Indiana Jones and the Golden Cross of Zampur'

Author - Super_Tinfoil_Man_Part2

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Chapter 1 - The Assistant -

Hungary - Northeast of Budapest - 1947

James Pierson looked long and hard across the field of long grass; he and his assistant stood only a mile and a half from the picturesque Ma'tra Mountains. He came from a rich family and his clothes reflected the fact, with small trinkets lining his collar of his white leather travel coat. Archeology being a mere hobby, the prospect of this trip interested his assistant more than himself. He took off his overly large fedora and wiped his brow.

"It's just ahead, past that hill. There should be a pile of large boulders blocking the entrance to an old cave." James pointed past the field. He picked up his fancy travel bag and continued walking in the long grass.

"Yes sir." Indiana Jones picked up his light tan bag and followed James into the grass.

James casually swatted mosquitoes away from his neck as they neared the large boulders blocking the entrance to the cave. James lowered his travel bag and walked around the largest boulder to the side.

"A year ago we chipped away on this side with a special power drill; you can see here there is enough room for a man to slip inside the entrance. Unfortunately, we were chased off the sight by the local military; my assistant had already made it inside the cave. We never saw him again. "James wiped away some pebbles from the mouth of the man sized hole dug into the side where the boulder met the side of the hill.

"I think we better be careful in here." Indy said dropping his bag.

"Why is that my friend?" James said looking at his assistant.

"See that curved branch sticking out of the ground over there?" Indy nodded in the direction of the branch.

"Yes, what about it?"

"The Maywai tribe used these unique shaped sticks to warn others of traps. There's no doubt there's a quite a few in here. "Indy got down on his hands and knees and peered into the hole.

"Well, the treasure that is rumoured to be here, it better be worth it." James said patting Indy on the back.

Indy stood up and wiped the dirt from the front of his pants. "I'll crawl in first and light a torch, I'll call out to you to crawl through." James nodded his agreement.

Indy pulled a handmade torch out of his bag; he got back on his belly and started to crawl inside the hole. Must've taken two days to carve this. Ahead there was nothing but darkness, the deeper he crawled in the darker it became. He felt the sensation of a larger crawl space; he lifted his head and was surprised that it didn't bump rock. He stood up in the complete darkness. He lit his torch and the cave lit up in a dark orange, casting flickering shadows around the cave walls. He felt the damp wall with his hand and rubbed the moisture between his fingers. The area he was in was still only a small cave entrance with a large crack in the wall at the end of the cave. There.

"James!" Indy leaned down and yelled into the crawl space while holding the torch as low as he could.

"Coming!" James could be heard, but it sounded muffled.

After a while James finally crawled his way into the cave where Indy waited. Indy had to bite his lip from saying anything too out of line to the man; he was getting a good payday from him.

"We'll head through that fissure there," Indy pointed at the fissure with his torch, lighting it up for James to see, "stay behind me, falling into a spike trap ruins most holidays."

James grinned, "After you, Mr. Jones."

Indy used his hand to cut away a thick spider web draping across the passageway, a palm sized spider quickly crawled up and out of sight. James followed him as closely as possible as they inched through the passageway, they were assaulted by a wave of musty, damp smells as they passed a large tree trunk embedded into the side of the rock wall. The uneven rock floor became smooth as tile. Indy raised a hand to James behind him.

"Wait. The trunk was probably a marker. "Indy leaned down and picked up a palm sized rock, he tossed it underhand on the smooth rock floor. The rock made light ticking sounds that echoed further down the passageway, it stopped tumbling a dozen yards away, with no traps activated. Indy frowned then slowly started walking on the smooth surface.

They walked without incident until they reached a crude constructed staircase, heading down into the darkness. Indy tested the top rock step very slowly, nothing. He nodded at James then they started to descend down the staircase. Indy stopped after ten steps down, his torch started to show the legs of a corpse lying on the steps.

"I think I found your assistant." Indy almost whispered.

"Perry?" James leaned past Indy to see, and then gulped visibly.

Indy reached forward with the torch to see a headless body lying face down on the steps, with a blackened piece of a spent torch next to the body. "Don't move." Indy said as he took another two careful steps down towards the body. Indy lightly touched the step behind the legs of the headless corpse, he could hear the step scraping on the sides and giving away, he quickly took his boot off of the step.

"Follow me and do exactly as I do." Indy said as he returned to James, his employer gave Indy a bit of a stern look. Indy continued with, "Sir."

Indiana took a long exaggerated step over the loose rock step in question, James copied his actions soon after. They continued down the steps until they reached a large section of cave that stretched into the darkness, large boulders and carved stone lions decorated the area in front of them. There were multiple pathways they could take now, around these large obstacles. Indy noticed the intricate detail carved into the smooth stone floor, pictures of tiny flowers and thorns carved into the stone, and then smoothed over.

"Such wonderful detail!" James reached out and touched a section of the wall where a Minotaur was carved onto it, surrounded by large birds. Indy inwardly winced. Don't touch anything.

"What do you think...?" James was interrupted by a loud click that stopped him in his tracks.

"Move!" Indiana screamed but it was too late, a huge spear shot out of the floor and pierced through James's back and out is chest. A few droplets of blood splashed on Indy's cheek as he looked on startled. He took a step backwards in slight shock, CLICK!

"Huh!" Indy grunted and did a quick side dive as a large wooden spear shot out of a hole in the floor where he once stood, he landed hard on his side and rolled while his torch twirled in the air and landed flame first on the ground sending sparks and tiny flames around Indy, CLICK! CLICK! CLICK! He barely rolled out of the way of each spear as they trusted in the air; one spear ripped the bottom sleeve of his jacket, barely missing skin. He settled his breathing down and stayed as still as possible on the trap sensitive floor. He reached over and picked up his torch. He slowly stood up and caught a glimpse of the still standing James Pierson, impaled on the spear trap.

"Not a very good start." Indy muttered to himself then continued on his way.

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