He was always the bad boy, Veronica thought, staring through one of the windows at the Camelot.

Logan Echolls.

They hadn't spoken to each other since freshman year. After her internship with the FBI that summer, driving up to New York to see Piz on the weekends, she had returned with her relationship in full bloom.

Logan, she assumed, had backed off after that. Piz, as sweet and forgiving as he'd seemed at the time, had always been weary around her ex-boyfriend that beat the shit out of him for no apparent reason.

But now, in the middle of junior year, the sweet, innocent Piz and the edgy, defensive Veronica had split amicably. She was back to working for Mars Investigations, and he continued his popular radio show. She'd visit him occasionally, running into him in the cafeteria and in Wallace's room.

Veronica stopped reminiscing to keep watch on Room 205.

Kate Ronburg, the smartest girl on the Hearst Pom's Squad, was currently Logan's other half. Well, one of Logan's other parts, at least. She had hired Veronica, whether despite or because of their history together, to find out if Logan was cheating. He apparently would go out every Tuesday and Thursday night to "study," but he was never at home or at the library when Kate had looked. So of course, being smart enough about his old habits, was relatively concerned. At least she's that smart...

Veronica peeled her apple with a knife, smirking slightly when she remembered she'd picked up that trick from Logan. Turns out having a knife in your car comes in handy when you're a private investigator.

11:30. He's been there for an hour, alone. No women had shown up in slinky dresses. No women had shown up at all. No friends, no drug dealers, no family – just one awkward, skinny boy from the desk delivering an extra-fluffy pillow. I guess it could be a pillow filled with pot...

Veronica sighed. If there'd been some girl that came, at least she could get the shot and leave. If the Camelot had more comfy beds, then he could afford new one. The last few times they had spent the night together told her that the Grand's beds were more than adequate.

Lazily resting her head in her palm, Veronica sighed. This is going to be a long night.