Once upon a time, in a far away land in ancient Greece, there was once this little boy who was a half god. He grew up not knowing about his amazing abilities and he often thought of himself to be an outcast. Even the villager's were afraid of him. But that's not what this story is about…

Our story takes place in the big apple, on top of the Chrysler Building, actually. And that is where we meet our main character, Zara Kriticos. Now you must be wondering, Why would the main character be at the Chrysler Building?

Well, she's not at the Chrysler Building. She's actually sitting on the very edge of one of the balconies at the very top of the Chrysler Building.

Why is she all the way up there? -May you ask.

Well, unlike most people, she loves heights. (Isn't that obvious?) I know it's weird, but she likes to feel the wind up there and she likes being closer to the stars (Yes, it is night time now). So…yeah… But hey, she usually stays at the Empire State Building.

What is she doing? –May you ask.

Eating Pizza Flavored Pringles.

Why? –May you ask.

Well, it's pretty obvious that she is hungry.

Can you give us a description of her? –May you ask.

Let's see…she has straight, black as pitch hair that goes all the way to the middle of her back. She also has bangs. Her eyes are a really beautiful purple. Her skin is really pale. Her ears are pointed and are easily noticeable through all her hair. She also has an hour glass body, but she also weighs about 100 pounds and she looks really skinny. (Hell, she just about gets blown off her feet at a good gust of wind.) She has a black corset shirt with red lacing and edging around the top and the bottom.

Also, she has a short, mid thigh black skirt with red lacing and trimming as well. She also had a belt of small silver chains and a cross and sun charm dangling from it; wrapped across her waist. On her neck was a series of silver crosses. On her arms was black lace, fingerless gloves that went all the way up to her elbows. She had her purple with black spider web patterned purse draped over her right shoulder. Finally, she had black stockings and black, thick platform boots.

How old is she? – May you ask.

Well…it's actually rather rude to ask that question, but she is 234 years old. But she looks 20-21 ish.

Is she human? –May you ask.

No. She is actually a run away elfin princess.

Why is she in New York City? –May you ask.

Because there is a bounty hunter named Ammon who is after her. He either wants to marry her or kill her and cash in her body for money. (Horrible, I know.) She is now staying with a Grease Monkey Elf named Manny.

Is she a Grease Monkey too –May you ask.

Yes. She is actually the world's best.

How on earth did she get all the way up the Chrysler Building is she is an elf? –May you ask.

Well, she has telekinesis and she used a teleportation spell to get up there.

And is this where the story starts? –May you ask.

Well…yes and no. I'm telling you this now so that you'd know who and where Zara was, so that way I wouldn't have to waste time and typing to try and explain everything. Now…we shall begin this story at the clock tower, where everyone's favorite Manhattan clan of gargoyles is residing.

Now that all of your questions have been answered, let's begin…


Brooklyn yawned loudly as he watched Lexington and Broadway play a helicopter video game from the couch. He was tired, had just woken up, and he was bored. And trust me, if he could be the definition of bored right now, he would be. That's how bored he was at the moment. He rested his head on his left arm as he looked back to his friend's game. Lexington was beating Broadway by about 2,000,000 points and Broadway was trying his hardest to catch up to Lexington. But every time he tried, his helicopter ended up getting blown up.

And the bystanders were Brooklyn, Bronx, and Hudson. Hudson and Bronx were there because they were originally watching T.V. when Broadway and Lexington came in, challenging each other to the helicopter game. Of course, Bronx and Hudson were too comfortable to move from the premises, so they stayed and decided to watch the two little rascals. And Brooklyn was there because he was bored and had nothing better to do with his time.

"Awe," Broadway groaned when he saw Lexington's score. "Come on, Lexington! Let me catch up! Please! Just a little bit?!"

Lexington chuckled. "No way, Broadway, I'm 1,987,785 points away from beating my high score!" He stuck out his tongue to the side as he destroyed a part of the mother ship that belonged to the enemy, gaining 1,000,000 points. Apparently, he was really getting into the game.

Broadway was about to say something back when the sound of his helicopter exploding made him close his mouth. He turned back to the T.V. screen just in time to see his helicopter take a nose dive into a river and exploding. The words, 'Player 2, Inactive. Game Over' in big red letters popped up on Broadway's side of the screen. "Awe man…" Broadway whined, slumping his ears and shoulders.

"Broadway," Angela cooed from the door way, walking over to Broadway and hugging him from behind. "You did wonderful." She rested her head on his right shoulder. "No matter how bad you do. All you need to do is keep on trying."

Broadway beamed brightly at her words, hugging her arms and resting his head on her head. "Thank you, my sweet angel." Angela giggled as Broadway flipped her over, so she was now in his lap. "You always knew how to make me feel better." He then kissed her passionately on her lips.

Brooklyn looked over at the couple who were kissing and basking in each other's company. He scoffed, rolled his eyes, and muttered. "Disgusting."

A second later, Lexington cried out in joy, hopping to his feet. "Yes! I just beat my high score!" He threw his arms in the air, accidently throwing his controller out of his hand. The controller went flying across the room, hitting Brooklyn's nose dead on.

"OW!" Brooklyn covered his nose with his hands. "Lex!" His voice sounded muffled due to his nose being covered.

Lexington looked over at Brooklyn. "Oops. Sorry, Brooklyn!"

Brooklyn scoffed, getting up to his feet. Hudson looked over at Brooklyn as he headed for the door. "And where do ye think ye are going?"

"Out," Brooklyn muttered, climbing up the stairs to head to the balcony.

Just then, Elisa walked in, in a really good mood. "Hey, guys!" She became confused when she saw Brooklyn head out side. "Hey, Hudson. What's wrong with Brooklyn?"

"I don't know," The elder answered truthfully, getting up from his couch. Bronx whined a little as he lifted his head as he followed Hudson with his eyes. "He's been like that for a while now. I don't know what it could be."

Elisa nodded slightly, looking over at Broadway and Angela. The two were rubbing noses and giggling in a loving matter. Elisa sighed as she figured out what was wrong. "Oh, Brooklyn…"


Zara groaned as she looked into her can of Pizza flavor Pringles, only seeing the silver bottom and a few crumbs. "Dang. It was my last one, too." She sighed, putting the can off to the side. Her feet were dangling off the edge of the Chrysler Building and her hair was dancing with the wind. The sounds of the busy street bellow rang in her acute sense of hearing. She took in a deep breath, smelling things that an average human could not. Gasoline, burnt engine parts, the amount of carbon dioxide that ejected from a near by factory, and all sorts of other smells that you wouldn't think was there.

With her enhanced vision, she could see a pretty decent looking human woman walking around on a street in a dark alley about half a mile away. A second later, a handsome looking young man joined her, and they began leaning on each other, as if they were lovers being reunited after they were separated for a long time. She smiled at them, looking away, feeling like a thief for looking at such a beautiful moment.

Man, she thought to herself, swinging her legs. Love is really a beautiful thing. Untamed, powerful…beautiful. There is no other word for it, really. She then hugged herself as a chilly breeze brushed her. I wonder… what would it fell like to feel loved? She chuckled to herself, shaking her head. Man, how lame do I sound?

She looked up at the half moon, feeling its power fill her up inside. "I wonder if I will ever experience love," She asked herself, not caring how cheesy it sounded.

Suddenly, the wind died completely. Zara's ears perked up at the sudden stop of the wind. "Oh, my princess, I'm sure that you will," a familiar, rough, husky voice rumbled behind her.

Zara's eyes widened. She slowly got to her feet, clenched her fists, and slowly turned around. There, standing there like a creature of the night was Ammon. He wore a pitch black hooded cloak. The end of the cloak had a series of rips, tears, and holes. His face was hidden from view in the hood of his cloak, the only thing visible were his eyes, which were a menacing red. And devil like horns that poked out of each side of his head. A giant halberd was secured to his back, shining with taunting menace.

"Now, my princess," Ammon said in a kind of a sweet tone. "If you're looking for love, why not try it with me?"

Zara took a step back as Ammon extended a clawed hand to her from out of his black cloak. "But, you want to kill me! And cash in my body for profit! What kind of love is that?"

Ammon waved a claw in her face. "Now, Now, My princess, that's only if you don't except my proposal. If you except, however," He ran his hand threw her hair, savoring her touch. "I will make you my bride. Your beauty shouldn't be wasted like this."

Zara moved her left foot a little, kicking the Pringles can over the edge of the building. Ammon was startled at the sound, accidently slashing her across her cheek and the base of her neck. She lost her footing completely, falling back and plummeting over the edge of the Chrysler Building. "No," Ammon shouted, just barely missing catching her. He growled, turning himself into a shadow, and disappearing into the building.


Brooklyn sighed as he glided over the city of New York. Geez, it's just not fair, He though as he flapped his wings slightly. Broadway gets the girl I like, any girl I fall in love with ends up…well… He sighed at the lack of his word choice. It's not like the girl of my dreams is going to be falling out of the sky or anything…

Suddenly, something small and metallic hit him on the top of his head. "Ouch," he muttered, grabbing the object before it fell to the street bellow. He stared at the object for a second or two, blinking. "A Pringles can? What in the-"

Then, something warm and wet began to fall on his left arm. He looked at his arm, and saw that it was blood. "What the…" He looked up just in time to see a humanish figure fall right past him. "Oh cra-" He then quickly took action and dived after her. He folded his wings against his sides, making him fall faster. When he had her bridal style in his arms, he opened his wings just in time to catch a wind current. He rose in the air, landing at a near by building.

Brooklyn looked at his catch and gasped. A nasty wound on her face and neck became clearly noticeable. But surprisingly, none of the blood got onto her cloths. Brooklyn looked at her eyes, and saw that they were open! He stared at her, and she stared back. Not really knowing what to do, Brooklyn said. "It's going to be alright. I've got you. I'm here to help."

Brooklyn became aback when she smiled at him. Zara stared at Brooklyn or another second or two before her entire world went black. Brooklyn blinked, dazed and confused. He then walked back over to the edge of the building and took off back towards the cock tower.


"I don't know what is wrong with him," Lexington answered honestly to Goliath. "But I am a bit worried."

Goliath looked up at the door that leads to the balcony. "He might be just blowing off some steam. I wouldn't worry too much."

Just then, the door came bursting open, startling Bronx right out of his skin. Brooklyn was breathing very heavily; blood covered his arms, stomach, and chest. "Goliath, help!"

Goliath looked up at his second in command. "What is it?"

Brooklyn held out his arms. "I found this girl falling of the Chrysler Building! She looks pretty injured! She needs help!"

The next thing Brooklyn knew, Elisa was already there. "Come on, Brooklyn. We need to get her to a hospital." Elisa turned to head for the door when Angela stood in the way. "Please stand aside, Angela. We need to get this girl to some medical help and-"

Angela stared wide eyed at the girl that Brooklyn held in his arms, completely shocked and a bit dazed. Before Elisa could say anything more to the female gargoyle, Angela covered her mouth as she gasped loudly. "P-Princess Zara?!"