoto continued.

"We received word that the Bounts are gathering minutemen from Rukongai to force their way into the Seireitei. We must prepare for---" The doors to the hall were thrust open. A young woman who was most likely, at least according to the white vest she wore, a part of Squad One, ran into the center of the hall, fell to her knees in a bow and addressed the General.

"My deepest apologies for disturbing this Captain's Meeting General, but I bring urgent news! The Bounts have forced their way into Seireitei through the West Gate!" Her words came as a shock to everyone. They had infiltrated this early on!?

"All captains mobilize your squads. If you, or your subordinates, encounter a Bount you must terminate it!" Everyone nodded in understanding. Quickly, everyone rushed back to their squad barracks to organize their men.


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