"Tiz! You idiot, why did you save someone like me? Thor will cry over you." Zagi yelled, his voice strong as he clenched the young woman closer to himself. She had jumped in the way of a gunshot meant for him, and was bleeding heavily. The brown haired, green eyed man who had been known as Blanc Roe was still healing from grave injuries himself, but felt the sticky liquid pouring over his right hand from the girls wound.

The fall from the ground splitting had caused his leg to be injured but he ignored the pain as he pulled the girl's cloak off and started to put pressure on the wound.

"Y-you should go. Y-your Thor's friend…" Tiz said weakly, and Zagi stared at her in disbelief.

"You're his woman. Stop caring about me and focus on living." He barked out, his voice rough. He could tell that she might not make it. He pulled a strip from the bottom of her pink cloak and quickly wrapped it around her shoulder and chest. He picked her up and started to walk, trying to find a way to get back to the surface.

He looked up when he heard a hover craft approaching. A woman with short black hair and a prosthetic leg had shown up.

"Tiz!" Chen shouted. The woman quickly maneuvered the hover to land nearby.

"She's near death. I can barely feel her breathing, if we can do anything we have to do it fast." Zagi said.

"Le's get her to the Pagoda. Thor should be back soon, he can save her." Chen said, as she started to ready the hover to fly again.

"Get on!" She ordered, her eyes only on Tiz.